RMFO march takes to the streets

first_imgRhodes Must Fall in Oxford staged a protested march this morning, continuing their accusations that Oriel College has caved in to donor demands.The march was scheduled to begin at 11.30am at Oriel Square and continue through to four other sites in Oxford: All Souls College, the Old Indian Institute, Rhodes House and Wellington Square.All five locations were chosen because of perceived links to colonialism and racism, with All Souls home to the Codrington Library and Wellington Square the location of the university’s central administration. All Souls’ library is named after Christopher Codrington (1668–1710), a Fellow of the college who amassed his fortune through plantation slavery and was a Colonial Governor from the Bahamas.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY0TD6hznYA]At one point, as the march entered High Street, the crowd of protestors already numbered several dozen.The group wrote in their description, “We will march peacefully to various sites, and issue new demands for the fall of racist symbols, decolonisation of the white curriculum, reparatory justice, and greater black representation at all levels of the university.”last_img read more

How to drive growth through customer support

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Eagles Fans Can’t Help But Dream Big After Rout of Cardinals

first_imgLocal fans of the Philadelphia Eagles have their rituals after driving up to Lincoln Financial Field. At the rest stops along the Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway, fans clad in Eagles gear high-fived and celebrated as only Eagles fans can do.Yesterday the mood was beyond upbeat after the Birds totally dismantled the Arizona Cardinals, 34-7. They were talking about the career day of quarterback Carson Wentz, and generally showing excitement as much for what is to come as for what they had just seen.“We have the (NFC East) Division in a stranglehold,” one guy wearing a Ron Jaworski throwback jersey said at the Hap Farley Service Plaza in Mays Landing.  “There is no reason we can’t make the playoffs and make some noise when we get there.”And this was even before the Dallas Cowboys, who had been tied for second place in the division, and the New York Giants, who many had picked to win the NFC East, both lost to fall to 2-3 and 0-5 respectively.Nobody could blame the giddy Eagles supporters for their enthusiasm. After going 7-9 and missing the playoffs last year, they are off to a 4-1 start, sit atop the NFC East and the entire Conference.It wasn’t just the third straight win that got everyone so fired up.  It was the way the home team completely dismantled the Cardinals.Wentz, the second year quarterback, had one of his best days as a professional, throwing four touchdown passes, including three in the first quarter on the way to a 21-0 lead.The Eagles, who lead pro football in third down efficiency scored on a 59-yard Wentz-to-Torrey Smith pass after a third-and-eleven conversion to Zach Ertz kept the drive going. Another third-and-eleven to Alshon Jeffrey proceeded a TD pass to Ertz; and a spectacular 72-yard TD pass to Nelson Agholor in the third quarter came on third-and-19.“We know we are a special team, we just have to show it each week”, Wentz told reporters after going 21-for-30 passing for 304 yards.The Eagles defense also came up big, holding the high-powered Arizona offense to 279 total yards. All-Pro Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald extended his streak of games played with at least one reception to 200, the third-longest streak in NFL history.  The Cardinals, whose record dropped to 2-3 with the loss, were never seriously in the game.The Birds won’t have long to enjoy the triumph. On Thursday night they face a Carolina Panthers team that is just two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance and is also 4-1.But on Sunday afternoon, the Eagles fans heading back to their South Jersey homes would have none of it.“Super Bowl!!! Why not?” said one.Yes, its only October, and the injury-riddled Birds suffered another potentially big loss when offensive lineman Lane Johnson went down with a head injury and will most likely miss the Carolina game. But given the Eagles’ performance yesterday, it was hard to argue against the sentiment. It was a great day to be an Eagles fan. Photo Credit: Katie Bowman last_img read more

Ocean City’s Wacky Wednesday Sizzles With French Fry Sculpting Contest

first_imgBy Maddy VitaleAva Spencer carefully lined up her building materials. She studied her floor plan and began her architectural masterpiece.Her building materials were French fries. Her floor plan was in her head and her foundation was a paper plate.“They fell down and I had to start over,” explained Ava, 5, of her castle of French fries. “Then I had to build a moat, so the dragons couldn’t get in.”The little girl who was on vacation in Ocean City with her family, had some stiff competition in the French fry sculpting contest at the Music Pier in Ocean City. The event was part of the weekly Wacky Wednesday celebration.Ava Spencer, 5, of Pennsylvania, displays her winning castle and poses with mom Mary Spencer (right) and Katelyn Mansolino.At the end of the playful event, Ava took home a winning ribbon for her age group. But the activity was more about fun for kids and adults, who showcased their true artistic ability, albeit with a mushy, mess of a favored junk food.  Michael Hartman, the city’s director of special events, told the participants at the start of the contest, “Remember, the French fries are not fully cooked. Do not eat them.” This is the second summer of Wacky Wednesdays. This year’s season kicked off June 27 with salt water taffy sculpting and continued July 4 with a pie-eating contest. It is one of Hartman’s creations.Michael Hartman, the city’s director of Special Events, with staff and Miss Junior Ocean City Hope Aita (middle) and Miss Ocean City Madison Leigh Kennelly, who handed out ribbons.Hartman explained after the French fry sculpting contest, that he merged two weeks of silly events in the summer into every Wednesday, so each week kids can enjoy goofy, imaginative, activities. “It is an opportunity to draw people to the Boardwalk, the rides, miniature golf and other activities for kids,” Hartman noted. “You can’t put a price tag on a family having fun.”When choosing a family vacation, it is just one more way Ocean City stands out as a family resort, he added.Hartman said every time a kid who participated in Wacky Wednesday events walks by the Music Pier, he or she will remember the great time they had and hopefully share it with others. Memphis Miller, 3, of Gilbertsville P.a., is proud of her spider creation.Amy Miller and her family were on vacation in Ocean City from Gilbertsville, P.a. The family drives down to the resort about four times a summer.They make it a point to be around for Wednesdays.“We try to come down for as many Wacky Wednesdays as possible,” Miller said. “I love that Ocean City is so family oriented. It is so geared for children.”Miller’s children, Memphis, Jayden, Anthony and Shailyn, were all in the contest.The youngest, Memphis, 3, took home a winning ribbon for her “spider.”“I thought it was a crab,” Miller said with a laugh of her daughter’s creation.Memphis said she wanted to make a bug. And she did – with lots of legs.The little girl laughed when she was asked how many legs the spider had.Siblings Emerson and Brady Lasher work on their masterpiece.Brady Lasher, 10, from West Chester, P.a. vacationing in Ocean City with his family, gave his 4-year-old sister Emerson a little guidance in her French fry sculpture.“It’s fun,” Brady said.Mom, Lauren Lasher, pointed to her other daughter, Harper, 7, who was also in the contest. “She is making a laughing emoji,” Lasher said. “I think it is so cute. We come to so many of these events in Ocean City. Michael Hartman is amazing.”Harper Lasher decides how to create a smiling emoji out of French fries.Even some teens participated in the zany contest.Cousins Mathew Mulholland, 19, of Ohio, and Joey Dunne, 14, of Randolph, N.J., vacationing in Ocean City, decided they had the skills to be great French fry artists.Mulholland is an Eagle Scout and his cousin is becoming one.Their family joked they could build that the two could do anything they set their minds to.“We aren’t sure what we want to build yet,” Mulholland said, as he and Joey Dunne examined their heap of fries.At the end of the competition, the kids and adults, picked up their works of art and dumped them in the garbage. “Great job everyone,” Hartman shouted into the microphone. “Enjoy your Wednesday!” Cousins Joey Dunne, 14, of Randolph, N.J., (left) and Matthew Mulholland, 19, of Ohio, vacationing in Ocean City, are determined to make something amazing.Lauren Lasher with children Finley, 19 months, Harper, (glasses) Emerson and Brady.Memphis Miller proudly displays her winning ribbon.last_img read more

Bakers get set for National Doughnut Week

first_imgCraft bakers around the country are gearing up for National Doughnut Week from 10-17 May with a host of exciting ideas to help raise funds for the event’s chosen charity The Children’s Trust.Townend Bakery in Liverpool has developed a limited edition star-shaped doughnut for the week, while Corner Bakery in Preston has persuaded one member of staff to dress up as a giant doughnut. The store also expects an appearance from a Preston North End footballer, who will take part in a doughnut-eating competition.Meanwhile, Simon Reynolds of A&E Barrow & Sons in Kent is planning to get his entire family involved in the celebrations. In previous years Simon’s son has sold doughnuts to his classmates to raise awareness of the scheme and has organised an art competition where pupils submitted artwork to the bakery to be displayed in the cafe. This year, the family are keen to get involved again and members of the local press are being invited to visit the bakery.BakeMark UK, which is supporting the event, hopes to raise £50,000 this year for The Children’s Trust. Last year, over 600 people took part in National Doughnut Week, raising almost £40,000.last_img read more

Traditionals with a twist sand cake by Fiona Burrel

first_imgSand Cake is one of the recipes in Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. The cake is made using a mixture of cornflour and rice flour or ground rice, and the tin is dusted with crushed ratafia biscuits. The cake is flavoured with lemon zest and the resulting texture is quite close and moist, but gritty.This version is a Chocolate and Orange Sand Cake and has Amaretti biscuits lining the tin. It is a really good option for people who prefer a plain cake with their coffee.This recipe has cocoa powder in it but it can be made using melted dark chocolate. If you want to serve this as a gluten-free cake, check that you have gluten-free Amaretti biscuits and baking powder.Chocolate and Orange Sand CakeIngredientsButter for greasingAmaretti biscuits, crushed8Butter225gCaster sugar225gGrated rind of oranges2Eggs-beaten4Cornflour225gGround rice35gCocoa powder25gBaking powder5mlIcing sugar for dustingMethod1. Grease a 900g loaf tin with melted butter and dust with crushed Amaretti biscuits.2. Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and creamy. Add the orange rind.3. Add the eggs a little at a time, beating well between each addition.4. Sieve the cornflour, ground rice, cocoa powder and baking powder together and add to the cake mixture. Fold in carefully and turn into the prepared tin.5. Bake in the centre of the oven, heated to a 180C, for 20 minutes, then turn the oven down to 170C and cover with a piece of damp greaseproof paper. Continue to cook for another 30-40 minutes. It is ready when the top springs back when lightly pressed.6. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes before turning out. When cold, dust with sieved icing sugar.last_img read more

UK retail affected by late summer

first_imgUK retail sales were up 0.7% on a like-for-like basis from September 2012, according to the British Retail Consortium.Published in the Retail Sales Monitor, on a total basis, sales were up 2.4%, against a 3.4% increase in September 2012. The Monitor reported that food experienced a decline in like-for-like sales. Helen Dickinson, director general of the British Retail Consortium, said: “The BRC-KPMG data shows that while total retail sales have continued to grow this month, it has been the weakest growth so far this year if you exclude Easter distortions. Grocery sales have been particularly hard-hit.“Retailers are hiring extra staff and readying their offer for the crucial Christmas period at the moment, so they will be looking at these figures closely as they gear up for the festive season.” David McCorquodale, head of retail at KPMG, said that the figures will act as a “reality check” for retailers.“The slowdown in food and drink sales performance reflects the battleground for market share among the grocers,” added McCorquodale. “The stark fact is the retail recovery remains fragile and in the lead-up to Christmas, retailers, which are generally carrying less stock than in prior years, will need to manage promotional activity carefully to maintain margins.”last_img read more

AIBI Congress to focus on bakery of the future

first_imgJonathan Warburton and Sir John Timpson are among speakers at an event being billed as the UK’s biggest bakery conference.The International Association of Plant Bakeries (Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle/AIBI) is holding its 36th biennial congress from 30 May to 2 June 2019 at The Midland Hotel, Manchester.With a theme of ‘The Bakery of the Future’, the event will be hosted by Cyrille Filott, global strategist for consumer foods, at food and agribusiness bank Rabobank. The speakers will include:Jonathan Warburton – who oversaw Warburton’s transition from a local family business to one of the UK’s leading bakery brandsSir John Timpson – chairman of 900-store shoe repair and key cutting chain Timpson’s, who will share how his radical management thinking can benefit the bakery sectorRobb MacKie – president and CEO of the American Bakers’ Association (ABA), who will give an update on the latest trends in the USSebastian Marcu – founder of Bake in Space, which seeks to address the challenges relating to production of fresh food in spaceJimmy Griffin – head of a four-generation Irish family business and coach of the Ireland team, which won gold in the European Bakery Championships.“This year’s event will be an exciting opportunity for the whole industry – large and small bakers right through to the supply chain including millers and ingredient manufacturers – to network and discuss the key issues facing the bakery sector,” said AIBI president Joseph Street.“Manchester has a rich industrial heritage, including the food industry, and we look forward to welcoming delegates from the UK, Europe and the US.”Founded in Paris in 1956, the AIBI comprises 16 national member organisations including the UK’s Federation of Bakers. The AIBI’s key task is to represent its members’ interests, especially concerning European and international institutions such as the EU Commission, European Council and European Parliament.last_img read more

Incredible Early Footage From Tool Performance In 1991 Emerges Online [Watch]

first_imgWith so much anticipation surrounding a new Tool album, it’s easy to forget just how long that band has been a tour de force of rock music. The band formed in 1990, and perfected their sound over two years in the Los Angeles area. While they mostly practiced in private, the band did play locally, including a performance on October 7th, 1991 at the Hollywood, CA venue Club With No Name, opening for a band called Too Free Stooges.Though the band wouldn’t be signed until 1992, the group did perform two of their classic early songs, “Hush” and “Sober.” The former would appear on their major label debut Opiate, and the latter was featured on Undertow. This new video footage – which was uploaded by Ricky Oliphant – showcases the band in their very earliest days. Still, you can see the Tool’s musical magic with every note.Watch “Hush” and “Sober” from a Tool performance 25 years ago, streaming below.last_img read more

The Disco Biscuits Share Full Videos From Great North Fest Performance

first_imgSetlist: The Disco Biscuits at Great North: Music & Arts Festival, Minot, ME – 9/9/16I: The Overture-> Papercut-(DJ Switch)-> Strobelights & Martinis-> Lunar Pursuit-> Dub Dribble-> Morph Dusseldorf (ending)II: Morph Dusseldorf-> Above the Waves (inverted)-> Triumph-> King of the World, Story of the World[Photo via tDB Facebook page // Jake Wisdom Photography] This weekend ushered in the Great North: Music & Arts Festival, treating fans in Minot, ME to a great night of transformational music. Among the festival’s many performances was a great, two-set showing from The Disco Biscuits. The band came ready to play, continuing their trend of high energy performances in 2016.Though the band wasn’t able to reliably stream their sets, they fortunately still brought a video crew to capture the show. Even more fortunately, they’ve shared the full videos from the show! Watch both sets in full below, with the full setlist at the bottom.last_img read more