Learning for life: Ear care

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Learning for life: Ear careOn 1 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Life Long Learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are theprocesses by which professionals, such as nurses, develop and improve theirpractice. There are many ways to address CPD: formally, through attending courses,study days and workshops; or informally, through private study and reflection.Reading articles in professional journals is a good way of keeping up-to-datewith what is going on in the field of practice, but reflecting and identifyingwhat you have learnt is not always easy. These questions are designed to help you to identify what you have learntfrom studying the article. They will also help you to clarify what you canapply to practice, what you did not understand and what you need to explorefurther. 1. The majority of litigation costs related to ear syringing are theresult of: a) Infection b) Perforated ear drum c) Poor technique d) Lack of care 2. Which of the following is NOT a benefit in preventing or treating earproblems? a) Patient satisfaction b) Better communication c) Reduction in sickness absence d) Budget restrictions 3. In which direction should the meatus be pulled to obtain optimum viewof the tympanic membrane? a) Postero-superiorly b) Postero-laterally c) Frontal-superiorly d) Frontal – laterally 4. The proper name for ear wax is…a) Ceramide b) Cerumen c) Cetrimide d)Cerebellum 5. The bones of the middle ear are called…a) Hammer and sickle b) Metatarsals c) Malleus, incus and stapes d) Concha, tragus and pinna 6. Which of the following is NOT a cause of hearing loss? a) Trauma b) Noise c) Wax d) Iritis 7. What causes itchiness when wearing ear defenders a) Extreme cold b) Excessive perspiration c) Ill fitting protective equipment d) Allergy 8. A perforated ear drum is caused by… a) Trauma, barotraumas or infection b) Wrong-sized ear plugs, barotraumas or infection c) Trauma, wrong-sized ear plugs or infection d) Trauma, barotraumas or wrong-sized ear plugs 9. Wax impaction does NOT cause…a) Pain b) Tinnitus c) Sinusitis d) Vertigo 10. People who are NOT more susceptible to wax problems are those with…a) Excess hairs b) Narrow meatus c) Hearing aids d) Glasses Feedback1) c – Hopefully ear syringing is not a practice carried out inoccupational health – but if it is, what training did you receive and how doyou know whether you are up-to-date? 2) d – If noise is a hazard in your place of work, then ear care shouldbe budgeted for as an important part of a Hearing Conservation Programme. 3) a – The others are made up! Make sure you know the correct way toexamine ears. Discuss this practice with your colleagues and ensure that youare competent and safe. Read the section on guidance for examining the earagain, as this should be carried out before the hearing test as part of theHearing Conservation Programme. 4) b 5) c – Revise your knowledge of the anatomy of the ear and thephysiology of hearing. 6) d – Iritis is a serious eye problem. 7) b – And this may be due to poor quality or unsuitable ear defenders. 8) a – They should be referred to the GP for proper treatment. 9) c 10) d last_img read more

BYU Men’s Basketball Hosts Southern Utah Wednesday

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPROVO, Utah-Wednesday, BYU men’s basketball (1-1) continues its season with a third straight home game by hosting Southern Utah (2-0) at the Marriott Center.The Cougars are coming off a disappointing 76-71 loss to San Diego State Saturday, the first defeat in the Mark Pope era at BYU.Pope is currently 78-57 (.578) as a head coach as he was at the helm at nearby Utah Valley from 2015-2019.The Cougars average 73.5 points per game, tying them for 180th nationally with Tennessee Tech, Minnesota, North Dakota State and Northwestern State.With the absence of star forward Yoeli Childs because of an NCAA suspension, senior guard TJ Haws leads the Cougars with 15 points per game.Redshirt junior guard Alex Barcello adds 14 points a game thus far on the season for BYU. Barcello also has 2 blocks on the season to lead the Cougars in that category.The Cougars’ defense gives up 67 points per game, tying them for 155th nationally with Duquesne, Connecticut, Loyola Marymount, Winthrop, Charleston Southern, George Washington, Northwestern State and Stephen F. Austin.The Thunderbirds are flying high as they upset Big Ten Conference foe Nebraska 79-78 in double overtime at Lincoln, Neb. for the program’s first win over a Power 5 program on the road since downing Colorado at Boulder, Colo. in 1996. The win over the Cornhuskers was also the first for SUU over a Big Ten program in school history.In his fourth season at the helm of the Thunderbirds’ program, Todd Simon is 38-63 (.376) at SUU and the Nebraska win was his biggest victory to date.The explosive Thunderbirds are currently averaging 94.5 points per game. This ties them for 18th nationally with New Mexico and Memphis.Redshirt senior forward Dwayne Morgan leads the Thunderbirds in both points (18.5) and rebounds (7) per game. Junior guard Dre Marin (15 points per game) and redshirt senior guard/forward Cameron Oluyitan (13 points, 7 rebounds per game) have also been stalwarts for SUU early on.The Thunderbirds’ defense gives up 72 points per game, tying them for 222nd nationally with Georgia and Cal State Bakersfield.Junior guard John Knight III leads the Thunderbirds with four blocks on the season, showcasing his versatility. Knight also averages 8 points and 1.5 rebounds per game.To beat the Cougars, SUU will have to come up with another historic performance as they are currently 0-11 all-time against BYU. The series recurs for the first time since the 2007 season. All of these games have been played at the Marriott Center. Brad James Written by Tags: BYU Men’s Basketball/SUU Men’s Basketball November 11, 2019 /Sports News – Local BYU Men’s Basketball Hosts Southern Utah Wednesdaylast_img read more

USS Constitution Starts Final Summer Preside before Entering Drydock

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today USS Constitution Starts Final Summer Preside before Entering Drydock View post tag: Constitution View post tag: USS View post tag: Entering View post tag: Final View post tag: starts View post tag: before ‘Old Ironsides’ will be open for tours to the general public, free of charge, Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. April 1 through Sept. 30.This will be the final summer visitors can tour Constitution at her berth in Charlestown Navy Yard until 2018, as the ship will enter dry dock (also located in Charlestown Navy Yard) in early 2015 for scheduled restoration work.Visitors to ‘Old Ironsides’ will have the opportunity to tour the ship’s top three decks (spar, gun, and berth). Each deck will be manned by one of Constitution’s active duty U.S. Navy Sailors, who will be on-hand to answer visitors’ questions in addition to giving brief guided tours to illustrate Constitution’s storied past.Early birds interested in spending a morning aboard ‘Old Ironsides’ are welcome to register for ‘The Constitution Experience’. Every Tuesday, ‘Experience’ participants are invited to observe morning colors and the firing of the ship’s gun from Constitution’s pier at 8 a.m. Afterward, participants will be given an extended guided tour through Constitution’s spaces, including areas normally closed to the public during normal tour hours. Those wishing to participate in ‘The Constitution Experience’ must arrive at pier one in Charlestown Navy Yard by 7:45 a.m. Public restroom facilities will not be available prior to the opening of the USS Constitution Museum at 9 a.m. ‘Experience’ groups are limited to 80 visitors each Tuesday morning.No visit to Constitution is complete without a stop at the USS Constitution Museum, another free attraction also located within Charlestown Navy Yard. The museum provides a fun-filled and educational setting with exhibits of original artifacts from ‘Old Ironsides’ and numerous interactive galleries, providing experiential learning for all ages.All persons age 18 and older wishing to visit USS Constitution must present a valid federal or state-issued photo I.D. or passport to board the ship. Deck availabilities, tour times and tour formats are subject to change due to factors including weather conditions, tidal conditions and tour group sizes.Constitution is also scheduled to conduct several underway demonstrations in Boston Harbor this summer prior to entering her three-year dry docking. The ship’s first underway, which will commemorate both the Battle of Midway and the 70th anniversary of D-Day, is scheduled for June 6. The popular Independence Day underway, open to the public via lottery, will occur on July 4. USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat, actively defended sea lanes against global threats from 1797 to 1855. Now a featured destination on Boston’s Freedom Trail, Constitution and her crew of U.S. Navy Sailors offer community outreach and education about the ship’s history and the importance of naval seapower to more than 500,000 visitors each year.[mappress]Press Release, April 1, 2014; Image: US Navy View post tag: Drydock Share this article View post tag: News by topic April 1, 2014 View post tag: Summer View post tag: Navy View post tag: Preside USS Constitution and her crew are scheduled to shift to summer hours of operation, April 1. View post tag: Naval Industry news USS Constitution Starts Final Summer Preside before Entering Drydocklast_img read more

First Night Review: Up the Republic!

first_imgUp The Republic! is a piece of new writing about a Communist mayor in a Parisian suburb who embezzles town money meant for fireworks, gets exposed by his ex-wife, and goes up against her in the election by petitioning for the Muslim vote.   Very much out of the ordinary of Oxford drama (and particularly new writing), it is a farce written predominantly in rhyming couplets. Nick Bishop as the mayor is splendid and the rest of the cast support him admirably. Bishop’s performance was hilarious, with comic and constantly adapting facial expressions and perfect delivery of the farcical lines. His timing is spot on and in many ways this is a showcase for Bishop’s comic talent.Sophie Siem is very comfortable opposite Bishop as his assistant, and some of the most comic moments in the play occur between them, especially a wonderful scene about political correctness. The Ex-Wife was played by  Harry Creelman who came, fresh from the wonderful world of Six Characters in Search of an Author, equipped with cleavage and leather trousers and gave a coherent and amusing performance.   What most impresses is the quality of the writing. Max Mcguinness has a wonderful talent for using the couplet to great comic effect; obscenity, irony, sarcasm and wit are all deployed through the use of a highly varied verse form, which Mcguinness is clearly able to use extensively and effectively. None of the lines sound awkward and most are very funny. The issues dealt with concern the place of Communism in modern France, but it is more than just anti-Communist binge. The play mocks political correctness, corruption and honesty, makes use of sexual humour, and the rise of the Right with the sinking of the Left and the horseshoe relationship between them. As the poster says, Fireworks, Fascism and Leather Pants.There is little to say about this play other than that it is remarkably well written and wonderfully acted – a top show indeed. Book your ticket now.  Henry Oliverlast_img read more

OUSU go cold

first_imgOUSU president David Barclay’s motion to freeze college rents at the current rate passed at the Council meeting on Wednesday.  It has been opposed by Balliol JCR president, recently entangled in a conflict with the college over an additional £300 Domus charge to be paid by all students.Balliol JCR reached an understanding with the college this week to scrap the Domus charge proposed in November. Instead JCR and MCR agreed to co operate to find alternative methods to raise funds. Balliol JCR president, Steven Dempsey commented  “such a rent freeze could result in colleges losing money through accommodating students and, in the cases of less wealthy colleges, this could result in other charges (such as the now defeated Balliol Domus Charge)”.Dempsey’s remarks implied that OUSU’s rent freeze motion could lead to colleges imposing additional charges on top of rent in order to maintain finances.Barclay’s proposal seeks to prevent the escalation of rent for students in the current climate of uncertainty about government subsidization of education. David Bagg, representing  Balliol college opposed the motion, stating that he felt it would aggravate animosity between colleges and their students.In light of this controversy, Bagg argued that the motion would be seen as an OUSU dictat, and a steady rise in rent would be far preferable to declining relations between JCR/MCR and the bursar.Dempsey remarked, “This freeze does not solve the true problems at the heart of student rent – the inequality between colleges and the amount their students pay for accommodation.”“What is needed at least is a commitment from colleges to present their rent in a comparable way, including the same charges across all colleges, so that students can compare prices on a like-for-like basis between colleges and utilise the information for constructive negotiation.” Given that OUSU is not allowed to participate directly in negotiations between colleges and JCRs, Dempsey noted the idealism of Barclay’s motion.He stated that he has “no intention of utilising this statement from OUSU, and instead will conduct negotiations in the context of Balliol’s financial situation”.“Such a contextually aware approach has served us well in the recent Domus Charge negotiations and with the cooperative atmosphere between college and students in Balliol.”last_img read more

St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements October 15, 2019

first_img Kelli Purl, Evansville, daughter, Ariyona Mae, September 13Kayla and Shane Hayes, Princeton, IN, daughter, Blakely Kae, September 15Ashley and Keith McKinney, Elberfeld, IN, son, Cash Alan, October 4Megan and James Gregory, Evansville, son, Owen Mason, October 4Zainab Al-Hajji and Ali Al-Ramadhan, Evansville, son, Rayan Ali, October 5Tara and Brice Watts, Tell City, IN, son, Brecken Anthony, October 7Courtney Morris and Austen Johnson, Chandler, IN, son, Axl Nathaniel, October 8Rachel and Bryan Johnson, Evansville, son, Gideon Grey, October 8Taneka and Kenneth Gathings, Evansville, daughter, Serenity Grace, October 8Jordynn and John Neese, Evansville, son, Kanaan Mekhi, October 8Jasmine Barnett and Justin Lefler, Princeton, IN, son, Dylan Allen, October 9Lauren and Joseph Halbig, Evansville, son, Marshall Thomas, October 9Kelsey Norris, Fort Branch, IN, Son, Jax Gordon, October 9FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Canary is a goldmine

first_imgI have always shared with you my latest ideas to make our fortune. But now I know they have not worked as well as I had hoped. If they had, I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it; we would all be in the south of France in our villas.However, here is a really great idea for those of you successful enough to pay tax at the 40% rate. True, that does not include me, but I live in hope of joining you one day. Our politicians have shown us how to reduce the tax burden to 25% by fiddling expenses, so we can do the same.Whereas they put their wives, mistresses and children on the payroll, all we have to do is put our pets on the company. I am putting Joey, our pet canary, on a £30,000 salary; if the tax man queries it, I shall explain that he sings loud and fast, so our bakers work faster and are happy.This way, we can keep adding pets to the payroll endlessly and pay the 25% rate, rather than the 40% you rich bakers now pay. After all, a pound saved is as good as a pound made.== a use for politicians ==How wonderful that we have found a use for politicians at last. They appear to get away with everything. For example, there is the £250 they claim without receipts every month; that is a lot of money and surely, if it is good enough for them, why not for us?After all, we are all more honest than our politicians, although that is not saying a lot. We could get the National Association of Master Bakers (NA) to judge what is right and wrong with our fiddles, as our politicians feel they have a right to be their own judge and jury and I would rather trust the NA.I am discussing these ideas with my accountant, although it is very difficult to get a definitive answer from him, as every time we get in deep discussion, the guard says visiting time is over.Mind you, I am considering taking my business to one of the blue chip accountancy firms, as I am told they have a lot of powerful contacts and, if you go to prison for tax evasion, they can get you a job in the library.== recession looms ==Back to bakery, because if I don’t, Sylvia will never print this. It certainly looks as if we are in a recession, as our like-for-like sales figures are barely breaking even with last year. I can always find reasons for this and, if short of excuses, one can always blame the weather.While I often blame the government, with its crazy laws, for making life nearly impossible for us, the wealth-creating portion of the economy, deep down, we all know our salvation lies in our own hands.The thing to remember is to keep our nerve and not go down the road of low prices. When times get tough, that is always the first thought of amateurs and it is always wrong; all that happens is they sell a little more for less profit. nlast_img read more

Seasonal bakery sales up thanks to sweet-toothed shoppers

first_imgChristmas cake, pudding and confectionery sales were up 8.3% on 2014 as UK consumers spent £219m in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Across the fortnight ending 26 December, sales of cakes and puddings were up 6.3% with sales of £46.9m and confectionery was up 8.8% with sales of £172.2m – these were the biggest sales surges of all the food categories from the beginning to the end of the month.The ’Bake-Off effect’Martin Wood, IRI’s head of strategic insight, retail solutions and innovation said: “The increase in sales of Christmas cakes, puddings and confectionery could be due to the ‘Bake-Off effect’ giving people a taste for sweet things once again. They want to feature high-quality cakes and desserts as centrepieces of their Christmas meal or party spread, but don’t have time to create these themselves.“There was an extra peak shopping day in Christmas week 2015 compared with last year, which helped push up the final week’s sales figures, but the level of growth does provide some good news for supermarkets.”last_img read more

Watch This Ridiculous Bass Solo By Louis ‘Thunder-Thumbs’ Johnson From 1981

first_imgOn August 22, 1981, The Brothers Johnson played in LA to a room packed with vibrant energy that’s unlike anything else in the scene today. It was back in the day when purple jumpsuits and sequin accessories were the norm, and every stage was equipped with dancers and decorative flare to accompany the totally out-there risks that musicians would take on their every performance.Bassist Louis Johnson, also known as “Thunder-Thumbs” for his bass-slapping technique, was also a studio musician who played on multiple Michael Jackson hits, including “Billie Jean” and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, among others. Watch Louis “Thunder-Thumbs” Johnson’s absolutely incredible bass solo from the performance below, which Oteil Burbridge comments was his “first concert” ever. If this is true, then props to the Burbridge parents for allowing this to happen – and to Johnson for inspiring one of the greatest bassists in the world to become who he is today.In the same Facebook post, in the “Let Oteil Sing” group, Burbridge wrote, “[Johnson] is forever the man.” The funk is real in what you are about to see:last_img read more

Aqueous Releases New Live Album, “Element Pt. I” [Full Stream]

first_imgToday, Buffalo groove-rock favorites Aqueous released their a brand new live compilation album, Element Pt. I. Featuring highlights from the band’s Spring 2017 tour, the collection marks the first installment of an ongoing live series. For this release, the band went directly to their fans for input and cataloged personal highlights to figure out which jams and song versions were worthy of inclusion.According to guitarist Mike Gantzer, “When we’re in the studio we tend to focus deeply on song structure, composition, lyrical content/depth etc, but for the live release, we wanted to put a spotlight on some of the longer and more exploratory improvisations that we’ll do within songs when we perform them live.” Next up for Aqueous is a pair of sets at this coming weekend’s Domefest alongside Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Main Squeeze, and many more. For more information on Domefest, head to the event website. In between their Thursday and Saturday Domefest sets, the band will play a show on Friday, 5/19 at Pier Six Pavillion in Baltimore, MD. The following weekend, the band heads to Summer Camp Music Festival for a pair of performances on Thursday, May 25th and Friday, May 26th, respectively. Summer Camp will also see guitarist Mike Gantzer help lead a special tribute to Green Day‘s classic pop-punk album Dookie with members of Umphrey’s McGee.For a full list of upcoming dates, head to the band’s website.[Cover Photo via Capacity Images] The track listing of Element Pt. I spans across the diverse and ever-growing catalog of Aqueous, including a version of previously unreleased track, “Second Sight,” a song only recently added into live rotation. The version of “Aldehyde” chosen for Element Pt. I features saxophonist Nick Gerlach, a special treat for a band who rarely performs onstage with a horn section. The compilation concludes with the band’s 3/2/17 performance of fan-favorite composition “Kitty Chaser (Explosions),” off 2014’s Cycles, chosen for its particularly deep improvisational section. Each track featured on the record was recorded at a different stop along the early 2017 tour: “The Median” (Lawrence, KS), “Second Sight” (Portland, ME), “Aldehyde” (Denver, CO), “Warren In The Window” (Omaha, NE), “Staring Into The Sun” (Columbus, OH) and “Kitty Chaser” (Morgantown, WV).You can listen to Aqueous’s new live album, Element Pt. I, below via Spotify. You can also listen to the album via Soundcloud.last_img read more