Possible shooting being investigated in Jefferson County

first_imgDupont, IN—According to  Jefferson County Sherriff David W. Thomas, Tuesday evening Jefferson County Central Dispatch received reports of an altercation where a firearm was alleged to have been discharged on West Main Street in Dupont. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to investigate the incident.No individuals were injured during the altercation nor was there any property damaged or reported in the area. The scene was processed by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and evidence was collected at two locations. The investigation is still currently active. Madison Police Department assisted with the investigation near the County/City line where an individual possibly involved in the matter was located and interrogated.Anyone with information related to this investigation should contact Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 812-265-2648 and request to speak with an on-duty deputy.last_img read more

Kiplimo looks good to give Uganda medal in junior men’s race

first_img91Dumo MKWANANZIZIM28:19 99Alec HAINESUSA 41Joshua Elisante SULLETAN25:49 33Paul ROBERTSUSA25:31 50Miguel GONZÁLEZESP26:10 2Amdework WALELEGNETH22:43 56Abdullah ABDULLAHKUW 47Yoji SAKAIJPN 26Francis DAMIANOTAN25:03 85Gidown MOHAMED EISASUD 27Adrián BENESP 74Ilyas RAJIMAR27:15 46Aidan REEDUSA25:55 57Mutlaq ALAZEMIKUW 23Abraha KOKOBERI 12Bayelign TESHAGERETH23:35 13Solomon BERIHUETH23:38 48Kieren TALLAUS26:03 79Braulio VILLALVAPER27:23 70Jonathan DEL RAZOMEX 31Ouassim OUMAIZ ERROUCHESP 78Dais MALEBANARSA 77Mitchell UBENECAN27:21 20Hicham AKANKAMMAR24:35 4Betesfa GETAHUNETH22:58 22Mathew Job CHEKURUIUGA24:37 34Ramadhani Juma HAMISITAN25:36 49Yohana Elisante SULLETAN26:05 82Andrew ALEXANDERCAN27:26 Spurred on by Boniface Kiprop, Uganda won their first team junior medal in 2000, which was followed by seven more victories for the Under-20 runners.Kiprop himself bagged individual bronze in 2002, which he followed up with silvers in 2003 and 2004.Since 2000, Uganda has bagged 5 junior men’s individual medals, 8 junior men’s and 1 junior women team medals. The senior men have bagged four medals, while the women 1.Uganda’s Juniors will this time be led by Jacob Kiplimo, world junior 10,000m bronze medalist last year. As a 15-year-old, Kiplimo was the country’s youngest athlete at the Olympics last year where he finished 11th in his heat.#IaafKampala2017 Tweets 90Seif Eddine HAZAMALG28:16 47Scott BEATTIEGBR26:01 42Luke PRIORGBR 30Pakiso MTHEMBURSA25:25 63Andrew KPEHELBR 38Alexis PHELUTFRA 37Amdework WALELEGNETH 75Callum MCCLUSKYAUS27:18 27Kazuya NISHIYAMAJPN25:15 20Daou ABOUBACARCOM 55Meshack Munguti NZULAKEN 28Mouhcine OUTALHAMAR25:19 5Seif Eddine HAZAMALG 89Ouassim OUMAIZ ERROUCHESP28:09 100Isaac HARDINGUSA 35Tefera MOSISAETH 28Mario GARCÍAESP 64Jean-Simon DESGAGNÉSCAN26:42 66Abdelkarim BEN ZAHRAMAR 42Ryunosuke CHIGIRAJPN25:51 50Edwin Kiplangat BETTKEN 93Jacob KIPLIMOUGA 24Kabelo SEBOKORSA24:54 10Kieren TALLAUS 51Sodai SHIMIZUJPN26:11 52Hamza ALIUSA26:14 16Jean-Simon DESGAGNÉSCAN 73Edwar CONDORIPER 62Peter ALKHOURYLBN 71Alexis PHELUTFRA27:07 72Yorlin CANCHANYAPER 80Luke PRIORGBR27:24 85Daou ABOUBACARCOM27:37 67Mouhcine OUTALHAMAR 65Zach FACIONIAUS26:48 38SUOLANGCAIRENCHN25:42 30Said MECHAALESP 25Anouar OUZINEMAR24:59 63Kagiso KEBATSHWARETSEBOT26:40 66Edward TRIPPASAUS26:50 83Rochdi BOUCHEKHCHOUKHAALG27:26 68Joshua PHILLIPSAUS26:57 69Hugo MILNERGBR26:58 80Pakiso MTHEMBURSA 87Francis DAMIANOTAN 72Ali DJOUDARALG27:07 70Yorlin CANCHANYAPER27:07 10Wesley LEDAMAKEN23:25 59Yousef NADOUMKUW 76Dais MALEBANARSA27:20 76Dorin-Andrei RUSUROU 78Keita YOSHIDAJPN27:23 53Fouad ABOUDALG26:14 13Daniel DO NASCIMENTOBRA 81Arturo REYNAMEX27:25 57Tumi LEPHOTHORSA26:28 ORDER / LANEATHLETECOUNTRYSB 2017 59Dorin-Andrei RUSUROU26:33 61Isaac HARDINGUSA26:37 14Ronald Kiprotich KIRUIKEN24:00 39Edwar CONDORIPER25:46 5Selemon BAREGAETH23:03 89Joshua Elisante SULLETAN 23Titus Given KWEMOIUGA24:50 56Abdelkarim BEN ZAHRAMAR26:27 7David LEANAUS 93Gidown MOHAMED EISASUD28:36 53Ronald Kiprotich KIRUIKEN 35Kbashi Mohamedkhir AHMEDSUD25:38 75Braulio VILLALVAPER 1Fouad ABOUDALG 36Bayelign TESHAGERETH 3Richard Yator KIMUNYANKEN22:52 52Amos KIRUIKEN 96Elisha CHEMUTAIUGA 18Victor KIPLANGATUGA24:29 92Elisha Dosla WEMATAN 39Scott BEATTIEGBR 51Richard Yator KIMUNYANKEN 41Hugo MILNERGBR 98Victor KIPLANGATUGA 83Yousif Ahmed MAKEENSUD 105Abdullah AL-QWABANIYEM 14Andrew ALEXANDERCAN 9Yemane HAILESELASSIEERI23:18 92Mohamed Abdaljalil MOHAMEDSUD28:31 31Mario GARCÍAESP25:26 97Kevin KIBETUGA 19SUOLANGCAIRENCHN 8Edwin Kiplangat BETTKEN23:10 RESULT: 22Filmon ANDEERI 11Edward TRIPPASAUS 11Filmon ANDEERI23:28 3Aimen BOULAININEALG 26Mehari TSEGAYERI 94Titus Given KWEMOIUGA 1Jacob KIPLIMOUGA22:40 29Miguel GONZÁLEZESP 37Yoji SAKAIJPN25:41 18Mitchell UBENECAN 6Zach FACIONIAUS 81Kabelo SEBOKORSA 74Omar RAMOSPER 16Abraha KOKOBERI24:06 12Kagiso KEBATSHWARETSEBOT 91Anthiny Dosla WEMATAN 17Kieran LUMBCAN 45Anthiny Dosla WEMATAN25:55 40Benjamin DAVIESGBR 4Ali DJOUDARALG 29Daniel DO NASCIMENTOBRA25:21 45Ryunosuke CHIGIRAJPN 67Ryan MPHAHLELERSA26:57 46Kazuya NISHIYAMAJPN 55David LEANAUS26:24 21Robel SIBHATUERI24:36 7Amos KIRUIKEN23:04 49Keita YOSHIDAJPN 33Solomon BERIHUETH 43Jonathan SHIELDSGBR 62Jonathan DEL RAZOMEX26:39 65Mohamed BALIMAR 82Kbashi Mohamedkhir AHMEDSUD 36Elisha Dosla WEMATAN25:41 25Robel SIBHATUERI 24Yemane HAILESELASSIEERI 54Kieran LUMBCAN26:21 48Sodai SHIMIZUJPN 102Aidan REEDUSA 106Dumo MKWANANZIZIM 32Omar RAMOSPER25:28 60Ahmad AL CHORLBN 64Hicham AKANKAMMAR 15Graham BAIRDCAN 54Wesley LEDAMAKEN 60Jonathan SHIELDSGBR26:35 68Anouar OUZINEMAR 69Ilyas RAJIMAR 73Adrián BENESP27:14 61Almontaser HAMIEHLBN 40Mohamed BALIMAR25:47 58Waleed ALFAILAKAWIKUW 34Betesfa GETAHUNETH 86Gavin PARPARTUSA27:55 77Tumi LEPHOTHORSA 88Adam YOUSIFSUD28:03 43Sam STEVENSGBR25:52 79Ryan MPHAHLELERSA 9Joshua PHILLIPSAUS 6Tefera MOSISAETH23:04 17Meshack Munguti NZULAKEN24:26 32Selemon BAREGAETH 84Mohamed Abdaljalil MOHAMEDSUD Uganda has a very strong record in the junior events of the World Cross Country championships, having bagged a stunning 14 medals in the last 14 editions. 8Callum MCCLUSKYAUS POSBIBATHLETEMARKDETAIL 101Gavin PARPARTUSA 104Hamza ALIUSA 90Yohana Elisante SULLETAN 2Rochdi BOUCHEKHCHOUKHAALG 15Kevin KIBETUGA24:02 84Graham BAIRDCAN27:27 Mutlaq ALAZEMIKUW 95Mathew Job CHEKURUIUGA 44Sam STEVENSGBR 19Mehari TSEGAYERI24:30 86Adam YOUSIFSUD 103Paul ROBERTSUSA 21Ahamada AZADCOM 58Alec HAINESUSA26:28 71Arturo REYNAMEX 94Said MECHAALESP28:38 88Ramadhani Juma HAMISITAN 44Elisha CHEMUTAIUGA25:54 87Benjamin DAVIESGBR28:01 Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Investigation: Local Teacher Did Not Create Controversial Quiz with Trump Question

first_imgThe School District of Palm Beach County announced Thursday afternoon that it has completed the investigation into a controversial quiz that was given to students at a Palm Beach Gardens school recently, and has disciplined the teacher who administered the assignment.On September 24, a Computer Applications teacher at Watson B. Duncan Middle School gave students a quiz containing a question that read:45th Pres; 2017; Republican; Real Estate businessman; IdiotThe possible answers were:Donald TrumpRonald ReaganRichard NixonJimmy CarterThe investigation has determined that the “offensive question regarding President Donald Trump was not created by the teacher.”According to a district spokesperson, the teacher downloaded the quiz from an application called Quizlet, but did not closely review the questions before giving the quiz to her students.The spokesperson added, “Despite the fact that the teacher didn’t write, or intentionally select the question, the District views this error as a display of unprofessional behavior. The School District of Palm Beach County holds our educators to the highest standards. The teacher has been disciplined.”Local Teacher Reassigned Over Quiz Question About President Trumplast_img read more

India’s T20 WC 2007 winner wants to play in one more World Cup!

first_imgImage Courtesy: ReutersAdvertisement wavouNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsshphl1Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Eb0( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) tqxaWould you ever consider trying this?😱4q2wbCan your students do this? 🌚pvRoller skating! Powered by Firework The Indian cricket team has undergone some major shake ups in the recent past, and the squad is now targeting the upcoming 2020 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, scheduled to kick off in October. There are many speculations going around in the cricketing fandom about the presence or absence of particular players, and a major topic has been the possible return of MS Dhoni for the tournament. However, there is another veteran Team India superstar who is eyeing a return to the international stage with the world cup. Say hello to Robin Uthappa, the 34 year old batsman and 2007 T20 World Cup winner, who believes he still has another T20 World Cup left in him.Advertisement Image Courtesy: ReutersThe former Karnataka cricket team star, who is currently with Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League, believes the upcoming T20 World Cup can be his return to don the Indian jersey again.Currently away from the training ground and self-isolated in his home amidst the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Uthappa went on a conversation with ESPNcricinfo’s Raunak Kapoor, in the inaugural episode ‘One on One’.Advertisement Uthappa stated that these days he is focusing more on cricket, rather than broadcasting work, so he can make at attempt to return to the Men in Blue dressing room before this the 2020 T20 World Cup.“Right now I want to be competitive. I still have that fire burning in me, and I really want to compete and do well.” Uthappa said in the interview.Advertisement “I honestly believe I have a world cup left in me, so I’m pursuing that, especially the shortest format,” he indicated the upcoming T20 WC to be hosted in Australia in October.Continuing to talk speaking about his daily routine in the current nationwide lock down, the former Kolkata Knight Riders star went onto talk about his experience in the IPL, and also his international experience under the leadership of MS Dhoni, recalling his memories of the 2007 World T20.Uthappa mentioned the tie of the first group stage match against Pakistan, and how he took part in the bowl-out tie breaker as a bowler.Having practised bowl-out under Venkatesh Prasad, India’s bowling coach of that time, Uthappa was oozing with confidence with the ball, and he narrated how he approached his captain for the bowl-out.“When the bowl-out actually came up after the tied game, I went straight to MS and I said, ‘Listen, bro, I gotta bowl. I have to bowl.’ Then he said, ‘Ok, cool’” Uthappa told.Uthappa’s last appearance for India goes all the way back in 2015, in an ODI against Zimbabwe. Since then, the wicket keeping batsman’s career has been limited to domestic cricket only.Also read-Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola’s mother passes away due to CoronavirusIndian and international athletes come together for the #WhiteCard campaign on social media to promote sport Advertisementlast_img read more

Twin Lights Bike Ride Rolls Along the Shore

first_imgPhoto by Bart Lentini |HIGHLANDS – Bike riders of all ages and abilities enjoyed the perfect weather Sunday, Sept. 30 for the 17th Annual Twin Lights Ride, named after the famous lighthouse near Huddy Park where the event begins and ends. Cyclists could choose from five different routes of varying length, from 15 to 100 miles. The 15-mile route wound through Sandy Hook while the 100-mile route took riders along the Jersey Shore, through Colts Neck and Farmingdale, south to Brielle, west to Turkey Swamp Wildlife Area near Freehold and back east through Middletown. Rest areas along the routes offered riders a chance to fill up their water bottles and refuel with complimentary snacks and refreshments. Local restaurants served up food to hungry cyclists at the Finish Festival.This article was first published in the Oct. 4-10, 2018 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more

Women’s roller derby season opener intense

first_imgWest Kootenay Roller Derby proved that it’s anyone’s’ season this year.Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers faced off against Salmo’s Babes of Brutality in the first bout of the night.It was a close game through both 30-minute halves, with the Babes leading by as few as 40 points and ultimately winning with an unofficial score of 179-136.Track cutting penalties near the end of the first half left the Babes with excellent scoring opportunities in the form of power jams. The Dams made a valiant effort in the second half, and an unfortunate false start kept them from gaining the lead during a power jam opportunity. As is usual when these two powerful, hard hitting teams collide on the flat track, there were hits that made the crowd groan, and pile ups that left everyone breathless.With Salmo playing with a short roster of only nine women, it’s easy to see why the originating team of the Koots is respected and deserving of this win.Later that night, the mood was still high in the arena when the Rossland Trail Roller Girls (RTRG) made their first appearance as a newly amalgamated team (formerly Rossland’s Gnarlie’s Angels and Trail’s Bad News Betties). League players were eager to scope out the team’s ability as they corralled on the sidelines, also checking out their challenger, Nelson’s KillJoys.RTRG surprised the crowd with their skating ability, quick jammers and their determination in the second half. The Killjoys proved they are a force to be reckoned with – showing strong strategy and solid walls – which lead them to triumph with an unofficial score of 196-161.The next bout takes place May 11 at Castlegar’s Selkirk College.5 p.m. – Dams take on RTRG7 p.m. – Babes play the Valley Vendettas.If you haven’t taken in a roller derby game yet, now’s your chance. The season just kicked off with the first of six games before Mountain Mayhem 4 determines the championship team of the West Kootenays. Ticket info Coming SOON!!! www.kootenayrollerderby.comlast_img read more

Bill targets unhealthy food ads

first_img30 July 2007Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has published new regulations regarding the labeling and advertising of foodstuffs, in an effort to increase awareness and promote a healthier lifestyle among South Africans, especially children.“The current Regulations on the Advertising and Labelling of Foodstuffs were promulgated in 1993 and have to be replaced to strengthen effectiveness, close all known ‘loopholes’ and incorporate new developments in scientific research,” the health department states in a press release last week.The draft regulations aim to improve public health through healthy food choices and improved nutrition through special food formulations, which are based on the latest scientific evidence.Allergens that have to be clearly labelled will also be increased from the current two to nine.“As the health literacy rate of our population increases, so does the importance of food labelling and the role that it can play in assisting consumers with reliable label information to make informed choices about healthier food options,” the department says“Healthier food choices are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.”The regulations will make it necessary for food and beverage producers to provide information such as date markings, country of origin and batch identification as well as specific nutritional information on food labels.“A better and more detailed guidance in terms of prohibited statements has been incorporated to deal with challenges of consumer deception and use of misleading information,” the department says.The new regulations will also ensure the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Health Organisation’s global strategy on diet, physical activity and health is implemented in South Africa.This is likely to have a major impact on the way foodstuffs and beverages are advertised, as the use of health and nutritional claims for foods that have been identified as non-essential to a healthy lifestyle will be prohibited.Examples of foods non-essential to a healthy lifestyle are given as carbonated drinks, all sugar confectionary, all chocolate confectionary, potato crisps and fast foods of certain specifications.Furthermore, such foods or beverages cannot be advertised or promoted to children or on school tuck shop or and school or pre-school premises.According to the department, the new regulations will mean that such foods “shall not advertise in any manner, including the label of a foodstuff, to a child younger than 16 years or use a child actor younger than 16 years or use any cartoon-type character or puppet, computer animation or similar strategy or token or gift, in order to encourage the use of such foodstuff”.The identified foodstuffs will also have to carry labels that warn the consumer to use the produce in moderation, and that excessive consumption on a regular basis may lead to poor health.The department is calling on all role players, including manufacturers, consumer groups and the general public to comment on the new draft regulations relating to the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs, in terms of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (Act 54 of 1972), by October 2007.SouthAfrica.info reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Uzbek GTL project milestone for Sasol

first_img28 September 2011South African petrochemicals giant Sasol and its partners have signed an investment agreement with the government of Uzbekistan for the development and implementation of a gas-to-liquids (GTL) project in that country.Under the investment agreement, the investors and the GTL project will enjoy investment protection and fiscal benefits, to ensure the successful implementation and operation of the GTL facility.The conclusion of the investment agreement is an important milestone in the development of the project, in which Sasol and local state-owned oil and gas firm Uzbekneftegaz each hold 44.5% interest, and Malaysia’s Petronas an 11% interest.World leader in GTLSasol CEO David Constable met with Uzbek President Islam Karimov prior to the signing ceremony in Tashkent last week, where he thanked the government for their ongoing support of the project.Constable said the ability to harness the benefits of natural gas to make cleaner transport fuels is a key element of a lower emissions energy future.“GTL technology is the most cost effective way of achieving this and, as a world leader in GTL, Sasol is very pleased to be working with partners who have both the vision to see the opportunity and the capacity to act on it,” he said.Reducing oil dependenceThe GTL project will reduce Uzbekistan’s dependence on imports of crude oil and transportation fuels and will diversify the use of its domestic gas resources.The project will also improve the quality of the fuel pool, reducing emissions, thereby securing the associated environmental benefits.Uzbekneftegaz will supply the feedstock, from the already developed Shurtan group of gas fields and will off-take the majority of the production, under long-term arrangements.The next phase will be the front end engineering and design of the GTL project, which will commence before the end of the 2011. Depending on the final investment decision, the plant will be operational in the second half of this decade.SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Why Windows Phone Will Beat BlackBerry: Apps & Microsoft

first_imgThe Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology markhachman Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Related Posts Tags:#BlackBerry#BlackBerry 10#Microsoft#smartphones#Windows Phone#Windows Phone vs. BlackBerry 10 center_img Windows Phone will succeed because Microsoft simply believes in it. It’s a trophy, not a life raft.ReadWrite’s Dan Rowinski contends that BlackBerry will remain the No. 3 mobile platform, behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Hogwash. At this point, RIM could hand out a free puppy to every American who buys one of its phones, and it wouldn’t make a dent in the population at the local animal shelter.(See also: Why BlackBerry 10 Will Beat Windows Phone: It’s Cool Again!)RIM – excuse me, BlackBerry – executives are frantically trying to pole their sinking platform away from a tidal wave of Apple and Android phones, before the entire company itself is swept away. BlackBerry 10 is an “oh shit!” product, the panicked reaction of a company which grew fast, grew big and grew complacent. Meanwhile, Apple and the Android legions ate its lunch.Windows Phone, however, stands on its merits.Big, Bold, Beautiful DesignThere’s simply no way that anyone will confuse a Windows phone with an iPhone or an Android device. The bright, lively splashes of color that make up the Live Tiles interface entice you to play with them, and I simply love how the People widget refreshes with the most recent avatar pictures of your friends. Each widget can be resized dynamically, so you can align them in Android-like, “Space Invaders” rows, or else pick a few to dominate your screen.Best-In-Class CameraI’ve tried out enough smartphones to be quite impressed with the HTC 8X’s camera – which, incidentally, easily surpasses my older HTC Sensation. While not good enough to replace a dedicated camera, some of my best pictures from my recent Dubai trip were actually taken with the HTC 8X – perhaps not of the quality of an single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera, but crisp, clear and without the smearing often associates with a smartphone camera.The camera in the first BlackBerry 10 phone, the Z10, was dubbed an “abject failure” for its low-light performance, and Crackberry’s test files shouldn’t exactly fill BlackBerry fans with hope. AppsQuite frankly, there are two things consumers want from their smartphones: quality pictures, which the Z10 already fails at, and apps. But Dan Rowinski himself already reported that 40% of the 70,000 apps in the BlackBerry World app store are just Android ports. On the Windows Phone platform, we know that Microsoft published 75,000 apps in 2012 alone, so the total number of apps tops BlackBerry by at least a slight margin. Neither Windows Phone 8 nor BlackBerry has the reach of either iOS or Android; most apps seem to be published first for iOS and Android, with the other smartphone platforms lucky to pick up the scraps later. On the other hand, I can use popular consumer apps like Slacker on my Windows Phone. On BlackBerry? Not so much. And if we look at “apps” as synonymous with “ecosystem,” Windows Phone 8 wins hands-down. Windows Phone. PC. Xbox. Surface. They all talk to each other, and the game “Skulls of the Shogun,” released last week, can be played on all four. BlackBerry stands alone, and the few mobile ecosystems that I can think of that tried the same thing are Symbian and WebOS. Yep, you know what happened to them.KeyboardNormally, this would be a category I would be prepared to hand to the BlackBerry crowd. Mobile keyboards have been BlackBerry’s traditional strength. But hang on – BlackBerry makes suggestions by hovering the suggested word over the letters on the keyboard? Windows Phone works the way people expect it to. I still prefer Android’s predictive guesswork, but Windows Phone isn’t half bad.User ExperienceI’m not totally in love with Microsoft’s “one app at a time” approach, but I can live with it. And there are some truly delightful touches: the Live Tiles are one, and using my Facebook photos as my lock screensaver brings a smile to my face every time I unlock the phone.ReputationAt this point, within the United States, RIM’s name is poison. That’s why the company changed it to BlackBerry. Granted, I’ve been hard on Microsoft Windows 8 and its other products, too. But while Windows Phone *is surviving, RIM’s diving like a dead duck. Windows Phone is a fresh, new brand. Showcasing Jessica Alba – a celebrity and mom – as one of the faces of the brand was inspired.The EnterpriseYes, BlackBerry has a strong case here. When all else fails, BlackBerry can retreat to its walled fort, the enterprise. But the days when corporations could hand out whatever cell phones it wanted employees to use are ending. The practice of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) favors devices with more consumer appeal, which includes Windows Phone.Why Windows Phone Will Beat BlackBerryEver since I tried out the HTC 8X at Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 launch, I’ve been torn between it and the Android-powered Galaxy Nexus. In fact, if they had used the same SIM-card form factor (the HTC 8X uses a micro-SIM, while the Nexus uses a standard SIM) I may have switched. They both run on T-Mobile, my network provider. RIM has the stink of failure hanging over it; it’s no great stretch to imagine that if BB10 fails, down goes the entire company. Microsoft’s already tried and failed with its own social phone, the Kin, and kept on swinging. This time around, Microsoft is going to put the “bury” in BlackBerry. As in six feet under.Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more