Bud Light Super Bowl ad will feature humanscale PacMan maze

first_imgThe 60-second spot will be the latest in Bud’s “Up for Whatever” campaign, though it’s certainly not the craziest publicity stunt they’ve put together. Last year they built an entire town (called Whatever, USA) where they transported scores of contest winners for a chance to “go all in for an entire weekend.”They had the chance to sing karaoke with Lil Jon, ride a rollercoaster, drink day and night, and even get served by a robotic waiter. That’s pretty cool, but it’s not nearly as geeky as getting to run around a life-sized version of one of the most influential video games of all times.Image courtesy Twitter/Curtis Kinsley Super Bowl 49 is coming, and that means another batch of over-the-top commercials for us to enjoy. Bud Light’s will be particularly geeky: it features a human-scale Pac-Man maze.Based on what’s trickled out about the ad so far, an adventurous Bud Light drinker (who’s obviously “Up for whatever”) gets zapped inside a game of Pac-Man. It’s sort of like what happened to Emilio Estevez in The Bishop of Battle back in 1983, only with more beer and fewer laser involved.A couple video glimpses have surfaced of the maze. This one from GASP! cobbles together things poretty nicely, from the construction crew putting the finishing touches on its assembly to the lighting of the maze at night.Yes, the pac-dots disappear when the protagonist runs over them. Yes, there are ghosts hot on his trail. By the looks of things, he’s got access to power pellets and can turn the tables on his phantasmal pursuers: they’ve all turned blue at one point in the video:last_img read more