‘Left Holding the Baby When Bankruptcy Finally Comes’

first_img‘Left Holding the Baby When Bankruptcy Finally Comes’ FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Keith Williams for Seeking Alpha:Summary:Public coal companies have a debt problem through acquisitions at inflated prices.Self-bonding by coal companies for clean-up is being called out as drastically inadequate.New coal plant construction drastically reduced as international agreement in Paris signals the end of the industry.The cost of coal to society from environmental and health damage is being talked about and carbon is getting priced.Renewable energy is winning investment dollars.It has taken a long time, but at last there seems to be acceptance that recovery for the coal industry isn’t going to happen next year, and longer time frames are too long for companies like Peabody Energy (NYSE:BTU) to cope with. In my view, there will be some recovery for the industry as mines close down, but the recovery will only be for an orderly wind up of the industry. There will be no return to the good times.Coal companies can’t downsize their way out of this through asset sales as there are no buyers at realistic prices. BTU is in serious trouble because its recent proposed sales to Bowie Resource Partners (Pending:BRLP) (involving $358 million) have been delayed and time has run out. Worse, BTU has acknowledged going concern issues in its latest 10-K report and it has elected to exercise a 30-day grace period related to interest payments due March 15. The self-bonding issue is starting to bite. Coal imports in key markets of China (imports down 10.2% and coal production down 6.2% in the first 2 months of 2016) and India (coal tax doubled, pollution worse than China) are in dramatic decline; Vietnam is stopping its coal expansion. In this environment, it isn’t surprising that US coal exports are in decline (down 23% in 2015 year on year and the third year of decline), and coal production will decline 3% in the US this year.On the above issues alone, it is hard to see how a brief but dramatic price recovery for BTU was anything other than a mirage based on a short squeeze. Investors can make up their own minds, but care is needed not to be left holding the baby when bankruptcy finally comes.The coal industry is in decline and its demise needs to be managed. Since a major issue is cleanup of shuttered mines, governments will have to manage this. Questions are being raised about how this will be done. I don’t believe that the coal industry will for much longer be able to shrug off responsibilities while making (or losing) money from exploiting coal. That game is just about up. Reports by medical groups are adding to the concern about this issue. And messing with employees’ pensions and health benefits is going to be looked at more closely going forward.Full article: Why Investment in Coal No Longer Makes Senselast_img read more

Bulldogs Participate In SuperPREPS Weekend At Louisville

first_imgThe Batesville Baseball participated in The Baseball SuperPREPS Event in Louisville.The Bulldogs played against teams from The Louisville, Frankfort/Chicago, and Bellefontaine/Dayton Areas.Bulldogs vs. Ben Logan Baseball (4-10)Bulldogs vs. Lincoln Way North (4-11)Bulldogs vs. Ballard (4-11)It’s always tough to play your first game of the season without getting on the field much, but when you play your first games of the season without getting on the field much, against the best in the Midwest it is a little different. This was the case for the Bulldogs as we traveled to Louisville this past weekend.We always try to find some positives about situations such as these and there were quite a few. The team we brought with us in the final game was worlds better than the team that played on Friday night – it was almost night and day. We learned a lot about what our player capabilities are and how they react to situations.We have a lot to work on – best part about this is, that everything we saw is more than fixable – giving both us coaches and players a very positive feel for the rest of the season.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Alex Davis.last_img read more

Lee-Ann Johnstone: Affiliate Insider… Why all is at stake for affiliate leaders in 2018

first_img Share SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital unveils unrivalled speaker line-up August 19, 2020 Lee-Ann JohnstoneFollowing a disruptive 2017, Lee-Ann Johnstone founder of Affiliate Insider details to SBC readers why 2018 is a make-or-break year for affiliate marketing and its growing set of stakeholders. Working with SBC Global, Johnstone has developed Affiliate Insider a joint-venture seeking to spearhead growth and development within industry affiliate marketing and player acquisition practices.__________________SBC: Hi Lee-Ann, you have been an industry executive in player acquisition for a number of years. Why have you decided to launch Affiliate Insider as your new venture?Lee-Ann Johnstone: The market was ripe for a differentiated platform that would help provide all partners operating in the affiliate ecosystem a chance to network, advertise, collaborate and most importantly promote revenue growth. The affiliate channel is made up of more than just an affiliate and operator domain. Technology, strategy (marketing agencies), regulatory, legal and financial companies now represent a key position in the development of this channel and support its development and growth.  Affiliate Insider will seek to collaborate with all vested parties in the affiliate space to promote skills development, build collaborative partnerships , offer in-depth insight from experts operating in this space , report on best practice guidelines and regulatory updates that provide tangible insights for affiliates to implement to improve their businesses and provide a diversified platform to promote affiliate and acquisition marketing growth.SBC: Put simply, 2017 has been a disruptive year for industry affiliate marketing. What has been your take on 2017 developments, and what should be prioritised by affiliates and stakeholders in 2018? LAJ: The market is maturing fast. There have been a few defining changes in regulatory and advertising guidelines which have caused negative reactions to the channel as a whole. The affiliate marketing channel (as a digital medium) will need to evolve and may look different in the future as participating stakeholders consider their options and realign their acquisition strategies. Terms, Pricing and Operations will be scrutinised and may adapt to these changes over time. Smaller affiliates who are new to the market will need to upscale fast and find the right support to do so.  Larger affiliates will look to commercialise their businesses or develop technologies that help cement their niche and invest in legitimising their businesses in order to one day sell. Operators may be looking at the impact of how a monopoly on traffic sources from all the recent M&A in the affiliate channel might affect their budget lines and remap their existing digital marketing and acquisition strategies. Networks and technology suppliers will seek to develop solutions for better policing of affiliate sites and provide more in-depth marketing data in relation to traffic sources and values in real time.  Across all areas, a focus on business and marketing skills development should be a massive focus to support additional revenue growth in this channel.SBC: Furthermore, in 2017 we have seen significant M&A in the affiliate sector. Is affiliate marketing becoming the domain of major networks, what type of impact will M&A have on innovation and marketing practices? LAJ: Nobody is going to want a monopoly of traffic sources for affiliation. The most positive result of the growing M&A in the affiliate channel has resulted in a focus on self-compliance by affiliates. Reason being – they want to ensure their businesses are prepared for a potential future sale. This is great for operators as it will ensure programme and advertising compliance in the process. Clever operators and those early adopters who want to engage to grow their affiliate programmes will invest in programmes offering training and development as well as look to provide mainstream business coaching support to help these small and mid-tier affiliates to really grow. The long tail will become just as important as the 80/20 rule which has previously governed affiliate management principles so far.  Smaller affiliates will get innovative, they’ll be looking to carve out a clear niche either by answering a consumer problem or creating innovative technology applications that can acquire and convert value customers to operator sites. SBC: What defined role do affiliates have to play in industry Social Responsibility? Are affiliate failures, simply due to rogue players, or does the nature of industry affiliate marketing lead to conflict? LAJ: Social Responsibility is split fairly down the middle by all stakeholders as both have an equal part to play in customer acquisition and marketing best practices. Operators have an onus to ensure their marketing literature is always updated, their staff are trained and knowledgeable on all industry best practice guides and regulations to operate efficiently in this symbiotic relationship.Affiliates have an onus to ensure they understand exactly what they can and can’t promote under the regulatory codes. They too have to ensure their staff are adequately informed about the rules and regulations of various programme terms and industry guidelines. Those that don’t follow these rulings or want to engage to develop best practices to overcome these issues within their businesses,  should reconsider their acquisition strategies and business values and stop promoting recklessly to avoid costly mistakes and rogue impacts on the channel as a whole. SBC: From an executive perspective, do you feel that industry leadership and wider stakeholders understand current affiliate marketing operations and practices? Are the issues witnessed between affiliate-operator-leadership driven by a lack of clarity and transparency? LAJ: At the moment I think that there is a general uncertainty in the marketplace about what the guidelines are, and who should be looking at improving them. Nobody quite knows how to manage this from operator, network and affiliate perspectives.  This is happening within the marketing channel as a whole, and its not specific to the iGaming/betting sector. Helen Southgate – Chair of the IAB Affiliate council recently wrote an open letter to the affiliate industry asking how we could all play a part in making the channel as a digital medium better. There has to be a deep emphasis on education, creating better standards, improving processes and revamping guidelines.  This would lead to better transparency and higher levels of growth which is beneficial to all stakeholders. The trick is to do just make a start. Govern what you do, and worry not about others. Ensure your relationships are watertight and that your own staff and marketing processes are compliant. Until there is a general consensus in the marketplace of how to evolve the channel to overcome these challenges this is a good place to start.SBC: From your experience, how would you implement a balanced operational framework between affiliates and operators. Can this ever be achieved, or are all stakeholders simply too vested in their own interests?LAJ: I believe the time is coming when we will all have to come together to build a balanced operational framework and there are a few stakeholders looking at how we could do this. Tom Galanis for one has been investigating the IGAA as a method to help promote best practice and compliance guidance for affiliates. Operators are investing more in training and development of staff and their affiliates (via educational events) to ensure that relations can run smooth and costly fines are avoided. Affiliates are self-regulating by creating their own compliance policies (www.whichbingo.com) for operators to see exactly how they operate and what they do to deliver traffic and quality business. Everyone seems to be making an effort to do their part and hopefully, as a collective whole we will be called to create a balance that is for the benefit of all. SBC: You will be presenting the ‘Affiliate Insider Bootcamp’ alongside the BOFCON 2018 conference, what do you want delegates to take away from this event?  LAJ: The bootcamp, aims in delivering digital insight and knowledge share to sports betting affiliates specifically who want to growth hack their business and establish a greater market share in 2018. Our speakers will be giving tangible insights on how to grow social communities, create content that converts and will stimulate traffic growth, create strategies to improve SEO and Link Building activities and consider emerging markets and technologies that will help promote their own commercial growth. This event will deliver a depth of content that will seek to provide active business coaching support to affiliates in attendance. Operators supporting and participating in this event will be able to network and meet affiliates who are serious about their businesses and looking to create better growth opportunities to grow their brands. There’ll be plenty to learn, great opportunities to network and collaborate to stimulate business growth as well as skills development. It’s an opportunity for those in the sports betting market  – that just shouldn’t be missed. ________________Lee-Ann Johnstone – Founder – Affiliate InsiderIf you want to be a part of our Affiliate Insider Bootcamp – contact: [email protected] for more information. If you’re an affiliate and want to claim your FREE ticket – register at:http://sbcevents.com/aibootcamp/ StumbleUpon SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital 2020 announces free ticket initiative July 21, 2020 Submit Related Articles CEOs to share post-COVID-19 vision at industry’s biggest online conference March 26, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

Agbeko, Clottey to thrill Ghanaians on April 29

first_imgGhana’s two ex- champion’s Joshua Clottey and Joseph Agbeko have vowed to bring big smiles back to Ghanaians when they fight on the same bill on April 29 at the Accra Stadium.The two boxers, who are currently Ghana’s biggest in terms of pedigree are on a mission to regain world championship status beginning with the April 29 showpiece christened Legendary Night.Clottey  faces Anderson Clayton in a highly- rated light middleweight contest in a bout which he has vowed to win to honour the memory of his late trainer Godwin Nii Dzanie Kotey, a.k.a. Alloway.  Clottey also known as the ‘Grand Master’ will fight  for the first time since losing his trainer.”I really want to give the people a good performance. I am focused on preparing well for this bout and I am in the gym and want to prepare well for this bout. we always love it when the people of Ghana give us unflinching support ahead of and during our fights. I wanted to quit the sport after losing my trainer but was adviced to continue to honour him,” he told Joy Sports.Clottey, 38, maintains that he has a lot more to give to the sport before bowing out and looks forward to regaining world championship status. “In my last bout my opponent was way bigger and I hardy felt his punches. when you start struggling to train or feel pains in your muscles when you hit the gym, then it indicates that your body is gradually giving up. But once you don’t have such problems you are good to go and that’s exactly my situation,” Clottey said.The Accra-born boxer has a record of 39 wins and five loses making up his professional record.Three time world champion Joseph Agbeko faces Philipino, Cris Alfante in the co-main feature. Agbeko as a bantamweight annexed the IBF title on two occasions and the IBO title in his homeland .”Joshua and I are committed to putting up great performances on the night.” “My preparations have started off well and I will make sure I deliver a win and a good fight. I may not be as sharp as I was when I won the world title but what we must all understand is that this sport requires the use of the brain. It’s about what is in my mind and how I deliver it,” Agbeko told the media.Agbeko will go into this bout the favourite with his pedigree. Alfante comes in with a record of 11 wins five losses and a draw while Agbeko walks into what will be his career 36th. He has won 30 and lost five.Two world title prospects, George ‘Red Tiger’ Ashie and Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe will also spice up the evening with their respective bouts. Tagoe, who holds the WBA International Lightweight title fight South Africa’s Mzonke Fana.Ashie who fights out of the Attoh Quarshie Gym in Accra, will face Cid Edson Bispo Ribeiro of Brazil. Ashie who is also a product of the departed legendary  Coach Alloway (Godwin Nii Dzanie Kotey) became the WBO Africa lightweight champion,  after defeating Alan Kamote at the Accra Stadium in 2014. The Legendary Night is a collaboration between Fresh King Entertainment and Box Office Promotions with support from DSTV Supersport. The Multimedia Group is a major media partner for the big night. Follow Nathaniel for more on  twitter – @niiattoh5  instagram – @citizenattohlast_img read more

Betway talent search hits Kumasi

first_imgHundreds of aspiring skillful footballers turned up at the Paa Joe Stadium inside the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for the Ashanti Region tryouts of the ongoing Betway Talent Search.The players who turned out for the tryouts had various skillsets as some were midfielders, defenders, forwards and goalkeepers. The tryouts were very exciting as players exhibited great agility and reflexes on the pitch. The quality displayed at the tryouts heightened the expectation of the coaches and organisers present at the tryouts.Marketing Manager for Betway Ghana, Kwabena Oppong Nkrumah said, “Kumasi has been great, we have seen people coming all the way from the Upper East Region for the tryouts= Over the past three (3) weeks, we have seen talents which hitherto were unknown. Betway is proud to be giving the chance of being signed up onto professional football to uncut talents across the country”.The Betway Talent search, aside offering footballers the opportunity to showcase their skills to the coaching team, the Talent Search also offers players the opportunity to play before a number of football agents and scouts. The Betway Talent Search has former Black Stars captain and the Technical Coordinator for the national football team, Stephen Appiah, as its icon. Other members of the scouting team include Maxwell Konadu, Eric Antwi Ofori, Coach Eben, Ben Adjei, Twumasi Forkuoh, Prince Odei and Godfried Aduobe.The Betway Talent Search tryouts continues in the Greater Accra Regional capital, Accra on the 29th of July, 2017.The Betway Talent Search sits alongside the Betway sponsorship of Ashanti Gold S.C as part of Betway’s commitment to driving interest and support in Ghanaian football.last_img read more

Oxford Citywide Garage Sale is Saturday, Sept. 19

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Poch feels like Spielberg – but admits doc is added complication

first_imgMOST READ IN FOOTBALLTHROUGH ITRobbie Keane reveals Claudine’s father was ’50-50′ in coronavirus battleTOP SELLERGavin Whelan has gone from League of Ireland to David Beckham’s InstagramExclusiveRIYAD RAIDMan City’s Riyad Mahrez has three luxury watches stolen in £500,000 raidPicturedAN EYEFULMeet Playboy model and football agent Anamaria Prodan bidding to buy her own clubI SAW ROORodallega saw Rooney ‘drinking like madman’ & Gerrard ‘on bar dancing shirtless’NEXT STEPJonny Hayes set to move to English Championship having been let go by CelticREF RELEASEDChampions League ref Vincic released by cops after arrest in prostitution raidKEANE DEALEx Man United youth ace David Jones says Roy Keane negotiated a contract for himThe players took Poch and his staff out for a slap-up meal in London’s Mayfair on Thursday night.Poch said: “It was very kind of them to invite the coaching staff and different people who help the team.“In the dynamic of the group, this team bonding makes the group stronger.“Medium to long term it will help a lot.” TOTTENHAM’S decision to bare all for the cameras has left boss Mauricio Pochettino feeling like Steven Spielberg.As if he did not have enough on his plate, Poch now has a film crew following him 24/7.2 Tottenham boss Pochettino says he feels like Spielberg… but Amazon documentary is an added complicationSpurs’ season is in danger of turning into a disaster movie after chairman Daniel Levy allowed Amazon access all areas for a fly-on-the-wall documentary.The timing is lousy and the Argentine will be hoping it has a happy ending — even though his campaign has so far been mostly a horror show.Poch said: “When the club agreed the deal with Amazon, of course we were worried about it. It is not easy to have the camera in your office.“It’s about how you handle the situation.“It is so complicated and another thing to worry about.“Of course, it adds a lot to the job. If we were busy before we are super busy now. To plan every day, everything is not an easy job.“I said in the summer I felt I was not a manager any more, I was a coach.“Now I feel I am a coach, manager and producer. Like Spielberg, yes — well, nearly.”Screen stars will tell you timing is everything, so why Spurs agreed to let cameras in this season is baffling.After Close Encounters with glory in previous seasons, when it seemed Poch was taking the club Back To The Future, they pick a campaign that has so far been a Temple Of Doom.Money played a key part but Spurs would have been seduced by the chance to repeat the success of Manchester City’s documentary Fight ’Til The End.Etihad boss Pep Guardiola and his players earned rave reviews for the series, winning them plaudits and opportunities, not only in this country but beyond. Spurs will be hoping for the same.The difference is, of course, that City were filmed as they won the Premier League.2But Tottenham are appearing during the toughest spell of Poch’s reign. Amazon probably cannot predict which genre the show will be screened under — sport, reality, thriller, action, disaster, horror, comedy — whoknows?One thing is for sure, it is certain to be must-see.And the irony is, Pochettino’s first Spurs trophy could turn out to be a Bafta!He added: “The most important thing is to live the reality, not to try and generate something that is not real.“What the people are going to love to see is that we are normal people. I hope there is a happy ending.”Tottenham go to Liverpool tomorrow in good heart after their 5-0 Champions League win over Red Star Belgrade.last_img read more