Florida ready for data integration innovation

first_imgFlorida ready for data integration innovation February 1, 2006 Regular News Who’s involved Florida ready for data integration innovation to information from multi-agencies computers Jan Pudlow Senior Editor The Article V Technology Board pulled off what it considers a remarkable feat.Techies and policymakers from 17 state agencies forgot about the different logos on their business cards and guarding their own turfs and agreed to work together for the greater good: figuring out how to make computers talk to each other across agency lines so judges have accurate information at their fingertips to make good decisions in cases.The outcome is an unprecedented blueprint for sharing information that promises to be smarter, quicker, and cheaper — all spelled out in a January 2006 final report to the governor, Senate president, House speaker, and Florida Supreme Court chief justice.The next step is for Second Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Charles Francis, the board’s chair, to explain the recommendations to lawmakers during legislative committee meetings. His hope is that legislators will fund the effort, which includes a permanent statewide governing board with authority to compel further cooperation among agencies, as well as 20 judicial circuit boards with authority to spend money generated by court clerk recording fees for technology needs on all counties within a circuit, a major shift from current policy.“incorporating the recommendations of the board, the State of Florida can accomplish something that no other state has been able to accomplish so far. That accomplishment can be the integration of disparate systems at a level never before achieved,” according to an executive summary of the report.James McMillan, principal court technology consultant at the National Center for State Courts in Williamsburg, VA, has read the Florida report and agrees the effort is unprecedented.“Florida is the largest and most disparate state to date to fully endorse the concept of communicating justice rather than simply data gathering,” McMillan said. “The great advantage to the Florida approach is that it saves local working systems that are both well-tested and fully operational. This maximizes the taxpayers’ investment by reusing and sharing that information between these systems and agencies. And, when information is shared, justice improves because offenders, as well as innocent persons, can be identified and their full records provided.”If approved by the legislature, the groundwork has been laid to allow players in the court system to share information with each other, as well as other participating agencies through an integrated technology system.“It’s so technical that the average person on the street doesn’t realize how it’s done,” said Judge Francis. They just want it done, he said, and that is to share information on their computer screens.The greater good of the board’s goal to a judge like Francis is to have complete and accurate information at his fingertips about everything from an out-of-town defendant’s prior record at a weekend first appearance hearing to a child’s school record in dependency court.The board’s recommendations call for no new systems, no new hardware, no bids, and no vendors. What’s new is a sea change of collaboration that involves mixing funds and information-sharing that allows agencies’ existing computer systems to talk to each other.“The board has found that state court system entities and other participants that will not agree to work together is the most common impediment to integration and progress. For reasons of ‘security’ or the feeling that data is too valuable to be shared freely, or too proprietary to be seen by others is the general response given for not cooperating in this regard,” the report said.But great strides were made in cooperation and collaboration among agencies during a total of 50 public board meetings and subcommittee meetings since August 2004, said Francis. Sharing Information Boosts Public Safety “We have to think about everyone. That’s what is different,” Judge Francis said.Everyone includes sheriffs’ deputies who log booking information at the jail.“One of the real benefits is the ability of a judge sitting on the bench to have the complete story about a defendant,” said Duval County Sheriff John Rutherford, a member of the board. “What that means is greater public safety.”Right now, just in the court system alone, there are 798 different data bases and a minimum of 1,500 distinct data bases when you add in other participating state agencies, said Terry Brown, legislative staff director for the board.The solution spelled out in the board’s report recommends GJXML (Extensible Markup Language to transport criminal data) and LegalXML (Extensible Markup Language to transport civil data) as standards and protocols to be used by all state and local organizations transporting information. The standards serve as translators from one agency’s computer system to another.As McMillan, the national expert, noted: “The endorsement by Florida of the U.S. Department of Justice Global XML Data Model allows the state to obtain federal funding to support the effort.”Not to get too technical here, but the key is that no control is taken from participating agencies. The philosophy embraced by the board is to accommodate others with information that is public record, while keeping confidential that which agencies are statutorily required to do.“The culture of the Florida Legislature has always been to throw money at agency problems. Agencies get money and solve their own problems. Then they find out a lot of other people need access to that information and they have to go back and retrofit their systems. That’s the culture we are changing,” said Brown.“This will be the largest integrated effort undertaken — ever.”The key to making the plan work, Judge Francis said, is the creation of a state board — which would include a Florida Bar appointee and a chair appointed by the chief justice — that will have the authority to order the various entities to continue to cooperate.“We want the legislature to say this board has done enough to bring everything together and fund a permanent state governance board and judicial governance boards with adequate authority, staffing, and funding to carry on the work we have begun,” Francis said. A Funding Policy Shift And Working Out the Details In addition, funding oversight would occur at the judicial circuit level. In a major departure from the current scheme, a $2 recording fee now collected and spent at the county level would be administered on a judicial circuit level by a committee comprised of the state attorney, public defender, and chief judge. This is especially critical in multi-county circuits where smaller, rural counties do not generate sufficient recording fees to pay for technology.A living document the board staff is still working on is a comprehensive, searchable database called a Catalog of Common Data Elements, which Jim Reynolds, information systems project administrator with the board, says “puts some sanity into all the pieces of information” so that they can be shared across agency lines.Reynolds described the ongoing process of creating the central repository as compiling a “Sears wish list of data elements” that codes information agencies are willing to share.Judge Francis added it is like “the catalog number for what we want to buy.”Who should have access to that information is still a work in progress.Another initiative of the board is to develop a “unified statute table” for all court system entities and other participants. Now, out of necessity, each state attorney in Florida has developed a proprietary “table of charges” developed for their own automated systems, but the case filing information sent from the state attorney to the court clerk cannot always be accommodated by the clerk’s system. This often results in incomplete information the clerk sends to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. And adjudication and plea bargain dispositions from the court often do not match the original charges and statutory references.“The most important problem is that a one-to-one relationship between the criminal incident and a single Florida statute number being used to represent that violation does not exist,” the report said.Another pending issue is the need for a “unique personal identifier” that could be used to link individuals in dissimilar types of cases.“There is currently no single method of identifying individuals involved in court cases (criminal or noncriminal) in any state including Florida,” the report said, adding that “more research, much discussion, and consensus-building will be necessary (by a lot of agencies) before a solution can be finalized for submission to the legislature.”The board recommends a change in judicial rules that would provide “additional information necessary to positively identify an individual, and that the clerks be assigned the responsibility for collecting and maintaining that additional information.”If you are interested in the technical details, the report is available on the board’s Web site at www.articleVtechboard.state.fl.us. Plan would provide judges with instant access Agencies that appointed staff to work with the Article V Technology Board include: Office of the State Courts Administrator, Florida Public Defender Association, Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Florida Association of Court Clerks and Comptroller, Florida Association of Counties, Florida Legislature Division of Statutory Revision, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Department of Corrections, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida Department of Management Services, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Department of Revenue, Florida Department of Health, Florida Department of Education, Chief Financial Officer of Florida, and the Florida Sheriffs Association.last_img read more

Gojek lays off 430 employees amid pandemic impact

first_imgIndonesian ride-hailing decacorn Gojek announced on Tuesday evening that it would lay off 430 employees, around 9 percent of its total workforce, as the COVID-19 pandemic has battered demand for its lifestyle services.The layoff follows the company’s plan to close down its lifestyle division GoLife, which includes massage and cleaning services, as well as its food court division GoFood Festival, as both saw “significant decrease in demand” during the pandemic, according to the company’s press statement. Gojek, which currently operates in five countries in Southeast Asia, will instead focus on its core business, namely its ride-hailing service, food delivery and e-payment solutions, downsizing its overall structure as part of the company’s long-term plan to adapt to the pandemic.“The biggest challenge is the remaining uncertainties in the future, and the hurtful fact is that this will forever change the way we operate our business and the products we offer,” the CEO duo of Andre Soelistyo and Kevin Aluwi said in a joint statement on Tuesday. “We have to respond to what’s out there and increase our focus to build a strong, more efficient business to survive.”The CEOs said this would be the only employee reduction Gojek would make amid the pandemic, and the laid-off employees would receive severance pay, an equity arrangement and an outplacement program.The social restrictions imposed in multiple regions in Indonesia to contain the virus have battered the ride-hailing industry and the gig economy, as people stay at home to avoid person-to-person contact. Going forward, the company plans to develop its logistics service, which grew by 80 percent, as well as its online grocery sector, which had doubled its transactions since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.Previously, Gojek reported that its groceries, food and package delivery services were still growing amid the pandemic, despite the steep blow to its passenger transportation business.In April, the company’s senior management cut their salaries to allocate more than Rp 100 billion (US7.09 million) to help drivers and employees cope with low demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.“We have done all of the measures to optimize the company to continue growing and giving impacts,” Andre stated in a note to the company’s employees.Recently, Gojek’s e-wallet GoPay received an undisclosed amount of investment from Facebook and PayPal in a new round of funding.Gojek’s announcement on the layoff comes just one week after its Southeast Asia ride-hailing rival Grab announced a regionwide layoff of about 5 percent of its employees, citing “the stark impact of COVID-19.”Topics :last_img read more

Pardew sorry for outburst

first_img “It was a heat of the moment thing. We just had words that we always have as managers, to a degree. I have apologised to him and fortunately for myself, he has accepted that.” Pardew’s comments included a particularly offensive four-letter word, and he later admitted Pellegrini’s involvement in the spat did not merit that. He said: “No, I don’t think it merited that word, if I am honest. As I said, I have apologised for that particular word, but we sort of tease each other a little bit and have words.” Pellegrini insisted he did not know what Pardew had said to him, but was untroubled by the exchange, although he did accuse the Newcastle boss of questioning every decision the officials made. He said: “I’m not surprised because I think it is impossible to complain about every decision of the referee during the match. “I know they were playing at home and they have an advantage in that sense, but it’s impossible for the referee if you are complaining at every decision. “That was my only problem with Alan, but nothing important.” The root of Pardew’s complaint was referee Mike Jones’ decision to rule out a 34th-minute Cheick Tiote equaliser for offside against Yoan Gouffran. The 52-year-old aimed an expletive-laden volley at the Chilean during the first half of his side’s controversial 2-0 Barclays Premier League defeat by the new leaders on Sunday afternoon. A contrite Pardew said: “I hear that it’s been picked up a little bit, and I apologise for my comments 100 per cent. Press Association The Frenchman was in an offside position as the Ivory Coast international’s piledriver flew past helpless keeper Joe Hart, although Pardew could not accept Mr Jones’ judgment that he was interfering with play. He said: “I have gone and seen him. I was right behind the shot, as the fourth official was, and it was a clean strike. “It was a great moment for this football club to get a goal like that, so if you are going to chalk it off, you need to make sure that you are getting the point right. “My point was did he think Gouffran was interfering with Joe Hart, and he said, ‘He was in the six-yard box’, and I get that. “The guy was recovering from an offside position, he didn’t want anything to do with the play, but he is not interfering with Joe Hart’s vision. In fact, it goes on the inside of him. “The Man City players are impairing Joe’s vision, not Gouffran. “It’s a real technical matter that he’s talking about here, and to chalk a goal off of that quality, that takes some doing, I think, and it did set the tone for the rest of the game. “I think if you are going to call a guy retreating from an offside position, it has to be pretty clear that he is interfering with the goalkeeper’s view. “The linesman, even though he was on the wrong side, couldn’t have been clear on that, and the referee definitely couldn’t have been clear on that.” However, Pellegrini was confident that the referee, who consulted assistant Stephen Child before making his decision, had got it right. He said: “There was a player offside when the other player kicked the ball. It was offside and was perfectly not valid at all.” City had taken an eighth-minute lead when Edin Dzeko converted Aleksandar Kolarov’s left-wing cross, but they had to wait until the fifth minute of stoppage time at the end of the game for Alvaro Negredo to seal victory with his 19th goal of the season. Pellegrini, whose side leapfrogged Arsenal into first place as a result of their win, said: “It was a very big result because it’s a very difficult stadium to play here. We, Chelsea and Manchester United know how difficult it is to play Newcastle. “They have a direct style with a lot of physical power, and the whole game, they were trying to score with crosses and shooting, and we were very concentrated in defending. “Also, we scored two goals and we had two or three more clear chances to do it.” However, City left Tyneside fearing midfielder Samir Nasri, who was carried from the field on a stretcher after being felled by Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa’s 75th-minute challenge, has suffered a serious knee injury. Pellegrini said: “It’s very serious. It was a very unfair kick and the player of Newcastle, it was directly a red card. I don’t understand why he was not sent off. “It’s his medial ligament. We will see tomorrow how serious it is, but I don’t think it’s a light thing, I think it’s a serious injury.” Newcastle boss Alan Pardew has apologised for a foul-mouthed rant at Manchester City counterpart Manuel Pellegrini.last_img read more

Džanan Musa is the best Shooter of the European Championship!

first_imgThe junior national basketball team of Bosnia and Herzegovina successfully completed the group stage of the European Championship. With two victories and one defeat, they managed to reach the quarterfinals of the championship which is being played in Samsun, Turkey this year.The amazing Džanan Musa won the title of the best shooter in Eurobasket.In three played matches at the European Championship in Turkey, Musa scored 61 points, which is on average 20.3 points per match.(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)last_img read more

Oxford Citywide Garage Sale is Saturday, Sept. 19

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WICB-CARICOM tension continues … Mitchell slams Cameron’s ‘amazing level of disrespect’

first_img DISPUTE OVER REPORT ROSEAU, Dominica (CMC): Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, yesterday slammed what he called an “amazing level of disrespect” on the part of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron, as pressure continued to mount on the beleaguered Board to meet urgently with CARICOM leaders over the Governance Review Panel report. Mitchell, the chairman of CARICOM’s Cricket Governance Committee, stopped short of issuing an ultimatum to the WICB but urged Cameron to rethink his decision not to accommodate a meeting with regional heads before the board of directors meeting on December 12 in St Lucia. Cameron has been adamant about the WICB’s inability to accommodate the Caribbean leaders prior to the already scheduled meeting and reiterated this position in written communication to CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque on Tuesday. “It is quite amazing the level of disrespect. The level of lack of understanding of the importance of this is quite frightening, and I don’t think I should hold back any words,” Mitchell said bluntly as he spoke on the last day of the OECS Summit here. “I expect the president of the West Indies Cricket Board to respect the leadership of the Caribbean, the leadership of the people of the region, and to give effect to an urgent meeting. “We expect no less, and I hope and pray that what we saw was a rush of blood and not his (Cameron) real intentions, so I expect to see a meeting very, very soon between the leadership, and we are waiting for that answer to meet quickly to move cricket forward in the region.” The salvo from the veteran Caribbean leader is the latest in the standoff between the WICB and CARICOM following the release of the Governance Review Panel report earlier this month. Chaired by UWI Cave Hill Campus principal Professor Eudine Barriteau, the panel had as its main recommendation the “immediate dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board and the appointment of an interim board whose structure and composition would be radically different from the now proven, obsolete governance framework”. Cameron, while speaking in The Cayman Islands last weekend, again stressed that scheduling an “urgent meeting”, as had been requested by CARICOM, was impractical as the board needed time to go over the report. Also, he said there were “a number of professionals who sit on the West Indies Cricket Board and just calling a board of directors meeting is not that easy.” The statement provoked Mitchell’s ire, forcing him to respond. Mitchell said though regional leaders were extremely busy, they were willing to sacrifice the time to discuss the pressing issue of Caribbean cricket. The panel was commissioned by the CARICOM Cricket Governance Committee back in April, with input from the WICB.last_img read more