HP recalls another 162000 notebook batteries

first_imgIf you own a Hewlett-Packard notebook, you may want to check your model number as HP is, once again, recalling thousands more of its lithium-ion batteries due to overheating issues, which can cause the battery to rupture, resulting in fire and burn hazards. These batteries are used in some HP and Compaq notebooks.The recall isn’t great news for HP who has quite a history of recalling its notebook batteries. HP recalled batteries in October 2008, April 2006, and October 2005, as well as more recently in May and October of 2009, and May of 2010. The first recall in the same series as the current recall came in May 2009 where 54,000 batteries were recalled. The current recall is about three times that at 162,000 batteries. Since the 2010 recall, which involved 70,000 batteries, HP has received 40 more reports of batteries overheating.The laptops in question were sold from July 2007 to July 2008. You can check to see if you own one of the defective batteries by checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall notice. If you do own a defective unit, you should take out the battery and contact HP who will replace the battery for free. If you thought you might be included in a previous recall and weren’t, you should check your computer again. HP says that about 5 percent of all of its batteries sold in the period of July 2007 to July 2008 were affected.Recalling products is nothing out of the ordinary. Garmin recalled 1.25 million nuvi units last year for overheating batteries, and Sony recalled 535,000 Vaio laptops for also having overheating issues last year. The question is how do these faulty batteries get out into the wild? It seems to me that companies should be testing them first to make sure there are no overheating issues that result in batteries bursting into flames and causing physical harm.Have you ever had your HP battery recalled, or are you in the new batch? Let us know in the comments below.Read more at ConsumerReportslast_img read more