Assistant Professor of Chemistry Full-Time Tenure Track

first_imgDescriptionInterested in a career at Columbia Basin College? Join ourteam! From our distinguished faculty to our dedicated staff,CBC is committed to our vision to be the educational home thattransforms students’ lives through economic and social mobility. Weseek to attract and retain engaged and dynamic individuals who arecommitted to helping all students be successful in accomplishingtheir goals and who will contribute to an exciting workenvironment. We value high quality instruction and student learningexperiences that foster diversity, equity and inclusion in theclassroom and expand into our local and global communities. Wecelebrate diversity in all its forms and believe that our manyunique perspectives make us stronger.Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? CBC seeksan outstanding and enthusiastic individual who can teach a widerange of courses in Chemistry. This is a full-time, tenure trackposition in the Math & Science Division at CBC. The selectedcandidate must be prepared to instruct a range of chemistry coursesespecially those involving Introductory Chemistry, GeneralChemistry and Introductory Organic Chemistry. Additionally, labsections including those corresponding to lecture courses taught byother faculty, will be required.This position will report to the Dean for Math and Science.CBC Faculty and Staff respect and work effectively with diversestudents, colleagues, staff and others in a campus climate thatpromotes innovative teaching, quality scholarship, a diverselearning environment, and equitable access and educationalachievement for all students.GENERAL QUALITIES DESIRED:Passion for teaching and a commitment to student success;Commitment to the community college mission;Commitment to shared governance and staying current in one’sdiscipline;Willingness to become involved in campus activities beyondone’s discipline;Willingness to teach with a variety of methods, includingeLearning and instructional innovations;Ability to teach individuals from diverse backgroundseffectively;Ability to pursue scholarly endeavors in area of expertise;andAbility and willingness to participate in the design andmeasurement of learning outcomes and institutional effectivenessefforts. Master’s degree in Chemistry from an institutionally accreditedcollege or university ;Significant breadth of experience with chemicalinstrumentation;College-level teaching experience (i.e., teachingassistantship, fellowship or other similar experience); andExperience with computer applications for instructionalpurposes.PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:Ph.D. in Chemistry from an institutionally accredited collegeor university ;One (1) year of college-level teaching experience;Experience with eLearning techniques and modalities such asweb-supported courses, hybrid courses or other distance learningapplications.GENERAL INTERVIEW INFORMATION:Only completed applications submitted on or before the priorityconsideration date are guaranteed to be reviewed for this position.The interview process generally consists of an in-person or Zoom(video conference) initial interview, with top candidates selectedfor an on-campus interview. Those top candidates traveling from adistance of 200 miles or more will be provided travel expenses suchas flight, per diem, etc. Those candidates traveling less than 200miles, but more than 75 miles, will receive mileage at the IRSrate. Mileage calculations are determined by distance between thecity in which the candidate lives and Pasco, WA using MapQuest. TheCollege reserves the right to make changes to the process for anemergency hire or under exceptional circumstances as determined bythe College.TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:This position is available September 1, 2021 to coincide with theregular tenure track probationary cycle for the 2021-2022Instructional Year. Tenure review is a system in which the facultymember is evaluated as a candidate for tenure under the College’stenure review process and Chapter 28B.50 RCW. Schedule varies;assignment may include evening and weekend classes.PROCESS NOTE:Prior to a new hire, a background check including criminal recordhistory will be conducted. Information from the background checkwill not necessarily preclude employment but will be considered indetermining the applicant’s suitability and competence to performin the position.CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:In the interest of providing a healthy, safe and secure educationaland work environment, and in order to meet the requirements offederal legislation, it is the policy of the College to maintain analcohol and drug-free workplace for our employees andstudents.If you are hired, you will need to provide proof of identity anddocumentation of U.S. citizenship or appropriate authorization towork in this position as required by the Immigration Reform ControlAct of 1986.Columbia Basin College operates under an approved affirmativeaction plan and encourages applications from persons of color,women, veterans and persons of disability. The Human ResourcesOffice is accessible to those with disabilities. If you needaccommodation in application or employment, contact the HumanResources Office at (509) 542-4740.OTHER JOB ELEMENTS:The physical demands and working conditions described below arerepresentative of those that must be met and may be encountered byan incumbent when performing the essential functions of theposition. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enableindividuals with qualified disabilities to perform the essentialfunctions.PHYSICAL DEMANDSWhile performing the duties of this position, the employee isfrequently required to sit, stand, bend, kneel, stoop, communicate,reach, and manipulate objects. The position requires mobility,including the use of step stools in order to retrieve archivedmaterials. Duties may involve moving materials weighing up to 25pounds on a regular basis such as papers, files, boxes, equipment,computers, etc., and rarely requires moving materials weighing over25 pounds. Manual dexterity and coordination are required over 50%of the work period while operating equipment such as computerkeyboard, monitor, projector, calculator, printer, and standardoffice equipment.WORKING CONDITIONSWork environment includes classroom, lab, or other setting asappropriate. Typical lab environment with exposure to odors, heatsources, and potentially hazardous chemicals and pathogenicmicroorganisms. Work location may be subject to minimal chemicalexposure. All faculty are asked to complete lab safety training.The noise level in the work area is typical of similar environmentswith personal interruptions and background noises.UNION CLAUSE:This is a bargaining unit position represented by the Associationfor Higher Education (AHE). The base salary for this position is $61,157 for a 176-day contractover the Instructional Year (Fall/Winter/Spring Quarters).Additional compensation may be available for assignment of summerquarter courses or courses taught outside of the full-time positionduring fall, winter and spring quarters.Relocation expenses are considered for the employment offer for thesuccessful candidate if the candidate relocates to the Tri-Citiesarea from outside of a 175-mile radius.This position is open until filled. Priority consideration willbe given to applicants whose application has been received byJanuary 17, 2021 11:59 PM PDT.Primary Responsibilities Develop, prepare, and teach a broad range of college-approvedcourses in accordance with approved course descriptions and classschedules (includes the use of multimedia technology in theclassroom);Develop syllabi and reading lists for each course taught andupdate annually; participate in departmental/divisionalresponsibilities in the selection of texts and related teachingresources;Maintain a minimum of five (5) regularly scheduled office hourseach week at times that provide reasonable opportunities forstudents to meet with faculty;Maintain, submit, and retain accurate academic records,including verification of class rosters and student grades, bydates requested by the College and to comply with state and federalrecords retention laws;Orient students at the beginning of each class to syllabi andaddenda, subject to subsequent modification and notice tostudents;Assess student learning outcomes, engage in timelyinteraction/feedback/grading to support student success and meetcourse outcomes;Provide students with appropriate learning resources tofacilitate student success in achieving course outcomes, programoutcomes, and appropriate College-wide Student LearningOutcomes;Demonstrate multicultural competence including an awareness andunderstanding of historically disadvantaged populations, andcreating an educational environment that affirms commitment todiversity, equity and inclusion;Engage in shared governance by participating in department,division and College committees and assisting in the formulation ofpolicy pertaining to educational programs;Participate in commencement ceremonies, wearing academic robes,unless excused by the President;Develop and attend professional improvement activities in orderto maintain contact with one’s academic discipline, includingteaching/learning processes and/or development of knowledge inone’s field of specialization;Participate in outreach activities to promote educationalprograms;Participate in special College projects, surveys, andstudies;Assist in the preparation of reports as needed by College units(e.g., Student Services, Grants Office, Athletic Department,Institutional Effectiveness) and by the College in general (e.g.,for accreditations, program review and so forth);Develop new instructional materials, techniques, courseofferings or major revisions of the same;Participate in community service activities consistent with theCollege’s mission;Participate in student career development in related advisingor mentoring activities and special retention programs; andAttend College-mandated trainings, professional developmentactivities and/or meetings. 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Rate cuts are good right

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Reserve Bank of Australia has again cut rates this week. And given the overall economic outlook and what I’m hearing from those of you in the real economy, the decision is spot on. But what if you are one of the many individuals with money on deposit hoping to maximise the rate of return on those funds? Falling interest rates are not necessarily a good thing. Here are a few things to think about. Risk, return and access are the keys to your cash investment strategy. All saving is a trade-off between risk and return. There are three broad headings under which you can think about savings options. Bank accounts: most cash savers use a transaction account and a savings account such as an online variable savings account. The transaction account might pay zero interest while the online savings account pays a high interest rate so long as you conduct all transactions online.Term deposits: term deposits normally pay you a higher interest rate the longer you are prepared to keep your money in it. Returns on term deposits are also typically higher than a bank savings account, but with penalties for trying to withdraw early. Fixed-income funds: These funds are offered by professional money managers. They invest in ‘fixed-income’ assets like government bonds, bank bonds, corporate bonds and bank deposits. Some funds only invest in very secure and accessible bonds that have their returns tied to the RBA’s cash rate. Others are riskier, with the possibility of higher returns, by investing in less secure bonds that have their returns tied to the long-term interest rate markets. Generally, these funds have higher risk than a bank deposit, but much lower risk than shares. So when deciding where to invest your money you should consider the following points. Save in a way that beats inflation. If inflation rises faster than the interest rate you earn on your money, you will not be able to keep pace with the rising price of the goods and services that you pay for in everyday life. Save in a way that minimises your tax burden. For instance, whose name do you save in? If you have a spouse or partner on a lower income tax bracket than you, perhaps the savings should be in their name. Save in a way that delivers regular income. Some people, especially self-funded retirees and those close to retirement, need to structure their savings so they can earn income from their savings and still have money for day-to-day living. Finally, may I encourage you to make your cash investments work as hard as possible. And if you have questions, please consult a licensed financial adviser. * Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a financial services company offering home loans, financial planning, accounting & tax and insurance. Email Mark on [email protected] with any queries you may have or check for your nearest branch.last_img read more