With Borderlands Crossover Fortnite Just Advertises Other Games Now

first_imgStay on target Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech SuitsSwatting Attack Targets Fortnite World Champion Fortnite is so big that we’re frankly bored of reperating how big it is. Epic constantly cranks away at the battle royale to make sure it makes all the money in the world, but what if they’ve already achieved that goal? What’s next? Well the latest event may give us the answer. With its Borderlands crossover Fortnite uses its lofty perch to just straight-up promote other video games now.Fortnite X Mayhem is a new limited challenge included in Season X. In this Borderlands mashup players travel to a Rift Zone based on Pandora, the primary planet of Gearbox’s loot shooter. In Pandora you can spawn if a shield if you avoid getting hit. And you can get gear based on sassy robot Claptrap and the Psycho mascot.Fortnite x Borderlands makes a certain amount of sense. Both shooters share a colorful irreverent tone, even if Borderlands pushes things towards M-rated Deadpool territory. But it’s the business potential that’s most interesting to us. Previous Fortnite crossovers advertised big movies like Avengers: Endgame and John Wick 3 right before they released. Advertising a big game though to an audience that already cares about game is something else entirely. Plus Borderlands 3 runs on Epic’s Unreal Engine and is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. Reminds us of the time PUBG included Uncharted skins for its PS4 release.Fortnite X Mayhem begins September 10. Borderlands 3 releases on September 13. But no matter what game you play, we just hope we don’t need to see any more of Randy Pitchford’s magic tricks. For more on Fortnite learn about the first Fortnite world champion get angry about the overpowered robot suits.last_img read more