Dell Inside Circle Members Share Authentic Experiences

first_imgInfluencer relations may be a buzzword making many marketers’ predictions for trends in 2017, but I believe to be done correctly it must be authentic. And earlier this year, I shared with attendees of Content Marketing World how we achieve that here at Dell.Core to our approach is that the relationships must be genuine and honest, and that they create shared value for the influencer, the brand and the customer. For example, our Legacy of Good Plan aligned well with the environmental passion of actor Adrian Grenier who became our first Social Good Advocate.To showcase our latest technology and initiatives, we often partner with individuals who may be compensated by Dell for their time or content, but we believe strongly in transparency—it’s one of our five social media principles. So in that spirit as we prepare for #ces2017, we want you to know about the #DellInsideCircle community. #DellInsideCircle members will always disclose their relationship with Dell by using the #DellInsideCircle hashtag in social media posts, in a video or link back to this page.And what is the #DellInsideCircle relationship? It can take a number of forms. We may provide loaner systems for an extended period of time or free systems to trial. We may pay travel or other expenses to have someone attend a tech or other industry event. Dell might compensate someone for posting on social media about their experiences or contribute blog or editorial content. Ideally, however, it is a collaborative venture that aligns the goals of both Dell and those we work with, as illustrated here:But, and this is important so we’re putting it in bold and all caps because even though it looks like yelling our legal adviser tells us that it’s called giving prominent notice, WE WILL NEVER PUT WORDS INTO AN #DELLINSIDECIRCLE PARTICIPANT’S MOUTH. We want our #DellInsideCircle members to give you their authentic feedback, opinions and experiences so that you know how they connect to our technology when making your own decision. #DellInsideCircle is about building an authentic community, not a collection of paid endorsements or advertisements.When you see a #DellInsideCircle participant posting about us, know that we aren’t telling them what to say. We may encourage them to talk about their experiences but we do not review their posts, censor their posts, or do anything except ask them to be authentic and disclose they are part of the #DellInsideCircle. If you have any questions about the program or see a #DellInsideCircle member posting in a way that doesn’t seem to follow these concepts, let us know by emailing [email protected] or commenting here on this post.last_img read more

Three Steps to Empowering Your Supply Chain on Safety

first_imgHow often do you think about your health and safety in your work environment? It may depend on your job or whether you’re in an office setting or a manufacturing facility. When it comes to our supply chain, improving the health and safety of the workers and communities where we operate is a priority. In fact, we’re committed to working with our suppliers to build a responsible and resilient supply chain, driving transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement – it’s part of Dell’s Legacy of Good.Step 1: Understand the Worker ExperienceThe first step to this goal is developing a deeper understanding of the worker experience in our supply chain. Last year we partnered with a third party to conduct a worker survey at 10 supplier facilities to help us understand workers’ knowledge of occupational health and safety, as well as implementation of our Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) policies. We received responses from 5,442 workers and compared the results against a benchmark of 60 other suppliers in the electronics industry who also responded to the survey.In aggregate, our suppliers scored above the median industry benchmark in all of the categories where median scores were available (detailed results can be found in our SER progress report).Step 2: Build Suppliers’ CapabilitiesThe next step to address these issues is developing suppliers’ capabilities in this area while building workers’ knowledge and skills. We built a robust capability building program around several topics, one of which is focused on EHS management – and these trainings have already begun to deliver results. Last year, 70% of facilities participating in our EHS training improved job safety analysis, and 64% improved their onsite subcontractor management.Since these trainings are for supervisors and managers at our supplier sites, we’ve also explored ways to expand trainings directly to the workers. This year we launched a training program through which workers will have access to brief and targeted training courses on health and safety topics such as chemical, machine, and electrical safety via mobile devices. We expect to reach over 20,000 workers and will continue evaluating the impact of these trainings.Step 3: Go FurtherRecent industry research has also shed light on the need for stronger guidelines on chemical management and worker exposure during the manufacturing process. When our team identified this need, our leadership was immediately on board.We designed a full program around manufacturing process chemicals management and engaged with industry peers to address this in a collaborative manner. We actively participate on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Chemical Management Taskforce and have taken a leadership role as part of Green America’s Clean Electronics Production Network. Through these collaborative efforts, we are working to identify and pilot systemic solutions to reduce worker exposure to harmful chemicals including finding alternative substances for key identified process chemicals, engaging and empowering workers, increasing process chemicals reporting and setting the framework to scale across the industry.Internally, we also have strengthened our approach to chemical management and worker exposure. We continue tracking supplier certifications to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and work to ensure suppliers don’t use hazardous chemicals identified in our Manufacturing Restricted Substances List, paying close attention to production processes where workers may be exposed. Additionally, we began collecting chemical inventory data for production processes and screening chemicals using Toxnot, which employs the GreenScreen List Translator approach to identify chemicals of high concern according to GreenScreen* Hazard Criteria.This year, we also published our Guidelines for Management of Manufacturing Process Chemicals that go beyond regulatory requirements to promote best practices, and we will begin performing spot-checks at supplier facilities to monitor their conformance. Following our continuous improvement approach, we have facilitated both in-person and online trainings on chemical management best practices to help develop supplier capabilities.Living up to Our CommitmentIt is our priority that we operate a responsible supply chain and live up to our commitment through transparency and adherence to the highest standards and policies. As manufacturing processes evolve, we will continue collaborating to explore ways to safeguard worker health and safety and reduce risks through innovating, sharing best practices and developing suppliers’ capabilities across our supply chain. It is important to us, to our customers, and it’s the right thing to do.————————Read more about Dell’s work around Social and Environmental Responsibility in our 2017 Supply Chain SER Progress Report* GreenScreen was developed by the nonprofit Clean Production Action.last_img read more

EdgeX Foundry and Industrial Security for the IoT Edge

first_imgThis post is co-authored by Riaz Zolfonoon, an RSA Distinguished Engineer who leads the Emerging Technology group at RSA. He is responsible for strategy and technical direction for IoT. Riaz also represents RSA at IoT standards organizations and industry consortia such as IIC, OpenFog, and Edgex Foundry. Previously, he worked on a number of security technologies such as Identity management and PKI. Riaz is a co-inventor on 12 granted patents.As we exhibit at Hannover Messe 2018 and look back on the EdgeX Foundry’s first year of operation, there is a real sense of pride in what the community has collectively achieved so far and a ton of excitement about what’s to come. A clear path to greater IoT edge interoperabilityTwelve months in, the project has a clear roadmap in place and we’re meeting our delivery commitments with the recent “California Preview” release, which has dramatically reduced our footprint through the new Go Lang-based microservices. Net-net, we’re well on the way to living up to our goal of facilitating vendor-neutral interoperability between commercial value-add solutions at the IoT edge, regardless of underlying hardware, operating system or connectivity standards.Growing community and commercial adoptionIt’s wonderful to see growing community adoption with hundreds of developers actively working with the EdgeX code and companies starting to incorporate it into their commercial offerings. For example, IOTech has launched the first commercially-supported version of the baseline code compete with developer support. Beyond the 70 plus backing organizations and growing developer engagement, we’ve also seen the community expand in the form of university-sponsored EdgeX research efforts plus EdgeX-focused hackathons.A focus on security So, where to next? The big priority has to be industrial-grade security. To set some context, from a Dell EMC perspective, we purposely didn’t include much about security in our initial code contribution that seeded the EdgeX project because we felt it was important that these features were collectively defined by the community to gain universal trust.Global collaborationAs a result, over the last year, there has been a valuable, global collaboration within the EdgeX Foundry project between security leaders to define layer upon layer of security modules. RSA and VMWare have played a big part in this effort along with fellow EdgeX member companies including Analog Devices, Beechwoods Software, ForgeRock, Mainflux, Mocana, Samsung and Thales.  That work is now largely complete and the resulting APIs and reference code in EdgeX will pave the way for new commercial security innovations.Opportunity and riskLet’s put the importance of security in context. As we all know, the IoT promises unprecedented connectivity that equates to tremendous opportunity and considerable risk. According to Gartner, the total number of IoT endpoints will reach 21 billion units by 2020. It follows that a large enterprise could have millions of IoT sensors and actuators for functions such as building automation, smart manufacturing, logistics, transportation and so on.Unique IoT security concernsHowever, while many traditional IT endpoint security techniques still play a role for certain IoT use cases, there are several concerns unique to IoT that require innovative new approaches, such as massive scale, constrained devices, hostile locations with no physical security guarantees (for example, an unmanned wind turbine or traffic sensors in a smart city) plus of course, legacy and brownfield deployments. Due to all these concerns, securing only the “thing” will not scale in the long-term.IoT monitoring and threat detectionRSA – a market leader in risk-based authentication and fraud detection – has recently launched RSA Labs to focus on these unique security challenges. In one of its first efforts, dubbed “Project Iris”, data scientists from RSA Labs – have been using a gateway with the EdgeX Foundry platform to research the benefits of analytics and machine learning for threat detection. At Hannover Messe, RSA will join Dell EMC to demonstrate the results of its research with the theme of the showcase being “Industrial Security for the IoT Edge”.Security monitoringSo, how does it work? Briefly, Iris agent, a container running on the gateway, monitors the environment and collects the relevant security events. These events are sent to Iris Cloud. The services in Iris Cloud will then profile and classify the data to define the expected baseline for normal operations. As a result, Iris can then monitor devices for anomalous behaviour and detect threats, such as infection, command and control, lateral movement, data exfiltration and denial of service attacks.Data protectionOf course, in the Industrial IoT landscape, data is the primary value driver. It follows that the integrity and protection of data is critical. Addressing this concern, RSA will also present a demo, called  Project Notus, featuring secure OPC-UA communication between IoT devices and a Dell EMC Edge Gateway running EdgeX Foundry. However, for this demo, we have replaced the default security package for OPC-UA with an industrial-grade crypto library from RSA. For additional protection, the OPC-UA device service has also been integrated with a secure vault for protection of keys and credentials.Upcoming releaseExpect to see initial security functionality reflected in the next major EdgeX Foundry code release in June, called “California”. We are confident that this release will trigger an even bigger increase in the number of field PoCs scaling out this summer with a knock-on increase to production deployments spinning up later this year.We’d love to hear your feedback, comments and questions. If you’re in Hannover, do come and meet us! Meet us at Hannover Messe, April 23-27 and experience these demos at the EdgeX Foundry member area in Hall 6, Stand B17.Learn more about the EdgeX Foundry at Hannover Messe and the full list of interactive demos available: learn more about EdgeX Foundry visit: www.edgeXfoundry.orgTo learn more about Dell EMC OEM, visit: www.dellemc.comTo learn more about RSA Labs, visit: in touch about ongoing developments in the Internet of Things. Join the Dell EMC OEM LinkedIn IoT Showcase pageJoin the IoT conversation on Twitter: @dellemcoemlast_img read more

Introducing Our 2030 Social Impact Vision: Progress Made Real

first_imgThis post is co-authored by Brian Reaves, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Dell TechnologiesToday Dell Technologies released its final progress report against our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. You’ll recall we established this plan back in 2013 to put our technology and talents to work where they can do the most good for people and the planet.Thanks to the hard work and unwavering dedication of our teams around the globe, we have made tremendous progress against our plan-so much so that we have achieved early completion for many of our goals and are on track to hit the remaining.The accomplishments include:Reused 100 million pounds of recycled content, plastic and other sustainable materials in Dell Technologies’ new products (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule).Developed and maintained sustainability initiatives in 100% of Dell Technologies-operated buildings (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule).Reduced 64% of product portfolio energy intensity footprintDelivered 5 million service hours to communities globally through initiatives that focused on but were not limited to: Skills-based volunteering, mentoring students, and developing new nonprofit technology solutions (achieved 2020 goal of service hours).Enabled eligible team members to participate in flexible work options and increased global participation to 60% (surpassed 2020 goal of 50%).Achieved 89% or higher favorable responses in team member satisfaction globally (surpassed 2020 goal of 75%).Allocated more than $3 billion dollars annually to diverse suppliers within supply chain programs and continued to qualify for the Billion Dollar Roundtable.Rolled out company-wide foundational learning program focused on mitigating unconscious bias called Many Advocating Real Change (MARC) – with 100% participation from executives globally.Recognized by LinkedIn as a 2019 Top Company, by FairyGodBoss as a Top 10 Tech Company according to women working at Dell Technologies, by the Human Rights Campaign’s 2019 Corporate Equality Index as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ Equality (15 consecutive years) and by Ethisphere® Institute as a World’s Most Ethical Company (6 consecutive years).We encourage you to read our full letter as well as a letter from Michael on all the successes we’ve had over the last decade.With this as our foundation, we know there is more work to do, and many looming challenges facing society. We feel this daily, and we know you do too.  We are excited to be in such a strong position to close out the 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, shifting our attention on 2030 and the issues that will matter most to us over the next decade.Today we’re introducing Progress Made Real – our Vision for 2030 that reflects our core purpose as a company to drive human progress.By 2030, technology will transform every aspect of our world. It’s up to us to harness technology for its highest and best use, guided by a diversity of perspectives and strong core values.Progress Made Real is rooted in three core areas that we believe best define our social impact: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, and transforming lives with technology. We remain focused on understanding emerging societal challenges and how to innovate for impact. You will see steadfast commitments in areas like advancing circular economy and protecting human rights of the people who make our products and are part of Dell’s extensive value chain.You’ll also see upleveled areas of focus like empowering the future workforce which we need to prepare for the technology jobs of the future. And that does not just mean students – it also means bringing people off the sidelines and reskilling those already here.You’ll see a concerted effort to scale our impact through closer collaborations with our customers, partners and peers across our industries.And underscoring all of this is a constant focus on ethics and privacy. This becomes increasingly important as we build emerging technologies that are intimately connected to our daily lives.We are excited to share how we will work to bring people and technology together — to shape a better 2030 for all. The journey starts today, and we plan to keep you updated every step of the way.Visit for the full FY19 progress report and 2030 vision, and follow along on social using #ProgressMadeReal.last_img read more

PowerEdge & Microsoft: Better Together at Microsoft Ignite 2019

first_imgThis is a big year for the Microsoft community with two of the most ubiquitous platforms – Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 going End of Support. That’s sure to be a hot topic at Ignite 2019 next week (November 4-8) in Orlando, Florida.If you’ve visited Dell Technologies at a trade show, attended a roadshow, or even listened to one of our webinars throughout the year, you’ve seen our Real Transformation booth. There’s never been a clearer “this just got REAL” moment like facing an End of Support event. So we’re taking that theme to the “House of the Mouse” and looking forward to some engaging discussions.Dell EMC and Microsoft have been partners for more than three decades, and today we’re doing more exciting work together than ever before. That’s in part due to the fact that the challenges for our customers have never been greater. And that gives us a chance to bring more than just world-class infrastructure to the market by offering solutions combining the best in hardware, software, services and management tools to address those complex challenges.Dell’s partnership with Microsoft goes back more than thirty years during which time we’ve co-developed innovative hardware and software solutions with the goal of simplifying IT for our customers. Never has this been more important than today where hybrid cloud, AI and hyper-converged infrastructure are making it even more challenging for organizations to keep pace with change. Looking ahead to the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2019, we have been testing early versions of the software and the results are amazing. On the latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, we’ve seen upwards of 2.7x transaction processing speed. 1 This is an early indication of the power of our platforms and the strength of our partnership with Microsoft. We are looking forward to a very engaging Ignite and hope you will come speak with us at the event! – Chad Fenner, Senior Director, PowerEdge Product Management From a PowerEdge perspective, we have plenty of cool things up our sleeve that we’re excited to share with you. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but here’s a preview of what’s happening with PowerEdge at Ignite:Dell Technologies Booth # 1547If you’re in Orlando, come see us in the Dell Technologies booth! We’ll have experts ready to answer all of your End of Support questions, in-booth theater presentations, and some cool giveaways. We’ll have some of our new hardware including the PowerEdge MX that you can open, explore, and even swap some components. We’ll be running a demo of our OpenManage integration with Windows Admin Center and some live diagnostics on the PowerEdge R740xd.  Yes, we know this is a cloud and software show, but we like to throw in a subtle reminder that all this modern software needs the best2 in modern hardware.There are some fun interactive ways to learn more about our joint PowerEdge and Microsoft solutions. Highlights include:OpenManage Monster Hunter, sponsored by KIOXIA – Halloween may be the week before but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In this game you’ll fight zombies and bats to modernize your datacenter. You’ll work your way through our OpenManage Integration with Windows Admin Center on AzureStack HCI, integration with Microsoft System Center, and OpenManage Enterprise on the PowerEdge MX. There will be a leaderboard, and some excellent prizes, so challenge your friends.Tech Trivia – This Jeopardy! style game will help you learn more about the entirety of the Dell Technologies portfolio – from servers to storage to services. Of course, that also includes our full line of laptops and gaming hardware. Play Tech Trivia and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a Ring Doorbell.Dell Technologies Scavenger Hunt – Engage, learn and become more social with our Dell Technologies booth, solutions and activities. Dust off your hashtags and earn stamps, make sure you redeem your card in the booth for fantastic daily prizes including a GoPro HERO7 and a grand prize drawing on Thursday for a set of BOSE noise-cancelling headphones.RHEL Button Contest – Grab a button, pin it on, snap a creative pic somewhere at the event and post to Instagram with the hashtag #SQLonRHELonDell. First place DAILY winners will receive a 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron laptop.Breakout SessionsPowerEdge will be represented in the following breakout sessions:It’s all about the data: Abstraction beyond virtualization Speaker: Stephen McMaster, Engineering Technologist, Dell EMCWednesday, November 06, 10:55 AM in Theatre 7In the data driven age, information is as valuable as currency. Only when you can harness data from multiple sources and formats can you accelerate business innovation. Containerization enables agility at hyperscale and is a critical step towards achieving true data abstraction beyond just virtualization. Join us to learn how Dell EMC delivers foundational solutions to support Microsoft SQL Server 2019, including big data clusters, enabling businesses to take advantage of next-generation analytics, and go behind their data to draw valuable insights. There is a new era in data management – Dell Technologies makes data innovation a reality Speaker: Stephen McMaster, Engineering Technologist, Dell EMCThursday November 07, 10:15 AM in OCCC WestThere are many paths towards modernizing the Microsoft Data Estate. Designing the right solution that meets today’s needs while laying the foundation for where your business will need to be tomorrow is a critical step in becoming an innovation leader. Join us as we outline the modernization strategies organizations need to consider in this new era of data abstraction and how Dell Technologies can guide you on this journey.Evening Events The fun doesn’t stop when the show floor closes. We have a great line-up of invitation-only events for our customers and those who want to learn more about Dell Technologies solutions. Customer Appreciation Celebration at the Andretti Racing Center We love our customers and the chance to celebrate with them! So rev up your engines for this fast-paced racing experience on November 6 at 6:30pm at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. This event is by invite-only and will likely reach capacity so please reach out to your account team for more information to register. Dell Technologies Hospitality Suite – Monday/Tuesday/WednesdayRelax in the Dell Tech Hospitality suite – complete with food, beverages, and a place to unwind. Open Monday – Wednesday, this suite will give you the opportunity to learn from Dell Technologies, Red Hat, and Intel experts while recharging yourself (and your phone if it needs some charging too). Registration is required.SQL Server 2019 Conversations and Cocktails – Tuesday November 5 4:00-6:30Connect with your peers at this informal gathering of like-minded SQL Server connoisseurs to share the technical pitfalls, gotchas and successes learned.  Share a beverage, enjoy hors d’oeuvres and meet the experts from Dell Technologies, Intel and Red Hat who are ready to answer your questions and better arm you to take your business further, faster. This exclusive celebration will take place at the Oceanaire Seafood Room and is available by registration only, until full, here:If you’re running an End of Support platform or one that will be soon, come talk to us. We make modernizing easy and can get you back on a supported platform and can even help you transform the way you look at IT.We look forward to seeing you next week at Ignite!To learn more about PowerEdge, visit, or join the conversation on Twitter @DellEMCservers.[1] IDC WW Quarterly x86 Server Tracker, 2018Q4, Mar. 6, 2019 – Units & Vendor Revenue[2] Persistent Memory Performance in vSphere 6.7 with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory – VMware, April 2019last_img read more

Mexicans want more info while president out with COVID-19

first_imgMEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has shared only a rather wooden-looking photo of himself since he tested positive for the coronavirus. And aides say little more than the leader is in good spirits, experiencing mild symptoms and continuing to work. But the country has grown accustomed to waking to López Obrador as he conducts marathon news conferences every morning, and his public absence since the weekend announcement of his illness is spurring calls that the president who touts the transparency of his administration to share more about his own health.last_img read more

Liz Weston: How to prioritize debt payments in the pandemic

first_imgCredit card hardship programs, paused student loans and mortgage forbearance have been lifelines for many Americans during the pandemic. Programs suspending or lightening debt payback loads helped many households stay afloat. Those delayed debts remain due, but rushing to pay them off could be a mistake. Some bills, like car payments or high-interest credit cards, should have priority. But with others, like federal student loans, you might want to wait and see if some debt will be erased. Knowing which bills to pay first and which to put on the back burner could be crucial in the months ahead.last_img read more

Police: Man shot assisted living worker to stop ‘thievery’

first_imgDENVER (AP) — Police say a 95-year-old Colorado man accused of shooting and killing a maintenance worker at his assisted living center said he was tired of staffers stealing money from him and decided to shoot the man to stop the thefts. A court document released Thursday says Okey Payne told police that he confronted Ricardo Medina-Rojas on Wednesday about $200 he said was missing from his wallet and shot him once in the head. The arrest affidavit said Payne also told investigators that he should have waited to talk to another unidentified man and shot him instead. He is due to appear in court Friday.last_img read more