To create more accord with Google search engine website

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2. structure of the station, we often hear that noble baby robot than love Shanghai spiders to be strong, the crawling ability is extremely strong, so that even if one does not take what thinking to do to optimize the structure of the station, robot also can fully grasp, in fact I think it is a very dangerous idea, noble baby robot is fully automatic, so we need more hard to strengthen the internal website optimization, to create a line with the structure of the website robot crawling. The details are as follows: read more

The website of Shanghai Dragon search engine optimization should pay attention to some misundersta

2: mining the long tail words associated with their products (KEY) and analyze the clever use of your late site optimization

with the development of the search engine, slowly began to pay attention to the network market, so many companies have begun to set up their own businesses hire their own website promotion station and Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization), facing the optimization market demand surge many people to join the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) this industry. But if you really understand the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) the essence of read more

Entering a new circle of Shanghai dragon speech training industry of Shanghai in the eyes of the Dra

in May this year, I went to an interview in Shanghai dragon, to apply for before, I only know Shanghai dragon called search engine optimization, may see the boss I have a desire to learn, then I will stay with the company down, the salary is low, after all, I do not know what. I came to the company while self-study, while doing, but the web site not, what should I do, the school website, consulting a few friends, I recommend a website, but will not give up, and then learn? Well, considering that there is no basis, I just want to find a Shanghai Longfeng tutor, learning system. I like this, after careful consideration, spent a tremendous effort, and ultimately the company pay me at the Shanghai dragon network training, is nothing more than a video tutorial, on this side, while doing. read more

Have a good new fast three ranking secret

Three key points above have higher than the same industryThe

1, the original high quality content


is new accelerated ranking, Shanghai dragon Jones is so to optimize their personal blog, the effect is very good. In short, as long as your site can attract targeted traffic, and can continue to expand the user base of active users, have a good ranking is not far from the

site is not ranked when there is no one know our website exists, in addition to acquaintance, then we have to do is to let more people know about our site. In addition to the relevant forum or website of the publicity, we can also do soft Wen promotion, advertising, instant messaging and other ways to promote your web site, the best on the site to build a QQ group, to retain the potential users. Then we have to active these users, let their interest in our website for the sense of growing old and new visitors. read more

June 28 2012 love Shanghai not updated snapshot solutions

three. The search engine development status verified by

. Love Shanghai not updated snapshot recovery methods

love Shanghai

believes that from the beginning of June 22, 2012 to the present time the webmaster circles many friends are very distressed, because the love of Shanghai adjusted algorithm. The result of the low quality of website of large area is k, many Internet companies even love Shanghai adjustment facing collapse phenomenon…… Tui56- and Wang Baochen found that some K were not the love of Shanghai website snapshot is 15 -20 days ago. A lot of exchange Links friends is because of love is too slow and Shanghai not to change the link, tui56 forum yesterday – Wang Baochen finds a way to quickly solve the problem: read more

Unique Monroe net November star brand big feedback Chongqing personal website biggest acquisition ca

this acquisition has not been successful, but let Guo Jijun and his website reputation is bigger, not only Chongqing IT circle, many foreign counterparts also heard. In this regard, Guo Jijun is very low-key, "1 million 900 thousand yuan purchase price may be one of the best in Chongqing, but compared with coastal is not what", according to Guo introduction, after the coastal city has the personal website is acquired. The price is 50 million yuan.


Guo Jijun, the website main picture ringtones download and navigation, in March this year, Shanghai network through to find him, said from the traffic ranking, website "money" to buy good, wide. When Guo Jijun made a special trip to Shanghai to visit, to find the strength of buyers. After consultations, the two sides finally to 1 million 900 thousand yuan turnover, down payment 10% will soon be remitted. read more

Would you like a dead end webmaster switch

anyway, when we got to the edge, and never give up, look at the case for new methods, Shanghai dragon thought it may help you find the sky is not the same! Ya decoration, ten Hefei decoration company, Admin5 first, please remember us: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝

‘transformation, and not abandon the love of Shanghai, in 360, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao the brother of the battlefield! Chinese search engine who is the boss is not our P people say, the decision makers are all users and the webmaster alliance. There is a saying: when you encounter setbacks, try to change a way of thinking to do may succeed. For example, every day outside the chain to reprint articles ranking suddenly website by K, if you still insist on the chain articles? Even the same template site to send the chain, the same to write read more

User recognition and search engine recognition determines the value of the chain

these three characteristics to really do it is not very difficult, but to believe the saying "a high quality the chain more than ten spam chain is more important," a chain of the value in the search engine recognition and user acceptance. So how to give yourself a new definition of the value of the chain? Meizhou Peida network to analyze:

The In addition the

each chain published in time out, ask yourself why the release of this chain, I think from the chain to get what? Just to increase the number of the chain? Or want to let others see the introduction of the chain chain flow? Then ask yourself what you publish the platform is with their own website related industry? This chain will attract the user’s eye, the chain of users have no meaning there is no reprint and share the impulse?, Meizhou Peida network that many workers or owners engaged in network and search engine optimization workers just released a lot the chain, never to care about its value? A value chain is what probably doesn’t know, a value chain must have three characteristics: read more

Website ranking to slow don’t go the so called shortcut


until two months ago, the boss rush in a hurry, I just began to optimize the website. The author in the optimization of the station, each step is very cautious.

but I don’t think that this "brush" had paid the heavy price. At the station included after second days, the author checked the ranking that has been searched, 70 have disappeared, I know site:www.daqifang贵族宝贝 has been in love with altitude hair. The reason of not find out no ranking, I also can not do the modification to the website, to have a week to see ranking has not restored said. A week after the ranking still did not recover, I can be sure this is because the site "brush", the next two weeks to the station every day to make a high quality single home, but eventually see the effect. So, I have lost confidence in this website, no longer the station, because it is too hit, tens of thousands of search volume words let others do even if only a single page can be done up, and do not by power. read more

Yang Lin Shanghai Longfeng sites are 8 main reasons causing K

2, the station optimization is not standardized, not in conformity with the search engine optimization.

8, domain name joint, this is the main domain name two level domain name has been K off, the other two of your domain name with domain name are k possible.


5, CSS hidden code, the search engine can be found, I suggest you use js to call these hidden code, because the spider does not go to js.

when your website is not search engine included any page, that your site has been K. The Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin under the analysis of all sites are several main reasons of K: read more