Education and popularization of science in tourism – Get involved in the project “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

first_imgI am embarking on new challenges and initiatives all with the goal of positive change. I move by simply moving, a small step forward, but with a clear goal and vision.”Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start” rekao je jedan od najtraženijih govornika na svijetu Simon Sinek. Tako je krenuo portal, a tako kreće i ovaj novi izazov radnog naziva – Znanje je moć.He personally believes that scientific master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are excellent quality papers and sources of interesting information, thinking and research. Precisely with the aim of constructive discussion, education, positive development of tourism and popularization of science in order to gain important research, analysis, tools and thinking as many readers as possible and most importantly to give valuable work new added value.I invite all interested authors who wish to publish their scientific master’s theses and doctoral dissertations to contact us by e-mail at: [email protected] Also, I invite interested faculties that have a study of tourism, to join the project, and with the approval of the author, to publish papers on the portal. It will be an opportunity for young colleagues and future tourism workers to show their knowledge and affirm themselves in their field of education and future work. I also call on the faculties to work together with the aim of better connecting science and the tourism sector.The long-term goal and imperative is to gather all scientific master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in tourism in one place.On the portal, a special category will be placed on the cover, where all published works will be located. Each paper will be presented through a short abstract or article, and the entire paper will be attached in pdf. format, for those who want to get a broader story and read the whole paper.See examples of papers published so far:Example 1: DO KEY STAKEHOLDERS PERCEIVE THE TOURISM OF THE TOWNS OF SPLIT, ŠIBENIK AND ZADAR AS EFFICIENT AND FUNCTIONAL?Example 2: SEASONALITY OF HOTEL BUSINESS – WHAT IS THE WAY TO COMBATING THE EXTREME SEASONALITY OF BUSINESS?What is extremely positive, the whole project before it started, has already generated new values. Namely, as the whole story has been in my head for a year, I had the opportunity to publish several scientific papers, and so one paper generated a new friendship and potential cooperation between the two institutions, thanks to the publication of a scientific paper.Vrijednosti projekta je već prepoznala vodeća poliklinika u Hrvatskoj – Polyclinic Bagatin, which is a proud partner of the project.PROJECT PARTNERSDo you think that education and knowledge is the most powerful weapon we can use for positive change? Do you agree with the statement that two heads are smarter than one? Do you encourage constructive and argumentative thinking, creativity and lifelong learning? Do you agree that knowledge must be available to everyone? Do you invest and encourage young people to show their knowledge and affirm themselves in their field of education and future work?If these values ​​are compatible with your business and personal philosophy, support the popularization of science in tourism and the Knowledge is Power project, which aims to popularize science and educate tourism professionals and encourage constructive and argumentative discussion because only then can we develop as individuals and as a society.Proud project partner: Polyclinic Bagatinlast_img

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