New collective agreement signed: Aminess offers one of the largest bases for calculating salaries in tourism

first_imgThe President of the Management Board of Laguna Novigrad, Zrinka Bokulić, emphasized that Aminess nurtures a culture of work that values ​​collegiality and rewards the innovation and personal commitment of each employee. “This is supported by the fact that we are one of only two tourism companies that are holders of the Employer Partner certificate, while the practical attitude towards work is confirmed by a high rate of return of employees of as much as 70%. ”Concluded Bokulić.The union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia is satisfied with the new collective agreement Marina Cvitić, president of the Tourism Committee of the Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia Trade Unions, and the future president of the Union said that the employer respected almost all union requirements and the arguments show a high degree of mutual understanding and respect.”At the end of my union career, I must point out that Laguna Novigrad is one of the better companies in which it has been pleasant to negotiate in recent years because there is a strong social component in the company’s management. This company, even when other companies did not, increased the material rights of workers, at least in a minimal amount. In terms of material rights of workers, Laguna Novigrad is at the top in this activity, although at the national level the average salary of workers is about 20 percent lower than the average salary in the Republic of Croatia. That is why there is a problem of lack of workers in tourism, because some employers, where Laguna Novigrad is certainly not classified, still think that they can make a profit on low labor costs. A worker must have a job and a salary all year round, because one has to live for 12 months, not just during the season. Many employers should look up to the way of doing business at Laguna Novigrad, because the season almost never ends there. “ said union president Bruno Bulic.Related news:CONSENSUS OF SOCIAL PARTNERS ACHIEVED: NEW COLLECTIVE CATERING AGREEMENT CONCLUDEDLAGUNA NOVIGRAD UNDER THE NEW TOURIST BRAND AMINESSAMINESS HOTEL AND CAMP EMPLOYEES EDUCATED FROM THE BEST GOURMET EXPERTS</p>
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<p> The Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia and the company Laguna Novigrad dd, which manages the tourist brand Aminess Hotels and Camps, have signed a new collective agreement which provides the largest basis for calculating salaries in the tourism industry in Istria.For the employees of the Novigrad company that has hotels and camps in Istria and Dalmatia, it has been agreed to increase the basic gross salary by a total of 5,5%. Of that, 1,5% falls on “savings” caused by changes in the ordinance on income tax, regarding the taxation of accommodation and meals for seasonal workers, while 4% represents a real increase, so from May 1, 2018, the lowest basic salary is multiplied by the corresponding job coefficient to increase from the previous amount of HRK 3.820,00 to the amount of HRK 4.030,10.Aminess points out that this is the largest basis for calculating salaries in the tourism industry in Istria, and certainly among the largest in Croatia, and adds that in the future they are ready to transfer funds saved on reduced benefits to the state to increase salaries. Workers will also be entitled to a non-taxable amount of HRK 2.500,00 in December. The Christmas bonus in the full non-taxable amount will also be realized by seasonal workers who have been employed for more than 9 months, while workers who have worked from 6 to 9 months would be entitled to a proportional part.Workers will also be paid a gift in kind in the non-taxable amount, which for this year amounts to HRK 600,00, and the right to a gift in kind is exercised by all workers who will be employed in November. If the planned results are achieved, the workers will be paid an additional HRK 500,00 net for July and August, which are the most labor-intensive. As every year, in December, Aminess will pay a gift to a child under the age of 15 to a child under the maximum non-taxable amount of HRK 600,00, Aminess explains.last_img

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