CNTB website records an increase in visits of 250%

first_imgSo far, the excellent performances of the Croatian national football team have significantly contributed to the promotion of the whole of Croatia, not only as a tourist destination, but as a country as a whole, and the highlight of the promotional effects was last night’s entry into the World Cup finals. And entering the finals of the football championship will certainly provide us with the best possible marketing campaign, ie the world’s attention will be on Croatia.Of course, this kind of global media attention towards Croatia also raises the issue of a positive impact on the economy as well as on the branding of the entire country. And how did the CNTB cope with the whole story and take advantage of this situation?As they point out from the CNTB, the CNTB website ( ) otherwise our main tourist platform, records a large increase in visits by more than 250%, and the highest traffic is recorded from the markets of Italy, USA, Russia, India, Germany, UK, France, Poland and the Netherlands.”Croatia’s entry into the finals of the football championship is a historic result that has put our country in the focus of the world public. This is a great opportunity for additional promotional activities. We created an abbreviated version of the promotional video Ambassadors of Croatian Tourism, in which we left only those shots in which Croatian football players appear. The video was fantastically accepted during and after the match with England. Positive promotional effects are also visible on the CNTB website, where we record an increase in visits of 250% compared to the same period last year. The highest visits to the site are recorded from the markets of Italy, USA, Russia, India, Germany, UK, France, Poland and the Netherlands.” said CNTB Director Kristjan Stanicic.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”During implementation yesterday’s mini campaign na YouTube the channel used geolocations and the focus before and during the match was on the area around Luzhniki Stadium, and after the match in the whole area of ​​Moscow. On that occasion an abbreviated version of the promotional video viewed over 250.000 times, and after Croatia’s victory and entering the finals, the “view rate” of the video increased by 161%. The campaign was also conducted on the social network Facebook with focus to Luznhiki Stadium, and the promotional video garnered an excellent 74.000 views during and after the game. Promotional activities were also carried out on social networks Instagram and Twitter, where the CNTB has intensively monitored all previous matches of the Croatian national team, thus establishing two – way communication with numerous fans around the world. These posts on social networks receive a large number of comments, shares and likes, so for example on Twitter received over 2 million impressions, and over a thousand congratulations and messages of support were received through this social network. Global results are also recording excellent results Facebook CNTB page where the posts were seen by more than a few million people, and excellent results are recorded by Facebook pages for the markets of Poland, Germany and Italy. The visibility of posts of one million people in one day was achieved on the social network as well Instagram, they conclude from the CNTB. But the main question is: Have we used the best possible marketing campaign in the world, ie the focus of all global media in the right way? Two years ago, in 2014 to be precise, we had a great opportunity to promote our tourism on the world stage through the Football World Cup in Brazil. The opening and the first game in which we played against the hosts, only through small screens (not counting other media as well as the Internet), according to FIFE as the organizer, was watched by over 47 million viewers worldwide and 1,5 million television viewers in Croatia. An opportunity that we unfortunately did not take advantage of, and today the story is much broader and with a much greater media reach.What story did we tell about Croatia? About our tourism? Were we ready and prepared how to strategically position Croatia, both economically and through tourism? How have we positioned our brand?Issues that we will analyze in detail soon, after the end of the World Cup in Russia.last_img

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