HRK 5 million has been provided for the development of cycling tourism on the continent this year as well

first_imgThe funds of the Cyclotourism Development Program on the continent are intended to strengthen bike tourism on the continent through tracing, arranging and marking bicycle routes and are available to the public sector – regional self-government units, ie the following counties: Bjelovar-Bilogora, Brod-Posavina, Karlovac, Koprivnica -križevačka, Krapinsko-zagorska, Ličko-senjska, Međimurska, Osječko-baranjska, Požeško-slavonska, Sisačko-moslavačka, Varaždinska, Virovitičko-podravska, Vukovarsko-srijemska and Zagrebačka. “Tourism development activities on the continent, where active tourism has an important role, have been the focus of the work of our Ministry, but also of the entire Government of the Republic of Croatia since the beginning of its mandate. Through joint activities of line ministries and through cooperation with the public sector and regional self-government units, we are working on a more balanced tourist development of destinations throughout the twelve months and positioning Croatia as a destination with a diverse and rich tourist offer. The cyclotourism development program on the continent is just one of the positive examples in which we provide continental counties with funds for the development of one of the most important forms of tourism, cycling tourism, which has almost 60 million fans across Europe and spends up to 30 percent more than the average tourist. should ultimately contribute to the development of each tourist destination. “, said the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, Gary Cappelli, during the announcement of the public invitation. Photo: TZ Samobor According to the previously prepared Operational Plan for the Development of Cyclotourism in the County (2017-2020), the following is co-financed: Preparation of traffic studies for the purpose of tracing and marking cyclotourist routes;Production / installation of signalization / info boards along cycling routes, including the EuroVelo route sign;Arranging / equipping cycling routes and setting up bicycle repair service stations along cycling routes;Development of standards for “bed & bike” accommodation facilities;Installation of bicycle movement / traffic counters at border crossings (entry / exit of EuroVelo route), on other international routes of bicycle routes (Sava route, Drava route, Pannonian road of peace route, etc.), in cities on the main bicycle routes, at the main tourist attractions at remote points in rural areas, etc .;Arranging cyclotouristic rest areas / lookouts on cycling tourist routes (smart rest areas, canopies, bicycle stands, installation of smart benches, installation of info boards about rest areas and relevant information about the locality / destination, etc.). Attachment: Public call for “Cyclotourism Development Program on the Continent in 2019” HRK 5 million  The Ministry co-finances up to 90 percent of the eligible / eligible costs of implementing an individual project. The minimum amount of support is HRK 100.000,00, and the maximum is HRK 500.000,00.  The public call is open until March 13, 2019. More information on the conditions, find out in the attachment. The Ministry of Tourism has announced a public call for grants under the Cyclotourism Development Program on the Continent in 2019, for which the Ministry of Tourism has provided HRK 5 million in the budget this year as well.  We would like to remind you that in 2017, the Ministry of Tourism, through the Program in question, co-financed the development of Operational Plans for the development of cycling tourism for 14 continental counties. The operational plans provide clear guidelines and priorities for the development of cycling tourism in each county and lay the foundations for the development of cycling tourism on the continent. Cover photo: Davor Rostuhar / Source: CNTBlast_img

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