Habits of festival visitors in Croatia: An interesting and useful analysis of MasterIndex on interest in festivals in Croatia

first_imgStreet festivals remain arguably the most popular Interest in festivals abroad has not increased significantly. This number is slightly higher among young people between 18 and 29 years of age (10%), Istrians (10%), residents of Zagreb and the surrounding area (11%) and respondents with a monthly income of more than 9.000 kuna (18%). Cost is the most important criterion for deciding to visit the festival among respondents aged 18-29 (77%) and those aged 30-39 (66%), especially among female respondents (73%).  Festivals are usually attended by a couple or a small group of friends  Photo: Zagreb Burger Festival After the festival boom in Croatia, which peaked in 2018, according to the results of the MasterIndex survey in May this year in Croatia, the interest of respondents in festivals is declining (11% compared to 2018). Thus, a total of 47% of respondents visit festivals today – 39% choose those in Croatia, while 8% opt for festivals abroad.  Respondents still most often visit street festivals (44%) followed by pop music festivals (30%), rock and metal music festivals (29%), gastronomic festivals (25%), electronic music festivals (24%) and various other cultural festivals. manifestations.  Rock and metal music most popular in Istria and Zagreb The use of accommodation during the festival is on the rise. Older respondents (50-55 years old) are more likely to choose hotel accommodation, as well as those with higher incomes. The people of Zagreb mostly opt for apartments, boarding houses or bed & breakfast options. The youngest respondents prefer accommodation in apartments and festival camps.  Accompanied by a partner, in a percentage of more than 60%, members of the age group 30+ most often go to festivals, mostly Slavonians (72%). Members of the youngest group of respondents aged 18 to 29 most often go to festivals in a smaller group of friends. The next group of respondents, aged 30-49, travel more often in the company of family members. Young people, men from Istria, Primorje and Dalmatia, prefer to go to festivals alone. Rock and metal festivals are more popular with residents of Istria, Primorje and Gorski Kotar (42%) and Zagreb and its surroundings (35%) than residents of other regions. Festivals of electronic and alternative music are most often attended by respondents aged 18 to 39 (33% and 24%), while festivals with the theme of cultural heritage are most popular among respondents older than 50 (33%). Men (64%), Zagreb residents and residents of the Zagreb area (77%) will decide to go to the festival depending on the program and the list of performers. In addition to the program, cost is an important criterion for the youngest respondents (69%)   In addition to cost and program, weather conditions are the most important element when deciding to visit the festival Staying in the destination of the festival is becoming more and more frequent  Festivals are spent on food and drink, spending on accommodation is on the rise The atmosphere at the festival is also important for the respondents older than 55, men and residents of Lika, Kordun and Banovina and northern Croatia. Weather conditions and seasons are becoming an increasingly important criterion, especially for the oldest group of respondents and Slavonians. Cost is, as expected, the main criterion when deciding to visit festivals among respondents who have no income (80%), and among those with income up to HRK 2.800, the percentage is even higher (87%).center_img Street festivals are more popular among older respondents than young ones, and the highest number of visits to street festivals is among non-income or low-income respondents. Also, street festivals are most often visited by respondents from Zagreb (59%), Northern Croatia (58%) and Lika, Kordun and Banovina (66%). The lowest percentage of visits is in Dalmatia (20%) and Istria (28%). Photo: Press Poreč Open Air Festival Wendy Wei, Pexels.com The cost of accommodation is on the rise (an increase of 10%), especially among those under 39 (42-43%) from Zagreb (52%). The festival scene is increasingly interested in women (42% compared to 35% last year). They are still mostly visited by young people aged 18-29 (45%) and highly educated (47%), and among them respondents from Northern Croatia. By far the most common form of payment at festivals is cash (92%). However, bank card payments (6%) and the use of festival bracelets (35%) and festival cards (17%) are on the rise, by 11% compared to last year. Bank cards are most often used by men (39%) from Zagreb and Zagreb County (43%) and Lika, Kordun and Banovina (42%). Wearing festival bracelets is most often among the youngest group of respondents, those aged 18-29 (24%), residents of Istria and the Littoral (25%) and Zagreb and Zagreb County (24%). They are the ones who use festival cards more often (17%). Consumption is similar to last year – most respondents spend up to HRK 500 (60%) at the festival, while 17% of them spend more than HRK 1000 per festival. The largest consumers are men, citizens of Zagreb, Dalmatians, respondents aged 30-39 and those with a monthly income above HRK 12.000.  Pop music festivals are most often attended by the youngest group of respondents (40% of them), among whom women predominate (37% of women opt for pop festivals, followed by rock and electronic festivals in terms of popularity among music festivals).  As many as 40% of respondents stay in the destination even after the end of the festival, a day or two (76% of them). Most often they are younger than 50, Dalmatians and Zagreb residents. As many as 93% of respondents who visit festivals consume some kind of drink, and 80% also spend on food at festivals (the percentage is highest in the age group of 30-49 years). Transport is an important item in the budget, especially in the group of older respondents, those over 50 (67%) and among the inhabitants of northern Croatia (67%). Documentary, thematic and festivals of alternative, low-budget films are less well attended (8%, 7%, 3%). Source: Mastercard / / / The MasterIndex online survey on the habits of using financial services in Croatia and attitudes towards payment cards was conducted in May 2019 by Mastercard in cooperation with the market research agency Improve, on a sample of 1.009 users of banking services in Croatia aged 18 to 55. Cover photo: Wendy Wei, Pexels.com Souvenirs and memorabilia (28%), tobacco products (21%) and tourist attractions at the festival location (19%) in smaller percentages represent additional costs during the festival.last_img

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