Bitly Bundles multiple links one short URL

first_imgOne of the most popular URL shortening services is But as with all shortening services their room for expansion of the service features seems fairly limited. They can make the short URLs more secure with better security checks and monitoring, they could also make the URLs even shorter with a new (shorter) domain name, but what else is there? has found something else to add as a feature, and it’s one of those things where you never realized you needed it until it became available and instantly indispensable.AdChoices广告Until now using meant entering a URL and getting a short URL in return. If you want more than one short URL you just create multiple links. But what if you want to share a whole bunch of links with a friend? Shortening lots of links is time consuming and boring. That’s where Bundles comes in.It is now possible to enter multiple links in the URL field. Instead of hitting the “Shorten” button there’s a “Bundle” button. Clicking it generates a page containing all the links, allows a title and description to be appended, and provides a single short URL for that generated wants the Bundle page to be a destination, not just a launch pad to other sites. So at the bottom of the page under the links is a comments section so people can add their thoughts and add value to the page beyond the links. They may even include other Bundle links relating to the subject matter.Here’s an example of a Bundle created using several links from more at the blogMatthew’s OpinionAs soon as I started using Bundles I could see value in them beyond just sharing links. If you are researching a subject then it’s a simple way to wrap up all your sources into one page. It’s also a nice way to keep pages of links available without having to use a bookmarking service.The greatest value of Bundles is’s main intended use, though. Being able to send a bunch of links with a single short URL will please Twitter users while making such a link of much more value. Adding social aspects through comments means the page could live on as it’s own repository beyond that initial link sharing. Adding more information and further links could make a single Bundle the goto place for a particular subject or event.last_img

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