Arduinopowered Sega Rally arcade cabinet drives actual RC car

first_imgGone are the good old days of arcades, but if you pay attention to the games modding scene, you’ve probably noticed that arcade cabinets are used for projects quite frequently. This time around, rather than someone modding an arcade cabinet to house current-gen systems or to contain every NES ROM ever released, Artica and TheArcadeMan teamed up and modded a Sega Rally Championship cabinet to control an actual RC car.Ripping out the guts of the arcade unit, the duo stuck an Arduino inside it, and mapped all of the inputs — steering wheel, buttons, pedals, gears — to the new board. The information was sent to the RC car via XBee, a radio module. The RC car had a receiver Arduino sending the cabinet’s input information to the wheels and throttle of the car.However, the duo wanted to feel like they were playing a video game, but using real life objects. So, rather than sit in the modded cabinet and control a car they couldn’t see, they hooked the RC car up with two cameras — one in the front, and one mounted on a piece of PVC higher up, facing the front.The car sent the video feed back to the arcade cabinet screen, so what was shown on the screen simulated a video game race, but was actually real life.Amusingly, the team’s biggest problem wasn’t modding a cabinet’s wheel or pedals to control an RC car, but getting the video signal to display on the cabinet’s CRTs. Eventually, the team gave up attempting to use the original CRTs, and replaced them with two newer CRTs that fit the cabinet’s frame.The end result of the project was a Sega Rally Championship arcade cabinet that controlled an RC car, displaying two video signals from which the player can choose. A real-life video game race, complete with different camera angles.via Articalast_img

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