Concept paper shredder turns your documents into fire briquettes

first_imgPaper shredders are fun. So fun, in fact, that you may have experienced a paper-shredder-induced fugue state where you lost all sense of being and accidentally shredded everything in the immediate vicinity. It was a waste of important documents, sure, but with this new concept for a paper shredder, your wanton destruction can be somewhat redeemed by turning the paper scraps into briquettes for a fireplace.Over on, this concept paper shredder aims to make your garbage something more than a pile that takes up space in your recycle bin. Submitted by Pavol Huserka, the shredder combines with a compactor that smushes the scraps into a solid briquette that you can toss into a fireplace or on top of a rad high school beach bonfire. Huserka also proposes that perhaps the compactor utilizes some kind of water or steam system in order to help reduce the energy cost of compacting the paper shreds.Though the concept seems quite simple, those are often the ideas that work the best.For those unfamiliar with Quirky, it’s a design company that crowdsources product ideas. Concepts are voted on, and the ones that receive the most votes get created by the company. Quirky, considering it’s doing a bulk of the work, takes a large percentage of any revenue, leaving the inventor(s) with 30% — not a bad deal considering all you had to do was think of the idea while bored on the bus. Think of it like Kickstarter, except the only thing you need to do is make the funny pitch video.As for the shredder, at the time of writing there is about a day left on voting. So, if you normally need to dispose of evidence, we can’t think of a better way to shred and then burn it all with this handy machine.last_img

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