Geek deals Dell U2713H 27inch monitor for 765 MacBook Air deal

first_imgWhen you get to premium monitors like Dell’s UltraSharp U2713H, the high-res LCD panel is only one part of the cost equation. Much like a luxury car, these displays come loaded with more features than just a high pixel density screen.The U2713H is a poster child for these high-end monitors, coming with nearly every option you could expect. The LCD serves up WQHD resolution, which we expect, but does so via an IPS LCD panel, which offers extended viewing angles and richer colors.All those colors are also highly accurate, a necessity for graphic artists and other professional users, thanks to a 120% color gamut with support for 1.074 billion colors. Dell was able to keep the enhanced color accuracy necessary to compete in this segment while also using an LED backlight, which is slimmer and uses less power than the CCFL backlights previously required for wide color gamut displays.Monitors of this caliber also have a feature that may sound inconsequential, but is one you can’t live without once you’ve had it: a fully adjustable stand. Most of your entry-level displays may have a tiny bit of tilt adjustment, but that’s it. Models like the U2713H allow you to adjust the height, pivot, tilt, and rotation, a key attribute for setting up an ergonomic workstation that is a must-have on all my monitors now.You will also sometimes see extra goodies like a USB hub or media card reader, both of which the U2713H offers, but the biggest final attribute you’ll find in premium displays is a customer-friendly warranty. If you aren’t getting 3 years of coverage with free two-way shipping, preferably with an advance exchange option, you’re definitely below the standard in this price range.Dell UltraSharp U2713H LCD monitor for $764.99 + free shipping (reg. $999.99 | use coupon RJ6T0D4489P6T3)Our other deals:Toshiba Canvio 2TB USB 3.0 external hard drive for $69.99 + shipping (reg. $129.99)Price drop! 2012 Apple MacBook Air 11.6-inch laptop for $899 + free shipping (reg. $999)Dell Inspiron 15 laptop with Windows 8 for $399.99 + free shipping (reg. $469.99)last_img

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