The search engine algorithm updates to brake

1. search engine updates, we are faced with what

updated every time the search engine algorithm is a kind of progress, this progress will inevitably lead to the loss of part of the webmaster, you better ask yourself, with the search engine and common progress, to call each other friends, create a better environment of the internet. Whether it is from the recent green, outside the chain of judgment, or pomegranate, the spark program, for the love of Shanghai, there are a little wrong, it should not bear the webmaster manmasheng, I think, if the search engine as the enemy, face it constantly moves, we have only to brake

webmaster friends, the question to ask yourself! Here we are divided into two kinds: to describe

Shanghai white dragon"

2. search engine algorithm update, we face this what

heard many webmaster search engine update algorithm, the heart suddenly hit, why? Because my heart is afraid of ghost! Update algorithm bring bad effect to yourself, this situation should be from their own to solve. So why should the search engine update? How many people will think this problem, because the search engine’s duty is to maintain and purify the environment of internet. That is to say formal optimization Shanghai Longfeng when you are in a Shanghai dragon black hat, and these people means "and"


every enemy, is actually a friend. Every change of search engine, some owners will fell dejected, even within a period of time can not get rid of the search engine brings down, more people think the update algorithm of search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon will undoubtedly increase the difficulty, in fact, just like the routine set by the company, never for a breach of discipline colleagues, in strict norms is also useless. Similarly, between the Shanghai dragon and the search engine of this relationship, as long as we do not use cheating, just like the algorithm to update a clewing child three years old, grim, but no actual damage.

A. "the coming stormin" by cheating and other informal optimization webmaster friends, every time the algorithm updates for their own is undoubtedly a catastrophe, like the storm, will give your site to bring great harm, do not blindly Tucao search engine, view itself is the focus of the storm is approaching, there are this is perhaps the wind always at the tip of the webmaster, the "convergence".

said the main is to show for the upcoming change the search engine algorithm, different stationmaster should have different preparations, of course, we should be respected "

B. "Yuqing door was" so this kind of webmaster friends nature is using a formal approach to the optimization of the. The rain will affect us, may drop right, reduce the chain, ranking drop, but because we use the white hat Shanghai dragon, we need not fear, and wait until after the storm, the search engine will open a "rainbow door for you".

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