Use a content delivery network CDN will affect the Shanghai Dragon

response, Google will not use for content distribution network sites have different treatment, the use of content distribution network site will be Google right grab and index. If the site by CDN technique in different host server, it may be a problem, that is the emergence of a large number of duplicate content, so Google recommended that the use of CDN should be standard way of using the rel=canonical attribute, to avoid duplication of content. As shown below.

According to the Google Engineer Development of

search engine recognition site location is by host ip. If we use CDN to publish our site, our site may be associated with many different IP position, and the search engine will be based on IP to our site linked to the incorrect location. The solution to the problem we can use Google webmaster tools, make a correct location on our site.

friendly WEB technology, more and more enterprises have the site through a content distribution network technology (CDN) released to the internet. Rather than just put the site hosted on a server.

search engines love Shanghai, when talking about the CDN influence on the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai said: like Shanghai is a way to grab the site users to access the site, once the user can access the content of the website, love Shanghai can also grab the corresponding content.

According to the guiding principle of

use of this new technology may cause some search engine optimization problems, the major concerns are as follows:


when we design and implement the correct use of CDN, can increase access bandwidth and reduce data redundancy to improve the site loading speed function. For search engines, such as Google, a sure grasp efficiency of the algorithm is through the server response time to the speed of the search engine spiders. The use of CDN reasonably can not only improve the user experience, but we can make the site more search engine friendly. In a word, we can say that CDN is a positive effect for our Shanghai dragon. This article from the original list of weight-loss drug 贵族宝贝meiliclub贵族宝贝/, reproduced please keep the source.


1: by using a content distribution network, the site may have more than one IP;

One of the

3: in the global distribution of the site may affect the specific location of specific sites (related to the local search).

2: there are many sites will use the same IP


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