How to do the chain forum replies do not be deleted

1. content don’t write too much, if too much, you might as well go to the post, there is a few words.

a few days ago to write an article about the chain of the article in the forum, the contents of the article are down I accumulated in the work, the experience may be for some people just floating clouds, you may not help, but as a Shanghai dragon worker, really take a look, if you’re my interest in writing before the article you can see the articles I wrote before the Forum: "how to do the chain will not be deleted", this article may not be very deep, but in the work will certainly be used on.

in the forum post to stay outside the chain has two forms, one is the anchor text links can be made, this form is the best, and the other one is the text not click, the forum program is more phpwind and discuz. As a forum in Shanghai dragon ER, must have a good analysis of the two forum program chain.

forum cannot set anchor text links, then we are in plain text many of the points, this method is very simple, is to write more words, the best content to write a little while writing must pay attention to the following two points:


2. do not to send advertising, the administrator moderators are not stupid, waiting to delete post, or delete ID.

today to tell you the chain in the forum how to be deleted, but also look not to come out, the forum replies do the chain is a very good method, in the forum, the reply is more, some forum moderator or administrator may have no time to see, can not see so much a wicked man, unless you don’t report to report, it is generally not be deleted. There are some forums to engage in activities, such as: caught advertisers (AD) will have certain points or other rewards may have many such BT activities, said in reply to posts (including links) it may prompt "sorry, you do not have permission to publish URL links in this case don’t want to send links, for these can send the chain BBS, let’s change to other forums. In this forum, don’t waste time.

more than two points in the chain must pay attention to, finally in the content is placed at the bottom of a link on OK, rushed to finish writing this statement is not very smooth may forgive me, if there can not understand my blog to see Dalian Qingfeng, Dalian media graphic design company www.kmasa贵族宝贝.cn original reproduced please indicate the source.

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