App Store China algorithm Part of the application by name search failure

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Sohu IT also search a number of different categories in English applications on mobile terminal App Store, found some really strange search results:

1, World War II: according to the full search, this popular Mobile Games only ranked sixth home page, the top five is not included "World War II" four words. Before World War II, search, are in the first row.


Instagram: 5, according to the search, no accident, is still in the first place.


: 2, according to the "meal for dinner takeout, see the menu" search, the past are accurate matching in the first place, the first page of the search results in the top 25, but did not see this application.

4, WeChat and micro-blog search: "WeChat" name, in the first place, but the search "micro-blog" name, but did not show up in the first place, in the first place is WeChat, micro-blog home.

5, easy to car: according to universal search, was ranked first in the NetEase, and the car is easy to only in the home ten away.

found that the results from the above search, search foreign English >


6, Jingdong and suning贵族宝贝 Mall: according to the search of the two applications, there are in the first place. In addition, Iron Chef shook, tonight hotel special offer, fishing Master are normal.

3, Camera 360[360] camera: according to universal search, appeared in the first is another application of foreign camera+, camera360 ranked sixth.

Uber: 6, according to the search, no accident, is still in the first place.

according to the application name search failure

tower reading literature is a responsible person told the Sohu IT, they used "tower reading literature" in the mobile terminal App, Store and iTunes according to the search, not even on the first page display. Sohu IT will do as he said.


App Store Chinese Apple region today appear "strange phenomenon", part of the application, especially Chinese application, according to the full search failure, not accurate matching results. For a time, developers have suspected BUG, the test algorithm is also a lot of speculation that apple is apple, developers still do not understand Chinese sigh.

"what’s the matter? The search application name is not in the first show!" today, some developers continue to search by keywords, accurate response, failure in the apple App Store.

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