Shanghai Shanghai dragon science and love encyclopedia 24 skills you need to know

There are a lot of

note: the English anchor point is anchor, understand the simple internal links you anchor the whole article, as the anchor text is the entire site, it is corresponding to an article you alone. This article is your internal hyperlinks.

7, the search box of love Shanghai is bold, bold keywords.

directory using the anchor link, then one might ask, what is the anchor of

Note: what is Note:

, 4 entries for H1 tags are H2 tags, headings, caption is H3, and the repeated entry, basic: title, a small amount of alt.


3, web page open speed, entry level paragraph neat clear, structure is very good. This is why we must optimize their website structure. The structure can bring very good user experience.

With Title ?

, no 2 keywords and description tags. In fact, for this question I am confused, key words and description tag is very important, especially the need to repeat the words in the description tag.

6, if the article has involved with some entries have sea anchor text is a hyperlink to other entries in the love of Shanghai.

is to add descriptive text in links with the Title link, which is equivalent to add a comment to this link, because the connection itself is the expression of the purpose of the link is not clearly. This makes the visitors do not know what the link will take them to what place, but also tell the spider this links to content, a bit like the anchor text, but it is when you put the mouse on it will.

H1, H2 H1 label label? Simply as the title of the site as you is the title of this article, you can use H2 as a title of the passage. We do also need to pay attention to the H1H2 label. Write H1, H2 tags can bring a higher weight to your article page optimization.

love Shanghai’s own products, including Shanghai and Shanghai. Love love to know, so they are on the top in Shanghai love, this is not Shanghai love their products before, is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know have a very good performance in the major search engines, it is worth we note that Shanghai dragon Er, we need to Study hard, generally speaking, is that all love Shanghai products are based on user experience as the standard, so we also need their own web site is not so? Here I give you an example of that.

8 and related links.

1, title title writing is very simple: "love + Shanghai encyclopedia, why do you write? Focus on weight, but this approach is suitable for us to do the inside pages, not the whole website headlines are written in a simple.

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