The construction of the chain platform common to do what

Shanghai dragon, "content is king, the chain for emperor", so the chain is very important to improve the ranking of a website, so what are the platform for the chain, how do these chain platform effect, here we introduce.

2, Q & a platform: love Shanghai knows the question and answer, Search ask, ask the Qihoo, Iask, YAHOO knowledge hall inquiry platform. Difficulty: high effect: good.

5, SNS platform in the happy net, renren贵族宝贝, watercress and other SNS platform to publish articles, share a very high weight. For example: happy net Reprint: "energy-saving" station everyone and everyone share: "dog breeds and pictures, watercress:" the meaning of life". Difficulty: in effect:

7, video website platform: you can find some fun video to video website, video title or presentation plus. Difficulty: low effect: unknown

4, classified information website: 58 city Ganji, people network. Difficulty: in effect:

There is a saying

8, micro-blog platform: create your own website micro-blog, every day to update the relevant information. Keep a good micro-blog account. Difficulty: low effect:

blog: blog platform is the most effective way for multi link building, blog platform, every day to release some, especially Sina, love Shanghai, Sohu (the name of the blog is also very good.). Difficulty: in effect: good.


6 platform, favorites: if possible, each page on the website, published a blog post every web site, add the URL to love Shanghai favorites, Cape of Good Hope and many other favorites, and slowly add, not a one-time add. Difficulty: in effect:

3, the forum, forum, forum signature: find the best high weight related forum can take signature with the signature, according to the actual situation of the forum, post reply, reply to the new post and back page Posts less complex. Esther, difficulty: low effect: General relevant forum: difficulty: in effect:

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