Six skills high weight website submission

The structure of 2, a reasonable and clear Why

at the end of the beautiful

"it is not, and did not pass, not for waste of time", in some place before a computer, a colleague turned "complained. Remember N months ago, I also agree with his views, but now I am relieved. Do not contribute as the same, you think it is good, others also follow to agree, you will reach the approval of the editor, will not resonate through the published effect is only increase the burden on the server, there will be no other effect.

in the era of information technology, every thing has its value, even the time is the same, we call it "the prime time". The company, factory sales of prime time TV ads on primetime, website >

is now popular "dull remarks died over, not afraid of bombing, afraid nobody hit". This age that we don’t love light, love the pursuit of novel stimulus argument. But this does not really encourage you to express fallacies, but editors learned the quality of a person, do not love the network maniac; but that this view is innovative and unique, can be a personal experience or perception, but refused to cliche, others chew the bad things, no one will love.

is reasonable and clear is the important condition of customs clearance. No one wants to see a tangle of words, as no man will want to see a dirty girl. Reasonable clear the structure can make fast and get the editor of the article to express the content of general articles can be divided into several paragraphs to write a long article can be used to distinguish between paragraph headings, such as "XXX," "XXX, two".

3, not afraid of fallacies, not afraid to view

The structure of

4, with more ornamental

is watching TV now than in newspaper the people, because the essence of the image more vivid and more can show things. A technical article, need to explain the picture view, data analysis, let the reader can understand the views of the author. A good picture is a good paper, to increase the appeal and the interpretation of this view. Now the portal, high weight website article will recommend the use of pictures instead of love in the home page, this can evoke readers’ desire and clearly illustrate the point.

so-called "people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold, when the equipment should be installed or you". Edit every day to review thousands of articles (PS: rough guess), there will be no time for an article to appreciate slowly, only a rough browsing, so seize the first impression, in the beginning of the end to pull the editor’s eyes. With beautiful beginning and end of the finishing touch to dress up your article, hold the line of sight of editing, should not be submerged in the vast wave of deletion.

5, prime time grasp


At the beginning of 1,

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