Start from the five aspects for the search engine spiders love on your site

search engines crawl principle is using virtual tools to justify the "spider" in text, script based page content, but in the current search engine technology, and to the flash, the picture content search engine is still unable to achieve recognition, so it is also the site of UI designers a big troubles.

believes that many webmaster in building site and the like in the navigation design of this particular piece of tangled, because the navigation settings for the friendly experience of the whole site and transfer the weight of the site users is extremely important, and if our navigation settings are responsible, the code will inevitably become more responsible. The search engines crawl is usually difficult or not easy to grasp for the more complex code, and complex navigation to allow users to quickly find what you want, is undoubtedly of user friendly experience a big hit, therefore, if you want to make the first step search engine spiders love on your site, first of all to simplify your navigation bar.

simple processing method: with the help of some form of conversion of content of the site code can make search engine recognition, and we also can use the simulator to simulate the spider spider crawling our site and observe, if found in grab too much loss or unable to grab it. "

(a) to simplify our navigation

if the search engine can not be good to visit our site, so even if we put much energy on the site are empty. In order to avoid the happening of the best solution is that we can complete to plan our entire site structure.

(two) as far as possible to reduce the site content many display pictures and script files on

simple processing method: simplified as much as possible our site navigation, so that users can click to find three times within the directory, we can then set the main navigation drop-down navigation, so it is very good to show the three or four level directory, without leaving the page bloated.

first, before we began to build our site, we are need to go to the analysis of search pattern and rule engine crawling, because we all know that the search engine is the spider crawling site we capture source code links, so as to search our site page, and storage to the search engine the database, this is the search engine included a brief process, at the same time, the search engine will be based on a certain algorithm, such as page speed, social signal and ranking the weight distribution, these are what we need to know in the station before.

if the search engine spiders if well access, browse, we grab the page, the inevitable for our weight of the site ranking will be greatly improved, so how to make search engines love on your site? Five operation step below Shanghai Longfeng diffuse the author lists the station.

We know that

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