The second tier city Shanghai dragon does not need further can automatically make money

and I came into contact with XXX, people rely on the forum, on the QQ space, on the blog, on micro-blog know, rely on the income of millions of years;

so all day and night…

when I just begin to contact the Internet, should say contact when Internet marketing, many people tell me that you want to have a website, and then to Shanghai dragon ranking, you are the first local industry!

, I don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, I was born in mechanical maintenance industry, not even a little bit of code, also learned that because of work, because my interests into the Internet;

wow, great, I want to can’t sleep sleep, tomorrow I can become the industry leader! At least in the network!

I feel like I know a lot of

because we believe that through the Internet can let you double the performance, achieve their wealth, free time;

however oneself is not ah, everywhere to see, to learn, to buy materials, money newspaper class, spend money;

, meet new people, meet the boss, I got off the reel, but I admire; do not make the desired results, I am responsible for the company went bankrupt because of performance…

I think a lot of friends and business practitioners boss told me at the beginning is the same, it is recognized by internet marketing, because people are doing! People all over the world said…

XXX: we often see the Internet business income of millions of years; XXX Internet plus transformation, the results of 1 years over N; some companies have to earn money through the Internet, first affixed to their "Internet plus" label;

I feel shy to talk to others because of the collapse of the company performance, I said to myself: the purpose of network marketing is through the network to sell products, sell services, easy money!


is a long way to go, I will seek…


I believe, because at that time, I think they said very reasonable ah! I have a website, I have a ranking of others will see;

is everything is relative, please seek technical level of network God don’t laugh at!

then said to automatically make money, I am confident, my method is very simple, especially for the two or three line of the city’s Internet entrepreneurs, more suitable for many small and medium private enterprises!

that day, I have a sense of pride shame to leave Shanghai, returned to my hometown

this article only because of personal experience, a suggestion to want to learn and study the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon has not made money classmates or ideas;

I did not make substantive achievements, but relatives and friends think I was doing the Internet, I >

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