Let the real website success five content strategy


3, flow alliance. Some commercial websites often use the technique, the effect is very good, but is relatively time-consuming and labor.

(PV) to enhance the flow of what is the key? Very simple, allowing users to click on a web page, read the content of the web site. Browse the page, traffic will go up. How to increase the click behavior of user

1, according to user preferences, increase the number of the corresponding article. Note here that the article refers to the content of users love.

has now truly entered the era of content is king, the crackdown on spam news from May to June began to love Shanghai, love Shanghai K station, officials have made it clear that this is in order to clear the garbage station, improve the quality of search results. So now if you still do a copy and paste, pseudo original, there is no way for the estimation of you. This era has been announced in the past, then what kind of content is search engine love, or is that users love the. So what are the characteristics of the site, we can use what kind of content strategy, these problems have become the most concern for the current Shanghai dragon Er, I have done a lot of research in this area, to share with you today.


1, need to have enough of the content page, the page keywords more naturally, the chances of being searched is greater.

content of the network brand strategy promotionThe establishment of the


entertainment content. For users, online entertainment is the ultimate goal, so want to increase website viscosity and flow, the entertainment content is essential for proper. A most commonly used in commercial websites such as: beauty gallery.

3, increase the number of pages and operation steps. For example, take a step to complete the operation, into two steps; one can show the content into two pages. Like the article page number, increase the download page by page jump.

, a web content flow promotion strategy 4, IP upgrade strategy of website content

2 is to enhance the relevance between related articles. For example, the final recommended articles in the page text text links, key link, at the end of the article the news, recommended reading etc..

2, special columns and content or special. IP is the key site of steady growth, the conversion rate of new users, if the user is not settling down, it will be difficult to have a big growth. Even if some methods can obtain a large amount of IP in a short period of time, but for a long time or is stopped, IP will immediately decrease. So the characteristic content and column construction is essential, which is critical to retain users. But often features or professional things, but also prone to reputation effect in the user.

brand is the most difficult, because traffic can be fraud, fraud, fraud can be ranked IP, but the goods.

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