Love Shanghai bidding analysis Graphic time analysis

from this table can be seen, we put all the time, the 10 point is a best time, followed by 9 o’clock in the morning, the worst is at 12 o’clock. Then you know what to do? The money into good time. If you want a more accurate number can be calculated time cost, time cost and time cost of disease unit.


theory is easier to understand, the difficulty lies in the huge amount of data, the statistical work will become a complicated problem. Use the Excel table can reduce the workload greatly, here I come to show you, full screenshot, later I will make a video tutorial.

so we should start from where

: delete all other fields besides began to visit outside of time.

fourth: put in after the statistical analysis of data becomes a table below.

is considering bidding bidding Shanghai love specialist ability of data analysis, if you are not in good good accounting for each time period cost, it may cause some damage to the overall promotion effect. This article from the original Feng Dongyang, reprinted from Feng Dongyang Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng blog 贵族宝贝fdy贵族宝贝 personal micro signal: 349557720

Second step


: the number of effective dialogue all in business history are special period. Figure:

The analysis of

access time breakdown, the operation is as follows.

The end of ?

most of the time, as the bidding personnel are not to love Shanghai subdivision interval analysis, this analysis is very important for the cost in a second consumption. But each time the effect is not the same. It seems there is no law, this time today, tomorrow the good time. In fact, if you do a report on this question will be clear time.

The first step of

The third step: to start

love Shanghai data report will only tell you how much money to spend what time, how much to flow. This is not reliable, because we are the best ratio of input and output, output ratio is. Rather than blindly increase the cost, increase the flow to achieve our sales objective. The best answer is to do statistical bulletin inside the table from the business, the specific method is derived for specific periods of time – all effective dialogue reports, statistics of the total number of valid dialogue each time, finally make a descending order on it. I like in the business history report which derived effective dialogue all March, according to the 8 point and 9 point, until 23 PM for the column, the statistics of the number of effective dialogue each time can achieve the purpose of time effect analysis.

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