Lu Guofu the importance of soft Wen

can now see many large web sites are in love Shanghai news source site published articles, and these sites will directly bring back their domain names and contact information, the purpose is to know more people on this site, for the maintenance of corporate image or brand building and write to the promotion of the brand.

four increase the site outside the chain

fourth is probably a lot of webmaster friends to write soft now. (I now write mainly is for this purpose) everyone knows the website optimization main core is to do the station optimization and stood outside optimization. In the previous article also raised, you can look at the. Stand outside the optimization, is a large part of the chain operation, we all know that the chain operation is a long-term and arduous process, is to rely on accumulated slowly, is a body of work, is also quite hard. Now many webmaster friends to increase the chain this experience to write soft article here, because the number of the chain an excellent article brings is not statistical, you may take a day to write articles, the number of the chain to bring you a few days to work hard to achieve this effect, even less.

five website

just in front of the first point said, many soft Wen is directly through the form of text message to the user, allowing users to have a familiar process of products through the description, finally reached a sales agreement. Many people succeed in the online purchase products, is through the understanding of the text description, gradually familiar with products after the last successful enough to buy products.

don’t know if you have not sent.

now as a webmaster of many of my friends have joined the industry to write text, so we must first understand why so webmaster will be keen to write soft Wen, what is the role of the Wuhan Shanghai dragon? And we share together:

Effect of The

we often see a variety of articles on the Internet, many articles is a direct introduction of company information, product information, information such as enterprise culture, namely we often say AD (in fact, this is soft Wen). Now many friends are opposed to see AD, but this is in many places with our eyes, but a successful soft is that users can not see the advertisement, after reading the article, users will take the initiative to search our information, so this article we have succeeded. I remember before friends wrote an article website optimization domain name article – how to choose the domain name, in fact, this article also indirectly promote the WWW. Shanghai dragon domain name, then a lot of friends after reading this article also found no is AD, my friend also said that the article is indeed to he brought a lot of traffic.

three direct sales of products reached

The weight of

two brand maintenance

a publicity

went to

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