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I often see some of the webmaster write soft text in the A5 Adsense online, but yesterday saw a webmaster to write about the high quality of the chain of soft Wen, good article, this experience is also very good, so I clicked on his website, is about the medical aspects of the site, the chain and I use Adsense tools to check the site found that the site of the chain to write high quality the chain is not the same, but a big difference.

collect high weight of the chain platform is the starting point of the webmaster, you must first choose the corresponding enterprises of the chain platform, and then go to the chain website third party website information, if the weight is high, included, is used. For example, the author is made of burdock tea food website "www.***.cc", the author will be the first choice of high weight, regardless of whether the targeted first site weight high to the record. To collect some day, who can go to iResearch online collection of high weight chain platform 20, which will help us in the search for the platform will not be blind. I recommend some classified information network often go: 58 city, Ganji, people network, such as network list.

choose a chain platform, is responsible for a website. Optimistic about their own website categories, then to choose the type of Web site outside of the chain, so it can not only increase the weight of the website, will bring very good flow. For example: I make burdock tea food, in the choice of the chain platform must choose the type of food, like B2B food classification information network platform, food platform, food forums and some other high weight platform, actually it is the children’s shoes, do some chain signature in the webmaster online, resulting in weight unstable and no other site site traffic. Later realized his mistake. Then change the direction of the.

believes that there are many new Adsense are fighting for the chain, from the A5 Adsense nets, 28 push, the owners of the home, Shanghai dragon WHY these stationmaster net analysis, most of them are novice webmaster to patronize the. The veteran is almost to the portal submission. Many webmasters were saying that "content is king, the chain for emperor" so a lot of production site outside the chain, is the only thing for the novice webmaster. Every day every night to release the chain. So, how many novice webmaster do outside of the chain for

chain platform to collect high weight platform of the chain

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what time the high quality of the chain? I always thought that the high quality of the chain’s own original content posted on their website and on their own business platform for. So, when I saw the head of the chain, less than one second I turn off. The reason is: the chain is not targeted, is to do the chain number. I don’t know now how many webmasters do outside the chain, but this way is wrong. Below, the author specifically your own experience outside the chain.

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