Site optimization must first from the user data analysis tool to start

service (mobile phone: 82%; even chat: 82%; E-mail:84%)

phone, SMS, E-mail, even chat tools (QQ, MSN, Wangwang, WeChat), SNS (micro-blog, Facebook) and communication tools have filled our daily communication tools. In the multi-channel communication era, online shopping customer service mode has been extended. In general, the phone, instant messaging and E-mail is the three most widely used channels.

E-mail to communicate for decreasing than in, but consumers use E-mail this way the highest satisfaction, followed by phone and instant messaging tools. 58% of consumers believe that the Email can obtain more detailed information, it may be the reason for the popularity of E-mail. In addition, the waiting time of customer service is to obtain the lowest satisfaction link options that sellers need to be improved in this regard.

The integrity of the The possibility of the first

social media contact is rapid development, using the proportion rose from 2% in 2012 to 7%, the future will further increase. This way of communication using motivation is noteworthy, it looks more like an auxiliary function. We focus on the user experience in the day after.

customer service (mobile phone: 75%; even chat: 79%; E-mail:83%)

professional customer service (mobile phone: 80%; even chat: 82%; E-mail:85%)

response (mobile phone: 76%; even chat: 79%; E-mail:80%)

as a web site optimization personnel, we first need to understand the user analysis tool using proportion and analyze customer use tools to analyze data, we communicate with customers should pay attention to what the problem. So today announced a number of rattan design will we normally use the communication tools of data analysis table, first before we know what is under the table of data communication between the website and user tools.

consumers to different customer communication satisfaction

Although the use of

link customer service (mobile phone: 59%; even chat: 75%; E-mail:70%)

customer service to solve the problem (mobile phone: 68%; even chat: 77%; E-mail:80%)

answer speed (mobile phone: 75%; even chat: 78%; E-mail:71%)

The waiting time

Tel: 80%; click to call: 71%; E-mail:82%; message: 73%; instant chat: 77%; social media: 70%


mobile phone, instant messaging, E-mail, these 3 kinds of data analysis are as follows:

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