Executive ability is the biggest flaw of small and medium sized webmaster network promotion

why do I write such a text, not because I am a webmaster, I achieved what achievements. So far my promotion website is only a blog and Ali Ali Wangpu, until now my main keywords: oil filter and vacuum oil filter is in love with second Shanghai page third page. Ali Wangpu still not love Shanghai included, just Google included a good. Why is there such a sigh, because I found myself is an execution ability not strong, a lot of problems I just escape. In fact, a lot of things after thinning, the effect should be be promoted.

itself is not a network promotion, e-commerce training, on the Shanghai dragon is a layman outside of Hanzhoung usually get Shanghai dragon is the source of learning website, but it is not the system. Sometimes people will say that this site high weight, can send more, so these one or two days I might have multiple. But after I forget. Sometimes people say how the blog is the best, then a few days can insist, but eventually lost to you. Sometimes people say no one Forum promotion, signature is now not worth mentioning, it rarely enter the forum. To finally see people that blog and forum is still very useful, so I think I was too stupid. There is Links itself is an important part of network promotion, because I don’t want to go to the trouble to find the chain, but also because it is a friend, not too good to delete, friendship is very poor, tangled! One of the reasons should also ranked couldn’t get up.

usually pays attention to rankings every day, but did not find the data to reduce or increase because of what causes. This evening from the webmaster website to see a new Shanghai dragon three months will be two new promotion to Shanghai love home, why she will understand these reasons in three months? I want to still as usual, her analysis. In December more than 10, love Shanghai renewal once, because I modify the site label, resulting in a snapshot of the site has not been updated, now or in the 12-16, but before every other day update. Hey.

two, "the fence"

, the chain is not stable

from my current status, I do product oil filter promotion site and do not have the advantage, but also can break, but why I did not achieve the best results? The reason lies in the following three points:


three, the lack of data analysis

usually is not only do network promotion, sometimes because some things are delayed, but sometimes there is tired, tired. The final result is the chain is not stable. Sometimes one day will send dozens, sometimes just a few, sometimes not. Read the article through before, said the chain of stability for the site’s ranking, the weights of the influence, I think this is probably one of the reasons I now present them.


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