A5 marketing 2014 mobile website operation direction

mobile end users demand love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released: the life service, shopping, health care, education, video, music, novels related to the geographic information services and games based on the demand of resource scarcity, but the quality of strong field, this kind of demand A5 marketing team suggest webmaster in the process of mobile site operation can be integrated into the user’s mobile terminal, and to strengthen the construction of website content.


chart: reading resources, life services, services and tools online inquiry, film and television, shopping demand is very strong, this year’s service life, tools services and online inquiry, health care, education increased significantly.



music class:

According to the

shopping category:

chart: life service, high-quality resources in comprehensive community, reading, shopping, APP download resources accounted for the highest growth rate and obvious.

service life:


: 2013 quality resources distribution


from the two picture you can clearly see, 2013 mobile end users demand trends in service life, shopping, health care, education, video, music and related novels, based on the location of the information service, the game is demand but the scarcity of resources field. So, should pay attention to in the development of the mobile terminal of the website, this can be considered comprehensive websites, and strengthen the content of the website construction, as to bring the best user experience. Please continue reading about the specific content:

mainly refers to the students’ needs, the webmaster can find more people, such as teachers, trainers, transverse in-service personnel; longitudinal parents etc..

Education needs the traditional

health care category:

According to the 2013

with the development and popularization of network infrastructure for mobile devices, all aspects of basic necessities of life demand began to shift to the mobile terminal.

we look at the 2013 China Mobile website development:

: 2013 mobile end users active search distribution


mobile end shopping demand growing, owners need to pay attention to flat shopping, in the premise of ensuring safety to simplify the shopping path, can refer to beautiful flat structure website.

health care website mainly includes Xunyiwenyao, health and other related content; with the improvement of living standards, the health knowledge of many users, but need to pay attention to the difference segments in the elderly and the requirements of different groups.

music network.

According to the

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