Google really can access the contents of the JavaScript

< /body >

Matt · Katz said Google can wander for capture of the website, this explains Google can access some Javascript and AJAX contents. But Google really can access the contents of the Javascript? There are still many webmaster put forward doubt. It must be emphasized, Google can only access to some content index Javascript, website content is very important and should be placed in the common HTML file. What are the contents of the Javascript can be retrieved and access? We need to do some tests to test different types of Javascript and AJAX, and then look at the Google index.

in the process of testing we encounter a problem, AJAX and Javascript, you can do a lot of things, you can not put all the content to test, so only through the use of interactive web content testing basic script of the assembled sample code contains the test content, analytical work is to wait until the the search engine index your content.

< script type=" text/javascript" >

document.write (" Hello, can you read? "

in Javascript, there are a few basic writing, external content written to the web page itself. One of them is document.write. This method writes a text string directly to the Web page document.

< script type=" text/Javascript" "


< /noscript >

when written using document.write methods, the search engines crawl the page is indexed by, this is one of the most simple way. However, in many cases, the Javascript page is through an external Javascript file into the web page, so we must carry on the second test documents.

simple document.write method

< noscript >

< body >

< /script >

< body >

I guess you can’t see.

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