The Red Army 10 methods of the website chain

4, Shanghai dragon sprocket strategy, the use of a large number of stations or the third party blog increase in the chain, the chain of such high quality. This method is currently widely used. Now than a good effect.

5, the use of soft Wen, published in high weight website, and there will be many people reproduced, collection, at the same time help you increase the chain.

today we are going to talk about the site increase the chain method way. I think are good method for reference, the construction site outside the chain is one of the core of Shanghai dragon, a good grasp of the method can not only quickly and steadily improve website ranking, and the most important is to save time and energy, for example, A Er every day in Shanghai Longfeng forum increased outside the chain, 5 hours a day, while the B Er using the soft method of Shanghai dragon as long as 1 hours a day, and in both quantity and quality of the chain to A is much higher than that of Shanghai dragon Er, of course, the premise is the quality of the soft! So have a chain method to increase the good is very important. Below is the increase of the chain method I summed up the 10, for your reference.

9, the use of network favorites, not only can increase the purpose of the chain, but also can speed up the inside pages included, high stability, but also through the favorites to users to provide valuable website or related articles, and can also get a lot of traffic.

, forum signature, irrigation is a kind of tired, but to find some weight high website is also good, such as the gov government website

methods to increase the site outside the chain of good external links

6 software, or template. Use this way to spread fast, good software or template will be a lot of people to download, but also help you increase the chain, but the relatively high technical requirements of

2, Links, but the new exchange Links is more tired.

(1) Shanghai dragon sprocket strategy, the actual operation proves that this effect is good, but it needs a lot of time and experience

3 blog website message with hyperlinks

! 1

8, the use of questions and answers in the form of the chain, the love of Shanghai know, Search ask, ask and so on Sina

(2) soft, the effect is very good, published this platform in stationmaster net, if it is recommended to the home page is equivalent to a PR6 site and made you a

7, using cluster message or batch batch software added a black chain, this is not to say

10. buy links through exchange for high weight website with money outside the chain, can be said that the good effect of speed, but he imagine a drugs, sometimes you want to break is not broken, if the regular system station, or does not suggest that you buy the chain.

(3) software template, the effect was very good.

I think the following summarize

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