Website optimization needs three reasons from the long tail of

optimization requires patience, but patience sometimes requires motivation as a support, if optimizing a website for a long time without any progress, and all you have money and time pressure, this time it may choose to give up or retreat. But if just began to optimize the long tail keywords, then the situation would be completely different. For the long tail keywords general, sometimes a post is enough, the user can through some key words come to our website for some flow of the long tail keywords, we only need to provide appropriate links, including internal and external links, you can get a good effect. For example page links directly to the inside pages, the weight can increase the number of pages, such as with the inside pages in the soft link, then the weights will get a good promotion. So when this happens, we will have a little sense of achievement, these small accomplishment enough to give us a continuous power, so as to improve our efficiency.

is now the site optimization competition is very large, some popular keywords are spread throughout the day, but also some very intense very high commercial value of the keywords competition, constantly adjust and love Shanghai algorithm, also affected by the integrated search and open platform, let the individual stationmaster to parry. But this does not mean that there is no chance, on the contrary, the more so, the more we have to learn to survive. Sometimes, they do not earn money, give the people selling water wells is a good method. Coincidentally, the core idea is to discuss the optimization of long tail site from, and a detailed description of the reason.

website is profit, only the profit can be more comprehensive to provide customers with more professional service, website not profitable, afraid not profitable. If the beginning of optimization difficult words, it generally, basically not profitable, for the later development site will not support, but if we just began to optimize the long tail keywords, some optimization flow of the long tail.

avoid hot, similar to the Tian Ji

The increase of

is the first to avoid the hot, but not always avoid, only temporarily choose "Silence", and by all the chiefs of the competition, but also as another way to go their own path, the path of the scenery is not bad to go. Although the long tail keywords search volume is small, but this is only relative, some of the long tail word search volume is quite impressive, but the competition is much smaller, this is our goal. This is similar to the Tian Ji race, but also according to the difference principle is to avoid the edge, for their accumulated strength, accumulate steadily until that moment, a lock, if not achieve this effect, ranking is at least not stable to survive, in this process, we slowly watch their bigger and better bigger that one thing is very happy.

The ultimate goal of

to achieve profitability, to pave the way for the subsequent

power, so as to improve the efficiency of


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