Optimization webmaster bitter journey say more are tears


just began to optimize the mobile phone lottery software is the main link exchange, but the implementation of a period of time, found too difficult, the fundamental industry not far and I exchange, because my mobile phone lottery software site is new, low quality, no weight, he collected a few, I do change not far for this site. Then link to buy, bought for a period of time the effect is good, the site’s ranking rose. But love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, foreign chain hit K, a lot of websites, my website is not spared. Later only to find other ways of optimizing.

why is the tragic history? Because Shanghai dragon started to enter this industry, many things to learn from the foundation, optimization method needs its own practice, exploration and accumulation. In the mobile phone lottery software sites were trying to optimize a series of methods, and ultimately did not find a good optimization method. Because the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, optimization method is not the same level, maybe the optimization method in this period has a great effect on the website ranking, but over a period of time, this approach is not conducive to the website optimization.

these methods are used when optimization methods do not like to use the effect depends on the implementation of the. With this attitude, I entered the most traditional optimization methods, but there are also some adjustments, such as before the release of hand "

graduated from the University of Shanghai Longfeng entered this industry, in which MOPA roll also had 2 years, from a Shanghai dragon white first, now in Shanghai Longfeng work have a certain understanding of the way the bitterness of only I understand. The company will enter the Internet, a network marketing, to the enterprise website optimization is a basic way of marketing. As a coincidence, just entering the industry in Shanghai Longfeng station optimization marketing lottery, lottery is the word for sensitive words, optimize work than other industries will be much more difficult. Here is the tragic history of the site optimization in mobile phone lottery software.

2, link exchange, buy

in the optimization of mobile phone lottery software site, I start from the Forum promotion, chain exchange, purchase, soft release, update and so on many kinds of optimization methods, the optimization path way to bitterness, now in retrospect is tears.

3, soft release, update the article

at the beginning of the Forum promotion, release the chain ranking on the site are of great help, I have to start the mobile phone lottery software site promotion forum. To collect a large number of high weight, high quality forum, registered accounts, finally entered the post release, promotion links, but to most post, found with two words a lot of banned lottery forum posts, with links to prohibit release. Although a collection of forums, but in the end not much useful, to spend a lot of time, we have a harvest. But their time is far greater than the point of harvest.

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