Love Rice porridge network taught you how to do website positioning

whether we engage in some industries, we started to do before, we must go to the analysis of competitors! This step is critical, as the saying goes, "do not fight the battle not sure", is the truth. We want to put the probability of failure will be to a minimum, we must do the analysis of competitors! Imagine if you blind to do, someone else’s site for many years. Whether it is from the user or the accumulation of brand precipitation, will you than the beginning of a small website has the advantage, if so, what do you take to compete with them for

type of site location !

3, competitor analysis

of the site location, as is our enterprise or a product to the same location. We want to put our products out, we must first find the target customer groups, and then according to this group, to carry out the next step of the marketing work, this step is very important, because this step directly affects the profitability of our late. The Shanghai dragon novice how to do website positioning


have to say that this is a topic we are most concerned about. Our website is most concerned about the site’s profit way. Relatively speaking, the mall type of website is the most obvious way this profit. But for some other types of sites, you need to reach a certain scale > Website


4, the website profit pattern

this point is particularly important. Our website can’t satisfy all the user industry. Therefore, we must classify our target user group. We find the most suitable for our industry which is a part of the user.

not only can effectively narrow the range of user groups, but also to maximize our website conversion rate. Especially do some service industries, we need to divide such groups, because our day time is limited, we must take the time to put on 20% with the intention of customers on high conversion. Rather than spend time in 80% of the turnover intention of users who did not.

is divided into 2, service object

on various sites throughout the Internet, is nothing more than: consulting, and news websites such as shopping mall. First, we must be in the line on the website before, we need to understand that this site we do belong to what type of. Whether you are a mall type, type of news in our premise is to put it down to determine. After the big fix direction, we’ll do the details.

we have to find those industries which do not meet the needs of users, or that the industry is not very good to meet the needs of users. Only to find such a breakthrough, we can make the probability of success of our greatly improved! Especially some enterprises do Shanghai dragon friends, we must do this step




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