Leveraging search marketing funnel SEM effect and strive for further improvement

above we know the search marketing funnel which contents, we then talk about the influencing factors of each stage, and how we use the funnel to analyze our account problems and give a reasonable solution.


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love Shanghai promotion stage

search marketing conversion funnel contains 5, respectively, showing the amount of clicks, visits, consultation, orders; 4, respectively is the click rate, access conversion rate, consulting conversion rate, order conversion rate; and the three phases are love Shanghai enterprise website promotion stage, stage. The next line sales stage; influence factors and the three phases are accounts (the promotion of regional, budget, time, account structure), key words (ranking quality, quantity, matching, and creativity).

love Shanghai promotion stage show effect and the amount of traffic to a factor of two, showing the amount of Internet users through search keywords and love Shanghai show with our purchase of creative advertising, by showing the amount of keywords and accounts; traffic is the number of Internet users click on our creativity is at the same time, click the account the structure, influence key words and ideas. If we are to show the amount of accounts or traffic problems, so this time we can each is affected by what factors, so as to analyze the corresponding solutions.

in Shanghai promotion stage we will only search marketing funnel funnel openings do great and that each level is reasonable, so we will be many orders of enterprises. If the level at which we have problems according to the factors we can formulate the reasonable scheme to solve the corresponding problems. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin, love Shanghai certified marketing consultant, a push SEM channel editor, under the tutelage of "ground network marketing expert Jiang Likun, want to talk more about love Shanghai for promotion friends, please visit Yao Rui Bin (Pinyin) card or mother love Shanghai Yao Ruibin. Please keep the reprinted copyright information.


enterprise website is the main stage of opening speed of enterprise website, whether enterprise website design meets the user browsing habits and enterprise website content, contact information on the display position of eye, whether specific about enterprise website design conforms to the user browsing habits, our website may vary, some for the display of corporate image, some it is for online transaction, then our website is a super salesman, guide the potential customers to achieve our.

search engine marketing conversion funnel, for SEMER is not strange, how to make good use of the funnel, the account analysis problem of the present stage, and how to solve, is an important part of account optimization stage. Specific to talk about search marketing funnel contains the content, we analyze and solve the problem how to use the funnel.

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