The forum is really dead in those years of stationmaster Forum on

forum for website optimization from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng is huge, the chain general forum site in the proportion is the most. However, if you want to break through the bottleneck optimization, Forum promotion is not enough, you may find that time to a certain extent, no matter how you optimize keywords is motionless. Then the owners need to change the promotion mode, whether it is SNS or marketing, marketing and so on, as long as you try to do, you will find the value of it. A webmaster will say to me you will write the article, I write well, then I ask you a born writer writing? Marketing role is far from the forum can be compared, it can be said that in the forum 100 outside the chain is not as good as you write a high quality soft wen.

forum is really dead? For the webmaster, the answer is. BBS itself in the continuous innovation and breakthrough, for the grass-roots webmaster forum, still in their habitat, but their thinking is also will keep up with the pace of innovation forum? So whether it is the promotion of forum, or Shanghai Longfeng marketing itself, cat >

many novice webmaster have told me the same bubble absorption of Shanghai dragon like hunger and thirst to knowledge in the webmaster forums, crazy posting, replies, but Shanghai dragon really do? Every day crazy irrigation produced much useless information and Internet garbage, believe that the webmaster rarely write things on the forum. That is nothing more than some articles will stick over the idea of trying to put all sorts of things together, and then add the keywords in the content and links, finally will really get the recognition. The reason why I now rarely on the forum of stationmaster of the main reason is that the user experience is poor, with the acquisition of the article, plus the boring comments has greatly damaged the user’s visual experience of readers. In addition, the forum part of old article of Shanghai Longfeng novice misguided.

compared to 2003 from the community SMTH Sister Lotus was born, but in recent years most of the fire Jocie Guo was born in micro-blog, the forum has grown from a lead into a supporting role, has issued "micro-blog fire, the forum is dead" feeling. As a 90 webmaster, unfortunately did not see the prosperity and development of the forum process, but at the same time as a Shanghai dragon worker, has been the forum as a magic weapon of gold website promotion.

my first contact with the head of the forum is the forum A5, even A5 webmasters are learned later, I didn’t really understand Shanghai Longfeng, just started to sleepwalk in post replies, a look back a lot of people, every day post to share their stories, and later began to study Shanghai dragon that can’t deny there are many high quality articles, I have gained. A5 posting daily amount is very large, however, the role of the chain need not only the number of cumulative distribution, also need more widely reflected, so I also worked in 28, the laggards and Shanghai Longfeng why forum registered an account, only one purpose that is outside the chain.

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