Shanghai dragon to optimize the user experience how to do

3, the user experience of your Shanghai dragon

that’s a bit empty. We give an example of a web page < title> tag piled up a large number of key words, and more than 90 characters, we can imagine, what is its search results in the title, is a string of multiple repeat string, and truncated, with obvious sales, "make up the title. Unless you just described will solve user problems, and he will not hesitate to click on the link to your

with love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, Shanghai dragon has become increasingly difficult, in the past the chain is king, the chain for the emperor to become the past, many webmaster gradually pay attention to the station, the direction for the user experience. So what is the user? How do the

this is a topic we call a commonplace talk of an old scholar, as a "landing page", you are on this page for the user to prepare what? Is pop? Or consultation window? In fact, who can’t stand such a welcome, the only thing to do is to leave. The user needs is the Shanghai dragon truth, although the Shanghai dragon is to ultimately profit, but the premise is that you have to offer, they can get. You need to give the user the user will allow you to make money back. Trying to find a rapid increase in the amount collected, quickly improve the ranking, optimize the display effect in the search engine, to improve site traffic, and ultimately the best method of product benefit method.

The data directly judge the

title after be sure to add "one", many people take the Shanghai dragon qualification "in the amount collected, ranking" category, but I think that even the narrow Shanghai Dragon (as we talk about the current Shanghai dragon), should also include the search results display "


for the Shanghai dragon, the ultimate goal is to profit, which is the transformation of us rate, through the search engine to attract users, and try to let users trust yourself in the search results click through this channel, dare to order. The amount collected is recessive, only ranked most directly, but the ranking is not all, only have both ranking and display, can let the target customer orders dare to let go. Just imagine, even if your site in the relevant search get good rankings, but because your display effect is not good, maybe the click will be followed by second results. And if you show the effect is extremely attractive, and people have the authority of the trust

2, what are you prepared for

you must admit that love is either Shanghai or Google, click rate and other user behavior data directly affect the site’s ranking and weighting. This is a search engine to collect user behavior data, once the data entry, it may be used in the rankings. Click to rate for example, click rate click and click on the thermal interface includes links, click on the link of the chain can be determined.

users? user experience?

1, the search results display the user experience

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