The long term stability of website ranking techniques

, to safeguard the chain


three, strictly in

four, a reasonable construction of the website chain

two, keep the website structure and open speed

there are many factors affecting the stability of the site, such as: the structure of the site, columns, space and so on, these factors will cause a certain impact on the stability of the site, so we must ensure the stability of these factors, not to change the structure of the website, because it will easily lead to search engine review site, and space is not stable, will affect the site open speed, and even lead directly to the site cannot be opened normally, which is not conducive to the search engine spiders visit, the most important is will reduce the effect of the user experience, affect website ranking.

in Shanghai dragon in optimization of a lot of people to see the construction of foreign chain, often overlooked in the chain, actually in the chain of the importance and the chain, sometimes even more important than the chain, and the site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization chain construction means there are many, generally stand inside optimization can divided into "code and label" optimization "content optimization" "URL optimization", and on the station in the process of optimization, code >

, the search engine algorithm constantly updated, increasingly high requirements for the quality of the station, but the station is the most important quality assessment standard web search engine. Website content update not only to maintain a stable frequency, and also should pay great attention to the problem of the quality of the content on the website, the price should stand in the user’s point of view, there are new content every day, can be presented to the reader a natural best original articles. In addition, this one is the most important update frequency of the problem, keep update frequency stability, web site keywords ranking will naturally very stable.

as the saying goes: "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, many in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the webmaster may think it is difficult to improve website ranking, but want to keep up the hard optimization rankings more difficult, website ranking is too volatile, so how to make web site ranking keywords more stable, this is a a webmaster often consider. In fact, about how to stabilize the keywords ranking, small advice: do you not only to study the search engine optimization algorithm and grab habit, to summarize some skills when optimizing.

Links importance for the website ranking that Tianjin website construction technology – the rate of small not to say, we are also very clear. If your site exchange is of high quality Links, then love Shanghai or Google will give you a higher weight site, instead of ranking, the better, if your site exchange are low quality, or even fall in love with K sea links, then the consequences as can be imagined, you the website will get involved. So, as a qualified Shanghai dragon is the optimization webmaster, alert for the maintenance of a chain, it is not only responsible for their own website, also to cooperate with you in charge.

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