Website ranking do not cause exposure

vocabulary high competition data itself is not good enough for


and some friends may not understand the Shanghai dragon promotion that network promotion, is not good, you do technology, we put XX on our vocabulary, vocabulary XX industry make up, give you a month. We put the words down, and then make a few hundred millions, often have this idea are not understand network promotion boss or person in charge, they feel very simple, then their websites and information up, a lot of business will find the door, then immediately beat all the competitors in the industry. In fact, don’t blame them, if have to understand the network marketing people told them, generally understood, there is a saying called the popular will in business, and the business value of natural high popularity, the degree of competition is high, it can be back after the money ah, back to our topic and if you found that your company’s business group if there are regional requirements, such as moving companies, most of them are the best service to local customers, general vocabulary positioning, regional + moving companies, such as moving house The company competition is lower, and more for the customer. This is the case, will be adjusted to the website vocabulary. From the degree of competition is relatively low, but the words start to do searches.

small itself engaged in network promotion for nearly 7 years, the middle contact all kinds of enterprises have hundreds, in addition to help others diagnostic sites also have hundreds of enterprises, especially in the promotion of the website, impression is quite profound, the site diagnosis, said ranking is not good, the ranking can not go up then, I found the website of Shanghai Longfeng foundation that most people are not ready, that these people did not understand the initial system of Shanghai Dragon technology promotion, so if your site seems to be very hard, the data is also very good, but the ranking is not good, you need to first check the Shanghai Dragon foundation set up, mainly as follows 1.301 or redirect. 2.404 error page. 3. site map sitemap. The 4. domain name with WWW and without WWW is analytic normal. 5. is the 2 space binding domain bound well. These factors are very important.

there are some friends may not rank to have a reason, a lot of companies, when >


is often seen in some circles a friend said, why my website ranking is not good, I also very hard every day, why is not to go home, he feels very worried look, seems to itself very hard, but are responsible for website promotion, the result is unsatisfactory, what is the reason? Even some friends, then do not let things drift management, there are some people in Shanghai Longfeng website promotion lost confidence, and then switch to a construction site in Zhengzhou today Chen network Xiaobian together and we know:

positioning conflict

Shanghai Longfeng infrastructure do not

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