Have a good new fast three ranking secret

Three key points above have higher than the same industryThe

1, the original high quality content


is new accelerated ranking, Shanghai dragon Jones is so to optimize their personal blog, the effect is very good. In short, as long as your site can attract targeted traffic, and can continue to expand the user base of active users, have a good ranking is not far from the

site is not ranked when there is no one know our website exists, in addition to acquaintance, then we have to do is to let more people know about our site. In addition to the relevant forum or website of the publicity, we can also do soft Wen promotion, advertising, instant messaging and other ways to promote your web site, the best on the site to build a QQ group, to retain the potential users. Then we have to active these users, let their interest in our website for the sense of growing old and new visitors.

outside the chain of quality from high to low is: one-way link > Links > high weight station submission > > share; > personal blog; blog platform > Forum; > B2B platform, we should try to do outside the chain of high quality, and high quality of the chain has long life cycle, is very beneficial to the cumulative weight of the site.

we must pay attention to the natural principle: to send the chain anchor text, URL, URL hyperlink text combination; but also point to the home page to pointing to pages; general corporate websites and personal blog website, every hair 10 outside the chain is more natural, more easily love Shanghai considered cheating. We can refer to Jones in his blog to share the Shanghai dragon "high quality of the chain Six Meridian Swords"

this paper by Beijing Shanghai Longfeng Jones (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝) starting A5, please keep the information >!


3, site visits to

we do not think Shanghai Longfeng Jones said here quickly with good rankings as soon as cheating optimization methods, here refers to the site quickly to enhance the attractiveness by white hat optimization methods, to love Shanghai on the site as soon as possible to give the best evaluation! The key is three points, below I say with.

2, the natural high weight of the chain

a lot of attention Shanghai dragon website hair every day how many articles, how much each word, how many words, in fact, is the most important article has high value for the user. We cannot in order to update and update the page, making a pile of garbage every day, love Shanghai very despise these pages.

and our content must have differences, and rivals only in this way, with a certain frequency after the update, visitors will think of our website, here to learn. This web site to establish industry authority, also love Shanghai search engine in favor of

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