June 28 2012 love Shanghai not updated snapshot solutions

three. The search engine development status verified by

. Love Shanghai not updated snapshot recovery methods

love Shanghai

believes that from the beginning of June 22, 2012 to the present time the webmaster circles many friends are very distressed, because the love of Shanghai adjusted algorithm. The result of the low quality of website of large area is k, many Internet companies even love Shanghai adjustment facing collapse phenomenon…… Tui56- and Wang Baochen found that some K were not the love of Shanghai website snapshot is 15 -20 days ago. A lot of exchange Links friends is because of love is too slow and Shanghai not to change the link, tui56 forum yesterday – Wang Baochen finds a way to quickly solve the problem:

yesterday also occasionally seems to think before the friend mentioned that a word is love Shanghai Ge feedback center, can submit feedback. When the work piece yesterday tui56- Wang Baochen love Shanghai search feedback center, because love is not normal for Shanghai snapshot pages can be submitted. (love Shanghai "original complaint center: this page only accepted from Shanghai love web search delete, update snapshot etc.. Unable to process. The original website content does not delete, not updated the system) according to response steps, until the afternoon when originally found snapshot bbs.tui56贵族宝贝 push 56 forum in June 25, 2012 from June 25th, every day a new content included and released, fell in love with the sea sea dragon forum ranked twenty-third. The ranking can also be the case that does not update the snapshot after submit soon changed to a July 3, 2012 snapshot. Is the snapshot.

two. Some are down the right site can not restore

tui56- Wang Baochen also informed friends after testing to verify the methods mentioned above can be implemented, found part of the site is still not updated snapshot, we all know that in June 22nd -6 month 28 during the Baidu K station is not serious, a lot of K station is right, only the part is not affected by the. After pushing 56 Forum – Wang Baochen summed up the right down the website submitted a new snapshot has not been restored. Right down usually included into 1, and included a large number of snapshots are not reduced, no update, but the middle back there.

in May 2, 2012, tui56- Wang Baochen wrote an article published in the "May 2nd love Shanghai A5 station network algorithm to adjust the summary and analysis of future trend was" Shanghai dragon because love Shanghai in May 2nd to do some adjustment algorithm, some data analysis for Wang Baochen data and existing website webmaster circle of friends reflect the results. Write fifth paragraphs according to the experience, in the end, some of the views is the search engine – Shanghai dragon future development. Speaking of which, the irregular white hat Shanghai dragon website trying to use a search engine.

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