Would you like a dead end webmaster switch

anyway, when we got to the edge, and never give up, look at the case for new methods, Shanghai dragon thought it may help you find the sky is not the same! Ya decoration, ten Hefei decoration company, Admin5 first, please remember us: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝

‘transformation, and not abandon the love of Shanghai, in 360, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao the brother of the battlefield! Chinese search engine who is the boss is not our P people say, the decision makers are all users and the webmaster alliance. There is a saying: when you encounter setbacks, try to change a way of thinking to do may succeed. For example, every day outside the chain to reprint articles ranking suddenly website by K, if you still insist on the chain articles? Even the same template site to send the chain, the same to write

here to say ‘transformation, is also the end of the station, give you a new station, what should you do in Shanghai dragon? As everyone knows, the ranking algorithm refers to the major search engines to the index in the list of results for rule evaluation and ranking. It is because the variability of algorithm, the result is that we Shanghai Dragon technology change rapidly, also requires the webmaster to modified flag banner appropriate.


if you give me a new station, how can I go to optimization? Regional decoration industry title writing (pictured above) for example: early we found that love Shanghai Chinese segmentation Hefei decoration company, decoration company in Hefei, Hefei and Hefei as a decoration company, decoration, Hefei decoration decoration, Hefei is not the same meaning! Coupled with these words basically is the industry search, the actual effect may not have the "Hefei’s best decoration company". According to the current Shanghai love and improve the user experience first click on the desire of the rules, the new site can be so named (below). Then this idea applied to other areas, you may no longer difficult Shanghai dragon road.

held in Beijing in eighteen, President Hu once again do not go rigid closed the old, do not go astray ‘transformation. After all, under the leadership of the party, the motherland has never stopped the pace of political reform, "purely decadent capitalist smoke bombs! However in 2012 Shanghai dragon field, to love is in Shanghai directed a" warm boiled frog "show to our webmaster friends besieged: a ruthless batch, pull a, call a number, we should switch to

?The so-called



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