User recognition and search engine recognition determines the value of the chain

these three characteristics to really do it is not very difficult, but to believe the saying "a high quality the chain more than ten spam chain is more important," a chain of the value in the search engine recognition and user acceptance. So how to give yourself a new definition of the value of the chain? Meizhou Peida network to analyze:

The In addition the

each chain published in time out, ask yourself why the release of this chain, I think from the chain to get what? Just to increase the number of the chain? Or want to let others see the introduction of the chain chain flow? Then ask yourself what you publish the platform is with their own website related industry? This chain will attract the user’s eye, the chain of users have no meaning there is no reprint and share the impulse?, Meizhou Peida network that many workers or owners engaged in network and search engine optimization workers just released a lot the chain, never to care about its value? A value chain is what probably doesn’t know, a value chain must have three characteristics:

recently a lot of workers, or in the network for webmasters and search engine optimization workers said the quality of the chain now has no meaning, no value, after seeing the guardian of Yuan Kun’s article mentioned "the 90% chain is useless" in Meizhou Peida network optimization are saying:

provides a truly unique valuable content

must be reproduced and share

this is in fact, Meizhou Peida network that every chain role is from the effect size to match, we get a new station and a collection of good old station to do comparison, the chain station is to lead the spider, the chain is also the old station is advertising, if a new station just blindly optimize station, while ignoring the construction of the chain of the spider may not know your web presence, even if you are the high quality original article also let the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers eat cold-shoulder treatment, but this is probably your original article has been copied to the people bring benefits to the people, and their hard to write articles on their website there is no perfect reflected, but to other sites to bring many benefits, such as a lot of people, because reproduced share. You wrote the article did not go out and not be loved in Shanghai included, even better to write is equal to 0, and for a good collection of the old station, at this station work only need to spend 10 minutes, send the chain "advertisement" to update the site information to love Shanghai still loved it.

chain must be in relevant industry website

must be original convincing

Meizhou Peida network every day will update one to three articles of the original article, the newly established new station, update some worthless content frequently, that is "> chronic Dutch act"

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